Sunday, May 16, 2010

Funny (crazy) Faces

keiko-blog Yay for Sunday! I hope our kitty friends are having a great weekend!

Today, my mummy has been reading up about how to create nice photo cutouts using Paint.NET. She is a newbie but she wants to learn how to do it properly to our pretty faces! mawhawhaw! This is because we told her maybe we could get a new header without a strange white kitty on top. We will wait and she what she can do!

rapture_20100516213905_thumb This is the kitty I'm talking about! Who are you?

You already know what a crazy boy my brother Kenij is. Just to show you how crazy, we have some new photos of his face. When he's in a crazy mood, sometimes his eyes swim and they look like an alien! You can see a bit of it happening here.


This is him in a bad mood. When he's in a mood like this, he likes to contort his mouth. He even bit mummy (I never do!).

P1140224n   P1140226n

Mummy says he probably shouldn't bite and scratch her piano hands.

His tail is like a big whip. Even though he's being so disrespectful, mummy laughs and eggs him on.

P1140275n P1140277n

On the other paw… he can be a big sooky la-la. I find this unacceptable, but mummy just lets him.


This picture is blurry because my mummy is trying to take the picture while Kenji clings to her chest.


keiko-blog Finally, he's sleeping (in my opinion, the best state he could be in). zzzzz


This is Kenji's idea of fun. He thinks he's going shopping.



My poor sister Pricilla did not realise that Kenji was in the bag when she came to sniff. This is not a friendly hello – in fact, a nanosecond afterwards, she got the shock of her life and hisssssed!


Pricilla is still very concerned about the bag.


See, you can see that at least Kenji respects Pricilla enough to hide.


Mummy was thinking that we might get another brother with the same colourings as Kenji. However, daddy, Pricilla and I protested vehemently as Kenji is already a pawful. For now, her efforts are thwarted as our move overseas is imminent. At least she'll have to wait til after that!

Mummy is hogging the computer, as I said, learning to do the graphic thingy. Hopefully we can visit all of your bloggies!

Purrs, Keiko

P.S. We now have a video collection on the sidebar where you can click and view our past videos! There are also ones that were previously posted on mummy's blog before we got our own blog. Hope you like them! purrs


  1. We enjoyed seeing all those pictures of Kenji!! Enjoy your Sunday!!

  2. Ohhhh Kenji!!!
    How CUTE your funny faces are!!!
    And we love the idea of going shopping in the bag!
    We should try that,too!!
    Have a happy Sunday!!
    Lots of hugs and Purrs from 3 Amigos

  3. Sighs. Brothers get away with so much! Unfair!!

  4. Y'all are just so cute and I loved all of the pics & vids!

  5. Kenji - you can do so many faces you ought to have your own TV show!
    Enjoy Sunday everyone

  6. Oh Kenji, those funny faces are so cute! Harley does the crazy eyes all the time, and he likes to slap his tail around, but he cannot make those funny faces.

  7. Kenji knows how to show his moods with those funny expressions!...He is a silly boy; at least he only "play" bites your Mommy!...Sukki's tail is always whapping things too=it's like a weapon!!...Happy day friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. OK...What is "sooky-la-la"? We're dying to know!

    Mommy laughed at Kenji's airplane ears and pursed lips...he looks like he just bit into a lemon! What a charater he is.

  9. oh noes, not the bitey on the hooman! we would be in trouble wif no nom treats. you're still a cutie tho PURRS2U~! =^_^=

  10. That Kenji is one handsome man cat. I think he loves the camera too. Good luck with M tried using it but had to give up cuz it was way too complicated for her.

  11. We love all the pistures - some of it are funny :p


  12. that's so funny! in my home, the fluffy brown cat is also the one that the others respect more.. her name is coco and she is really mean to the other kitties!!


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