Monday, May 31, 2010

Mancat Monday: Concert pianist!

Kenji-blog Happy Monday! I'm a multi-talented kitty so apart from my circus tricks, I'm also practising to become a concert pianist, like Nora! She is my inspiration.

P1160319n P1160335n P1160337n P1160359n  






Yes, I know I have to sit on the chair to play the piano…






 P1160427n P1160449n P1160454n  P1160468n


Well, I haven't got as far as playing the keys yet. I'm learning a good posture first!




This is how I relax afterwards…


Am I too silly??? mawhawhaw!


Have a great week everybody! Mummy will visit you soon as she will be coming home tonight :)))


Purrs, Kenji

Sunday, May 30, 2010

We are home!! Mummy will be home tomorrow!

keiko-blog Kenji-blog pri-blog Yay! We are so happy now :)

Kenji and I (Keiko) were in the same enclosure (even though I don't like it! gahh) and Pricilla had her own luxury suite. She's lucky. She gets everything her way!

Here are some pics Cat Daddy took of us when he came to pick us up!

Kenji laying on a matching bed :)


Keiko decided to have a stroll


Pricilla enjoyed her little cozy box


We met these nice kitties who were staying next door:




This is us seconds after we were home!!! Woohooo!!!

It's like a condo here…



Mummy will be home tomorrow night. Yay! She cleaned up everything she needed to in 4 days! Everything she packed is going into storage until our parents can move their stuff to Malaysia, and Mummy's sister can decide what to do with her things! mmm.. moving sounds hard.

Happy Sunday!


Purrs, Keiko, Kenji & Pricilla

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday is for cleaning

Kenji-blog Hi! It's Kenji again! I can't wait to go home tomorrow because we haven't been able to visit many kitties at all this week! We can't wait to see everykitty! Mummy will hopefully be home on Monday!

Mamarazzi has been in full swing lately so she had this stash of photos.


I like to be thorough

P1150596n P1150605n P1150626n P1150642n P1150665n

I am sleepy… *yawn*

P1150675n P1150676n P1150677n P1150678n






Just when you thought his face couldn't get any stranger…







P1150679n P1150680n P1150681n P1150682n


Misa: Kenji, now you're not even on the towel at all…

Kenji: This is comfy.



Happy Saturday everybody!

Purrs, Kenji

P.S. We are participating in the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fun Friday: We're training for the circus

keiko-blog Kenji-blog Happy Friday from the pet hotel!

We've been practising a new trick: standing up and walking like a human!



Keiko is so good at standing!

Kenji stands very neatly. He has good balance!


Mummy and Daddy says they saw the Moscow Circus last year and they want us to become like the kitties they saw! We are very inspired!


Hope you have a great weekend! Daddy is coming to pick us up on Sunday!

Purrs, Keiko and Kenji

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thankful Thursday: I am in a club!

Kenji-blog Hi!! I'm so happy and thankful today, because I'm been accepted into a special Cow Kitty club by Andy from Sammy and Andy's Meowsville!!

The Cow Kitty Club for all cow kitties, harlequins, piebalds and magpies… mawhawhaw!

kenji ck

Awww the badge really brings out my whites and blacks :) Thank you so much Andy!

Here is the description and criteria for getting a Cow Kitty badge! (from Sammy and Andy's blog)
A type of black-and-white bicolor cat is nicknamed "cow cat" or "moo cat" (for a perceived resemblance to Holstein cattle). It has big black patches over a mostly white body, often with a black mask over the head.
To be considered for our "cow kitty" badge, you must be:
1. Predominately other words have a lot more white than black on your body.
2. Have black patches on your body
3. Can have black markings on the head and face.
4. Tail can be black.
If you are interested, please send a head and body shot to Please note that Mama will be cropping the pix to a face shot for the actual badge.

If you are a cow kitty, be sure to sign up!!

Lots of purrrs, Kenji


keiko-icon2bP.S. Daddy said a sad thing. Yesterday in my post, I said "You still here? Ba~~~i have a good time!" – He thought I said, "Bah… I have a good time." NO!

I am so horrified that I need to clarify that I was actually saying "Baaaai (long Bye), have a good time."


Just, in case !!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh noes… Mummy and Daddy GONE!

keiko-blog Kenji-blog pri-blog Thank you very much everyone for your concerns and well wishes! Mummy says the problem solved itself. We Googled the error – there was a word-verification placed on the posting for 24 hours as she was experimenting with importing posts, which Blogger saw as too many posts per day etc… All is good! So we are going to post what we were TRYING to post in the first place from pet hotel!

Mummy and Daddy have GONE until the weekend! Mummy might be staying away even longer!

Oh noes!

They have gone up north to a place called the Gold Coast. They told us that this is Mummy's hometown and her parents are selling their house, so she has been called to pack up hers and her sister's things! Her sister lives in a place called UK, across the sea. Mummy doesn't like packing and she has to nap a lot to get through the day so we hope she can get everything done as soon as possible!

We have stayed at our current hotel several times, except Pricilla. The last time was in November, just before Pricilla became our sister. The staff here are really nice and they play with us lots and lots! Keiko loves climbing the wall and she thinks it's just a big playground.

Poor little Kenji is worried… He's a little sook so every time he goes there, he gets down. But by the time he gets picked up, he is all snuggly with the staff and won't let go!



Keiko LOVES the hotel! She's stayed there many times and likes to climb up the mesh bit on the side, and now she's jumping up to look out the window. Mostly you can see who's staying next door. mawhawhaw! She's happy to say goodbye straight away…

You still here? Ba~~~i have a good time!


It's Pricilla's first time staying at the hotel… poor little thing is worried that maybe she's been given up again…

Sweet Darling no! Mummy and Daddy are only gone a FEW days!


Here's a little beauty that Daddy met at the hotel… who does she remind you of? So PRETTY!


Well, we hope to be able to post something in the next few days and visit everyone!!

We've given Mummy instructions on what photos to post, so we hope she'll get around to it!


Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla

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