Friday, May 28, 2010

Fun Friday: We're training for the circus

keiko-blog Kenji-blog Happy Friday from the pet hotel!

We've been practising a new trick: standing up and walking like a human!



Keiko is so good at standing!

Kenji stands very neatly. He has good balance!


Mummy and Daddy says they saw the Moscow Circus last year and they want us to become like the kitties they saw! We are very inspired!


Hope you have a great weekend! Daddy is coming to pick us up on Sunday!

Purrs, Keiko and Kenji


  1. Wow! Is that pikelet batter? We'd stand up for that, to!
    Hurry up Sunday...

  2. I think you are very good at walking like that!

  3. We are very impressed with your standing skills, guess you guys will be walking like that soon!...Glad to hear you guys will get to go home on Sunday=YAY Daddy!!...kisses sweet friends and happy Friday...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Wowie! That is very impressive! It has always been my dream to be a Circus cat. Our mom and dad saw performing cats at Key West!

  5. You are looking like professional entertainers walking and standing like that - very impressive.

  6. You sure are standing tall! Loved the purr video too!

  7. Excellent standing! We can't watch videos until later...but, we will!

  8. You two are really good at standing up. We will have to get our assistant to help us do that. You are just so talented.
    Have a great week end.

  9. Wonderful pix of you adorable kitties.....we love y'all a lot!!!!!!! xxxxxxx

  10. We thinks you are both masters at dat standing up trick.

  11. Wow, you are all so talented! That's some really impressive standing!

    We can relate to your mom and dad's reaction to the circus kitties. We saw the Moscow Cat CIrcus in New York City a few years ago, and were amazed and delighted!

  12. Looks like the pet hotel is a pretty good place! Yes, I noticed you all standing when I was doing your LOLs. I guess being tempted with treats and other kitty faves keep you on your toes!

  13. That is fabulous!
    WE think you'll be totally trained in no time!
    Especially if pikelets are involved!


  14. OK, as a dog, I have to tell you that walking kitties are a scary concept! I don't think I can handle that!

    But, I must say, good job on the standing! You kitties look good and I hope you achieve your goal! Just don't teach other kitties the trick. I don't want a bunch of walking kitties coming to get me!


  15. You are very clever kitties I am in awe.. Glad you are going home on Sunday.. HUgs GJ xx

  16. Wow! You guys are really talented!!


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