Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm wearing clothing!

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Hi!! Today we got a brand new clothing to wear. This is the first time we got to try any clothing.

Mummy got us a top to wear for our Aussie Kitty Club!

Not bad for my first modelling shoot, right?

P1150132n  P1150141n  P1150188n

Kenji also tried it on, but the clothing was too small for Pricilla.

He looks very Aussie!!

P1150206n P1150214n P1150217n P1150224n   

We got lotttts of treats for modelling!


Purrs, Keiko & Kenji

P.S. (updated Wed midnight in Australia) Oh my golly gosh. I published this post without thanking everyone for the comments regarding my ordeal with the harness! Thank you everybody and everycat! Mummy is definitely looking into the Puppia harness and the gorgeous harnesses on the link that Tekorin gave us. Thank you also for the tips on how to get used to the harness! I will give it a good think over, and decide whether to let my mummy continue with it! Purrrs, Keiko


P.P.S. Hope you like the new design!


  1. You looks FANTASTIC! Our mom knows not to come even NEAR us with clothing! But we are a bit envious of you for liking it!

  2. There's nothing better than dressing up a cat, is there? I think cats feel extra special when we put clothes on them and I should know because I've dressed my tabby, Henry, in bow ties and t-shirts ever since he was a kitten. You can view his link here:

  3. You both look fabulous in your patriotic shirt! Modeling is fun when you get yummy treats.

  4. You are both stylin' but I hope my mum doesn't get any ideas.

  5. You both did a wonderful job! Are you sure it's your first turn at modelling? Because you are very skilled. Hooray for treats! :)

  6. You both look great! We're glad you got lots of treats for that, though. :-)

  7. You both look great in your clothes! Love it!
    Keiko, you and I could be sisters! We look so much alike!
    Mom wants to know if you are a sassy calico too? She says I am very sassy and lately I don't get along well with others.

  8. Dat shirt looks fabulous on both of you. it's good you got paid for doing the job too - all top models deserve a salary.

  9. Looks great! You are STYLIN'!

  10. That is totally pawsome and an excellent display of fashion!

  11. I think you did a fine job of modeling. You are naturals!

  12. You guys look great in your Aussie shirt; what great models you both are!...Your Mommy needs to buy a bigger one so Pricilla can join you guys in the fun!...Love the new header, it's adorable...Tell your Mommy to email any time with questions about the stroller...kisses sweet friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. Are you sure you have never done this before? You look so professional.

  14. Move over Naomi .... Pricillia is taking over (no worries about it being a size smaller, it is the IN thing!)

    You both are looking really cool!

    Time to secure modelling contract!

  15. You are GREAT models -- you look awesome in your new clothes! :)

    We love the new look of the blog!

  16. hey Kitty Trio,

    If modeling means lots of treats, I will join up! Love the pic of you licking your chops! :->

    You kitties look very hip in your shirts! Cute design!


  17. You guys have such style, we do love your little outfits so much!

  18. Hi Keiko, Kenji & Pricilla!

    We found your blog at the blogosphere. Nice to meet you! :D

    Your blog is super cute! Your mom must be really good with the computer, how lucky you are to get such a talented mom :D

    Oh btw, I'm from Malaysia, but am currently living in Japan where Kenzo found me :P Have a nice day ahead :))

    Kenzo & Azreen


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