Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My brother Kenji

It’s Keiko again (I lurrrve blogging already! My brother and sister haven’t caught onto it yet!! shhh)

I thought I will show you my brother. Our parents brought him home in June last year, and I was very shocked! He was an orphan just like me. They had been talking about getting a friend for me, but I thought they were looking for another tortie like me! I think he likes playing lots of games but I’m not really into them… we get along fine but sometimes he hits me!

Kenji is actually older than me (by like 6 months only!) but he is so silly. I found some new pics of him… hehehe!!! He also lurrves mummy’s fluffy robe, so I took a video (shhh)

P1110932n P1110946n P1110888n P1110891n  P1110708n P1110726n P1110751n P1110791n




Yesterday, mummy received a package from her favourite tea shop so she gave me the box to play with. It had pretty spotted red paper inside and everything! After a while Kenji wanted to join in on the fun.





keiko-blog Sigh… I love him, really!


  1. Kenji is like our baby brother Barney - he does the same thing. Our big brother Floyd who went to the bridge last year did that too. Kenji is a cutie (and you are too!)

  2. Hi! I noticed you were following me and I headed right over. So nice to meet you!

  3. Kenji is absolutely adorable. And we can see he *really* loves your mom's robe!

  4. He has a nice nose - we loved that photo!

  5. Kenji is quite the cutie!!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and wishing us a Happy Birthday!!
    ♥ Maizy and Ferris

  6. Hello Trio! Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming followers! It's nice to meet you and welcome to the CB (Cat Blogosphere)!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  7. Kenji you make great happy paws and you have a lovely pink nose too!


  8. Thanks for stopping by to see me. You have a very nice blog here and I love the pictures and the video!

  9. It's so much fun having someone to play with!! And that box looks like lots of fun too!

  10. Brofurs can be fun...sometimes. He sure does love dat fluffy robe!


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