Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh noes… Mummy and Daddy GONE!

keiko-blog Kenji-blog pri-blog Thank you very much everyone for your concerns and well wishes! Mummy says the problem solved itself. We Googled the error – there was a word-verification placed on the posting for 24 hours as she was experimenting with importing posts, which Blogger saw as too many posts per day etc… All is good! So we are going to post what we were TRYING to post in the first place from pet hotel!

Mummy and Daddy have GONE until the weekend! Mummy might be staying away even longer!

Oh noes!

They have gone up north to a place called the Gold Coast. They told us that this is Mummy's hometown and her parents are selling their house, so she has been called to pack up hers and her sister's things! Her sister lives in a place called UK, across the sea. Mummy doesn't like packing and she has to nap a lot to get through the day so we hope she can get everything done as soon as possible!

We have stayed at our current hotel several times, except Pricilla. The last time was in November, just before Pricilla became our sister. The staff here are really nice and they play with us lots and lots! Keiko loves climbing the wall and she thinks it's just a big playground.

Poor little Kenji is worried… He's a little sook so every time he goes there, he gets down. But by the time he gets picked up, he is all snuggly with the staff and won't let go!



Keiko LOVES the hotel! She's stayed there many times and likes to climb up the mesh bit on the side, and now she's jumping up to look out the window. Mostly you can see who's staying next door. mawhawhaw! She's happy to say goodbye straight away…

You still here? Ba~~~i have a good time!


It's Pricilla's first time staying at the hotel… poor little thing is worried that maybe she's been given up again…

Sweet Darling no! Mummy and Daddy are only gone a FEW days!


Here's a little beauty that Daddy met at the hotel… who does she remind you of? So PRETTY!


Well, we hope to be able to post something in the next few days and visit everyone!!

We've given Mummy instructions on what photos to post, so we hope she'll get around to it!


Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla


  1. Keiko, Kenji & Pricilla... be good while mummy and daddy away for few days ok ;)

  2. Hmmmm, looks like that hotel is five-star! Enjoy being able to boss some new People around, and your Parents will be back for you soon.

  3. That hotel looks pretty good but I bet you will all be happy to be back with your person!

  4. We're glad you guys like the pet hotel; are all of you guys in the same enclosure?...We hope Pricilla will enjoy it too...We are glad you guys will still be posting from the hotel!...Kisses sweet friends...xo....Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Our mummy went to the Gold Coast once, before she got us. She says it is very fun. We say you guys come and stay with US!

  6. That looks like a very nice hotel and I am so glad they take good care of you!

  7. There is a cat hotel here that I sometimes stay in and it's not too shabby either.... but of course, I like it best at home.
    Hope you three enjoy your stay while the 'rents are away. Cheers mate.


  8. That looks like a nice hotel. Do they have good room service?

  9. Oh what a nice hotel! We hope your humans have fun, and sweet Pricilla adjusts okay!

  10. What a lovely hotel and we hope your mommy gets done furry fast!!! We think that if you're all together it won't be so hard on Priscilla.


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