Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pricilla goes to the vet (again)

pri-blog My mum wrote on her blog the other day about how we went to a bad vet last week. We didn’t have to meow loudly to tell her we don’t want to go back there again… both our parents were furious!

I had to go back to the vet yesterday as it seems I have over-licked my bottom… nothing major, but my mum wanted to make sure it would heal up properly so she said she was going to take me to meet a new vet friend she made!

I was very dignified as I allowed myself to be placed in my carrier and wisked off to meet the new vet – luckily only a short drive! I actually quite enjoyed this visit. The vet was Japanese like our mum and she was very gentle and patted me lots and lots. The nurse lady was also very friendly and gentle! I was purring and lay down on the table. I think my parents were also very impressed with the care I received.

I was given 2 shots – one for anti-inflammatory (metacam) and one antibiotic (convenia), and a collar to stop me licking. I’m happy that it should also help clear up my annoying conjunctivitis!

At first, I was walking into a lot of the furniture and walls, which didn’t make any sense to me as I normally don’t do that, but I suppose my balance was off. I’m quite used to my collar now and today I snuggled up to my mum while she napped. She was a little surprised to see my big collared face right in her face, but she patted me and let me sleep next to her.

Keiko telling me I look nice:


Trying to reach… but no I can’t:

P1120932n  P1120930n P1120941n

I’m getting used to it now:

P1120948n P1120962n  

Keiko is curious:


Kenji was scared of my new look:


Is your tail slightly puffy, Kenji?

P1120972n P1120985n  

I’ve found a way to lay down properly:




As I was laying in the study (in the last pic) Keiko was peeking around the corner to see what was going on.

She’s a very cute little girl!

I’m going back to the vet in a week to have everything checked out again. Paws crossed I can get my collar off!

It’s Thursday night already, I’m going to warm up my mum’s spot of the bed now!

Purrs, Pricilla


  1. Hi Priscilla! We're so glad your mom found a better vet! Lots of healing purrs and Light, that you can get that collar off soon.

  2. Hi Priscilla! It is a good thing your mom found a better vet - sometimes you just don't know (we were lucky because we have the same vet our human mom's mom used when our human mom was little for their cats). It is good that you got your shots and the collar - but boy you look annoyed by it in the first couple pictures! We are glad that you are used to it now though!! We are sending you lots of purrs and get well wishes, so you can get it off quickly!

  3. It seems you have met a very nice vet (if there is such a thing) - you won't be in that collar for a long time - who knows you might even miss it when it's gone!!

  4. We're so sorry about the bad visit... and glad your the Mom found a better Stabby Place person to take you to.

  5. You know, Pricilla, you actually look quite saucy in that collar ;)

    Hope you heal up soon sweetie!

    Whicky Wuudler

  6. I hope you are feeling better soon. There is nothing worse than being handled by a human you don't like. Glad you Mom found you a kind and gentle Vet!

  7. Vets come in all kinds and it is great when you find a good one! we have had bad vets before too. Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Hi Priscilla, It's too bad about the bad vet. My mama had that problem with our cat Bucky who was very sick.

    You're very sweet to still cuddle with your mama with that collar on! I don't think I would. Keiko is so cute watching you. So is Kenji. You're all so very cute! I hope you continue to get better!!


  9. That sounds like a real nice vet you found. I got a few bald spots, myself, from overgrooming. On account of Harley making me anxious!

  10. an overlicked bottom!! ouchies!! and with that kitty sandpaper tongue pris must be feeling quite sore... ughhhhhhhhh.. oh well at least she's clean. my brother's cat never cleans his bottom and we have to wipe him with baby wipes everyday or he leaves stains everywhere!!

  11. We are glad you found a vet you "like"...
    You are lucky to have a transparent cone. I had a opaque one and it was very hard to navigate and I bumped into everything.
    xx Tiny johnson

  12. We think you look marvelous, Pricilla!

    We wanted to let you know that we received your Torttoes and they're so cute! Details about the contest to come...

  13. Hello new friends! We hope Pricilla gets that collar off soon. Thanks for visiting us today, nice to meet you!

  14. We read about the old vet at your Mom's other blog (our Mommy enjoys it very much by the way), so we are very glad you guys found someone new, who is kind and gentle with you...What a great girl you were for the new vet, Pricilla!...Feel better soon, gorgeous girl...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki


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