Monday, January 16, 2012

Myvi tries to be a magazine!

Hi!! Thank you everybuddy for visiting us! Mummy says so sorry we have been a bit busy again in the last few days, so Myvi still does not have her own little icons. So I would like to blog on her behalf.

Myvi is a playful little girl and she sometimes gets into tight situations... Here are some photos of her pretending to be a magazine!

She has beautiful large puss-in-boots eyes that we all love very much!!!

Mummy says we are moving house this week because we had to quickly find a new house, due to an electrical fault in our current place. They are a little bit worried about our safety and the practicality of living in a house that shorts out the circuit every few minutes. It's going to be a nice new place, but firstly Mummy will have to be very busy again! We will make sure we visit you all when we are settled...


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Time to meet our Miracle Myvi

Hi! It's me, Keiko. Since I am the Lead Blogger here at KQ, I would like to introduce the newest members of our group.

I think you might be wondering who those tiny little furballs were in the all-8 picture I showed you a few days ago.

So today, I will introduce you to the small tabby: Myvi Mami, our new official KQ girl!
These are some of the photos from her first day she came to live with us last year, pictured here with my proud Mummy.

This is her story... you'll see why we call her our 'miracle' girl! (Some of you may already know this story from my Facebook...)

On the fateful day of the 18th of September, Mummy had a concert in a town 1 hour away from home.

This is what Mummy wrote in her diary...
After the long day performing in Seremban, we wanted to go to our favourite Japanese restaurant for dinner. When we got there, the restaurant was closed.... 
So we decided to go elsewhere. When we started driving, we could hear a loud meowing coming from inside our car! So we stopped in the carpark, jacked up the car, had a look underneath, opened the bonnet, still couldn't see... 
Until we saw a tiny little kitten, wedged behind a part inside the engine! She was screaming. She looks exactly like Ryker.
So I fished her out, and we tried to find her mummy cat for about 30 mins. The cleaner who worked in the carpark said that no cats lived there, and he certainly hadn't seen this little one before. All I could see was that she needed our help. We needed to do something. So, after talking to Olivia (from Pet Epicure) about what to do, we brought her home. She is really very tiny. Thankfully, she ate normally and she is so low-maintenance.
We call her Myvi, after the car she was found in.

In the picture, she is about 8-10 weeks old. So today, she is ... 5 months old!
She is the best little sister anycat could hope for, the sweetest little girl.

This is us snuggling together

Now I have to teach her how to blog! She also loves to play the piano, but I'll tell you about that another time.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Schurdo's Yummy Faces

Hi! It's Schurdo here. I'm the Guest Cat staying with the KQ until my real Daddy and Mummy can take me to snowy Norway. For that, I had to wait a long time before I could take the necessary blood tests to go over! My not-real-Mummy-of-KQ says that the doctors who we went to were useless and probably got my tests wrong because I failed. Because her kitty friends told her that we have to be careful in Malaysia with overpriced incompetent doctors! It's very bad. But I keep my paw-fingers crossed that if I need to go to another doctor, they will not stuff it up.

Anyway, I've had a great time waiting for my big move with these fun kitties at KQ. I thought that I was a human until I came to live with KQ and they said that I am a cat! I really like to eat AvoFarm wet food and my not-real-Mummy has a lot of them! *mainly for the kittens*

But my not-real-Mummy can't resist my handsome face and lets me lick the spoon after she's fed the kittens!

I'm usually very polite, too. I just get this little treat and my special 'dessert' at the end of the day, because that was my routine with my real Mummy and Daddy. I hope I can still remember their faces when they come to get me.

Anyway, it was nice to post here again, I hope I get to do it again!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

We are still here~~~~ purrrr

Happy New Year! I just wanted to let you know that we are still here. Mummy has a new year's resolution to start up our blog again... I know she said that last year as well, but she is looking after herself more now and she has decided to cut back on her work to concentrate on things she loves!

Like us!

So anyway... Cat Daddy bought a new computer and then Mummy saw that the previous resolution of our bloggie was completely bad... then she got discouraged... so she just left it in the too-hard basket for a long time. We told her it's ok, because she's not a computer professional person. And we told her she is the only one with thumbs out of all of us so she's going to have to do the blogging for us. We changed the design to a simpler one today, and hopefully she'll make us a header again soon.

So there are eight of us now.... Including Schurdo, who is still staying with us on the way to Norway, and a new miracle kitten Myvi, and then Mummy brought 2 foster kittens!

I hope you all have a wonderful new year and a great Sunday.

Here is a photo showing all 8 of us!

Hope I can share lots of new stories with you!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Mancat Monday: Fosters can blog too!

schurdoHello!!! It's Schurdo, the foster kitty. It's been a week since I came to stay with the KQ.

I like sitting inside the kitchen sink:


I sense trouble down below:


Oh it's Ryker… he chases me so much… sighs…



Here's me relaxing under the dining table:


Looking for cool toys in the KQ toy basket (the little trackball in front is mine and the one at the back is KQ's!)


Swishing my tail:


I'm quite fluffy as I'm half Persian.



My foster Mum made this badge for me to sign off my posts! purrrrrr


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