Monday, May 17, 2010

Not Mancat Monday

keiko-blog Hi! Mummy says we've had to change plans on our blog and do something different to Mancat Monday today. This is because my brother Kenji is hopeless – he's been sleeping all day and not behaving manly-ly.

So instead, I'm going to share some photos of ME! mawhawhaw!

I'm not sure if you know that my favourite food is pikelets.

Mummy made some banana pikelets for breakfast on Saturday, and she dropped one on the floor! Evidently, that one was mine. I don't know why she went and threw my one on the floor. I would have been happy to share with my parents from their plate.

I'm on the back of daddy's chair eating.

P1140551n P1140552n



I was happy when Kenji said no.


I was also happy when Pricilla said no!


Oh good, more for me!

P1140560n P1140561n P1140563n   

Mummy gave me 2 big bits. She said I couldn't have a full one because it was too big for me.

That was the most special treat of all!


Purrrs, Keiko


P.S. Yesterday, we received a question from the Lounge Kats and their mum what a 'sooky la-la' was. 'Sook' is prounced with a fast 'oo' sound (rhymes with book and cook), if that makes sense! Sooky lala is Australian slang for crybaby! We don't often call people that, but you can easily call a person a 'sook' if they're being a bit of a softie or a scardy cat. Eg. "You're a sook!" mawhawhaw!


  1. That pikelet looks yummy, but, what is it?

  2. More yummies for you!

    I am going to start calling Harley a sooky la-la! Hahahahah!

  3. what's a banana pikelet? it sounds like a fishy banana or a banana shaped fishy?

  4. Banana pilelet sounds good.

  5. Holy cat I never get pancakes!

  6. You are such a lucky ladycat! Our mum likes pikelets too much to ever share with us. Clearly, we should move in with you! :)

  7. We wondered what pikelets were also, it looks like a pancake? They sure look nomey!


  8. Pikelet? Is that what Canadians (North Americans) call a pancake? Or perhaps a crepe? It looks yummy, at any rate.

    As for "sook" or "sooky," our human uses that word all the time. Maybe because we're Canadian and have a shared British history? But "sooky la-la" is a new one. Cute!

  9. Our Mum says she has not seen any pikelets for a long time - she'll have a look for some when she goes food shopping again. We didn't know you could get them in Australia.

  10. It sounds like you really lucked out on the treats, Keiko!

    It sounds like Kenji needs to teleport over here so I can coach him a little in manly ways!


  11. Man--food! You are so lucky. I hardly ever get human food...

  12. YUMMY, YUMMY for your tummy, sweet Keiko!!!

  13. We googled what the pikelets are!
    And that seems SO YUMMY!!!!
    Keiko,you were lucky Kenji and Pricilla said NO.(can't believe it!)
    Have a happy yummy day!!

  14. What's a pikelet? It is better than salmon. Nah, can't be - nothing's better than salmon!

  15. Is a pikelet like a pancake? They look delishious!
    ps - thanks for sooky tip - I love it!

  16. I borrowed your idea. I don't know if you saw on our blog, but I'm demanding attention all day instead of having a mancat monday on the blog. I hope you don't mind me kinda borrowing your idea. I sure liked it, to say the least MOL.


  17. HA! We are gonna use "sooky la la" whenever we want around here. Nothing like blogging to expand a Cat's horizons. Thanks for answering us!
    We also Googled pikelets...and The Baby would LOVE some. She's known as "Carbo-Cat" around here and she devours pancakes. And doughnuts. And toast. You get the idea!

  18. I totally loved those pictures, they were a real treat!

  19. Wow - what a great treat you got. Loved all the picures too.

  20. Ok we admit we had to look up what a pikelet was! It does sound tasty though!

    Oh, and since it isn't mancat monday but you are having something tasty to eat you could call it munchie monday!!

  21. We call them pikelets too and they are ummy.. Hugs GJ xx

  22. That looks yummy.
    Love & Purrs,

  23. I think bananas are really good for you, they make your furs very shiny.
    Look at you, Keiko, eating like a good kitty.

    I like that sook word. Blizzie went to college with two lovely girls from Australia. She should ask them about the sookie lala word. I love it!


  24. We don't know what a pikelet is, but it sure looks good! You are lucky that none of the other cats wanted any!

  25. I like the new tradition, Keiko!

  26. Speedy sez dat sleeping in is furry mancatly...daddy does it alla time so it hasta be a guy thing. What's a 'pikelet'? It kinda looks like a pancake, we love banana pancakes! When mom makes dem she makes three tiny ones fur us to eat wif her and daddy.

  27. Kenji is being a sleepy mancat!!...Keiko sure loves her pikelets; what a great treat!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki


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