Friday, May 21, 2010

Bushy tail…

keiko (talking)-icon Happy Friday! I've got some slightly embarrassing pics…

The other day, mummy was having a nap. So I was watching her from the cabinet in front of the bed. Then she suddenly got up and made a huge racket (Misa: I accidentally kicked a big paper bag) and I got the biggest shock of my life!

I bolted out of the room, and hid in the kitchen for a little while...


After about 5 minutes, I went back to try and inspect what on earth was going on.

I needed to stand up to get full visibility. I couldn't see anything. I was worried.


(Misa: Feeling bad by this stage that I frightened my little Keiko so much and for this long)


Mummy says, "I'm sorry Keiko, don't worry – it was me! I kicked the paper bag!"

But I don't believe her. It seemed a lot more menacing.


I try to calm down my nerves by sitting down but my tail won't go down!


This is my friend Chester. He's really cool, because he can put his hands over his eyes (he has sticky magnet hands)!


This is Gigi. I don't like him, because he's a cat, and he could take over.

So I'm chewing him.


Gigi is the cat from the Japanese animated movie, Kiki's Delivery Service

Mummy and Daddy both really like him, so I don't.

This is him in the movie. Hmph!


Has anycat seen the movie?


Hope you have a great weekend!

Purrs, Keiko


  1. Aww...poor Keiko! We understand though. Sometimes that really awful, bad thing happens, and it can take awhile for the Big Tail to fluff down. We've all been there!

  2. Sorry you were so scared, Keiko, but your fluffy tail was very cute!...Strange noises freak us out too and sometimes we hide under the bed=no worries, it's a cat thing!...Happy Friday sweet friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Big fans of Jiji here! We have a Jiji who lives on the fridge. Ollie didn't pay much attention to him at all! I love the fluffy tail! We tease Ollie mercilessly when he wanders around with a big tail because he's a bit dopey and has normally forgotten why he was scared in the first place!

  4. Your standing up picture is very good. That's what AAB Christine calls "Kangaroo Kitty."

  5. We hate it when we get a Fat Tail and it won't go down! We get laughed at by the Parents.

  6. hey Keiko,

    What a scary time you had! I am glad you are feeling better now. The photo of you standing up is pawsome!

    Chester seems like a cool friend! And I totally understand your need to chew Gigi. Who wants a movie star kitty in the house anyway?


  7. Oh no, we're sorry you were afraid, but we love your meercat pose! So cute!

  8. Sorry you get scared. Love your standing pose. I don't like stuff or ceramic kitties either. Why would the beans need to have them when they already have us real kitties?

  9. Your tail is impressive! My tail does not ever get very puffy because my curly furs do not really stand out straight. Harley is very funny when he gets skerred, his tail puffs and he gets a mohawk down his back!

  10. I LOVE Kiki's Delivery Service. Kiki was one of the names we considered when we were naming Mabel.

    Gigi doesn't look like he minds being nibbled.

  11. You're a good protector cat! We get bushy tails at funny sounds too, but Mom says our tails are always bushy naturally!

  12. We have a little Jiji too! #1 loves that movie!

    Sorry you got such a fright, Keiko. Tails can sometimes be uncooperative, you know.

    Oh, and by the way, I am a BOY!!!!! My full name is Ebisu.


  13. Sorry you were so scared Keiko, but your pawsome fluffy tail was so cute. it's amazing how big we can puff out our tails. Cute pictures as always.

  14. Keiko
    Sorry you got so scared...that must've been some racket! We could see your poof tail. Thank you for letting us know our photo wasn't visible, we don't know why blogger has been doing that to us lately!


  15. Keiko, we're sorry you had such a scare! You had a really poofy tail, though!

    No, we haven't seen the movie. :-)

  16. We have never seen it, but will keep an eye out! :)

    Your meercat pose was very cute. When Lishy gets a fright, his tail is as thick as his body, it's so floofy! :)

  17. Keiko - we are sorry you got scared but your Mom didn't scare you on purpose. Sometimes when he have had a fright our tails puff up like your and stay like that for ages.

  18. Keiko, we are so unhappy cuz you got can be a scary thing at times. xxxxxxxxxx

  19. I know, those unexpected noises can be really scary!

  20. Oh oh poor Keiko....
    Be careful !!!

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  21. Ah sorry you were scared. Its sometimes the simple thigs that frighten us the most. That poor kitty stuffy is getting the bitey there. ouch.. Hugs GJ xx

  22. So good of you to check if everyone under the cabinet was safe.

  23. I try to do that too, I try to stand on my two feet to get a better view of things. Mama always calls me a 'rabbit' when I do that....

    Humans can be such silly animals!


  24. We're doing up your good kitty club badges! Where should we send them?

  25. You have to do some training to get stronger nerves ! But it's really cute to see you standing up, lol !

  26. My tail is already so floofy you can't really tell when it's puffed.

  27. Mee seeing! One of my favorite!


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