Saturday, May 8, 2010

“S” Saturday – torture!

This is me this morning before the “S” – happy on the benchP1130807n

Well, after this, it happened.


Oh yes. The dreaded…S – H – O – W – E – R !!

Mummy had been talking about it for a while, but then we got Profender and mummy thought she should wait… then Pricilla had her collar on so she had to wait…She kept saying how our paws were smelly and our fur was getting yucky. I hadn’t been in the torture chamber since late January, and Kenji and Pricilla since March.

Misa: Tomorrow is Mother's Day so I want you all to be clean and smell nice.


The torture chamber all set up


First up, Kenji… Temptations? A mere ONE piece.


Afterwards… He hates the water, he just wants to get out of there!


Then it was my turn. I calmly stepped into the torture chamber…


I don't mind the shower but it's the grooming I have to do after… my tongue gets so tired.


I can see they're my favourite Temptations… but I don't trust mummy now


Seriously, those treats don't cut it right this moment.


I want to leave NOW


Pricilla: waiting at the torture chamber door, the sweetie.


Afterwards… she's small now!


Pricilla wouldn't eat the Temptations in there so mummy put them in the hallway


Look what you've done to my tail woman!


This photo says it all…


We need the sun to dry off…

P1130865n P1130870n

Silent treatment is appropriate…


Misa: Look Keiko, I put a fresh towel in your basket, just the way you like!


Hmph! I don't care! I'm not coming near you!


Do any of our kitty friends get showered?

Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow! We'll try and forgive our mummy…

Purrs, Keiko

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  1. I have never given my current kitties a bath, but did bathe my Nikki (1984-2004) a few times for fleas over the years...Your babies are very good for the shower, especially Pricilla; I'm sure they all smell wonderful...Have a fun, dry Saturday sweet friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. Hello friends,
    Thanks so much for your kind visit in my blog, nice to meet you!
    Oh gosh, but what a day there?Poor friends!!!!
    in fact mommy here have tried it once but it didn't work well and she gave it up, thanks a lot for it! :))
    As I'm a indoor cat, I do it myself, I mean about the bath!
    You are very brave to face all that stress!
    Have a great weekend and I think you all deserve good naps now!
    WE LOVE LUNA - by Luna

  3. Awwww Showers!!!
    We're so glad that you all got over it!
    You are all so brave!!!
    So now you all are so clean and smelling very nice,Have a Happy Mother's Day tomorrow!!!

  4. I am calling the RSPCA right now. No kitty should be subjected to this kind of torture.

  5. Oh no, she really did do that to you!

  6. Unless we absolutely have to we don't get showers anymore! Mom can't take the fuss! You guys did great! Stop by for Yoko's party this weekend!

  7. Eeeeee! Shower. I don't like them a bit!

    Also, apologies from mommy for not taking me to vote for you earlier- but she has done it now.

    Mommy has been a little under pressure lately, but she's promised that she'd be good from now on :)

    Thanks for the badge. I'm grabbing it! I'm an Aussie kitty, too!


  8. O noes! No, we have never showered our kitties, nor have we needed to. Your kitties are very brave to tolerate this, and you are very lucky not to be scratched head to toe when you let them out of there! Wow!

    I must say, they do look pretty funny afterwards -- like little drowned rats (LOL)! I'm sure their furs are silky soft and lovely afterwards.

    By the way, would your kitties be interested in being LOL-Cats on my LOLSpot sometime? All I need is your permission to copy pictures from your blog. Just leave me a comment if you're up for it. Thanks.

  9. Oh no! What happened? I only get a bath when I have something icky stuck to my bum


  10. This is AWFUL!
    Mommy showered The Baby once, she jumped OVER the shower wall she hated it so much! Mommy ended up wirh a few scratches in odd places...MOL!
    Johnny gets a bath once or twice a year. His grooming habits aren't so great.

  11. I got bathed this week. I hated it but not too awfully bad. What I hate is getting dematted! That's just wrong! They're MY furs!

    - Nimbus

  12. SSSShower? Eeek! Sounds scary. We don't mind rain so much, but we never get that wet.

  13. Oooh, I never had a shower before. I do not think I would enjoy it. But you sure have a nice clean shower!

  14. OMC that's what happens in the glass box? We don't wanna go in theres then!

  15. Oh no, that shower sounds SCARY! We haven't been subjected to that, though Moosey likes to explore ours after mommy and daddy take their showers.

    Happy Mother's Day!

    Sammy, Moosey and Maggie (the cats of the people at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life)

  16. Thank you for stopping by and saying hello-you look so happy before the shower incident-I hope you shook and made a big wet mess.

    Magellan was in the shower the other morning checking out the drops and then realized his paws were getting wet.

  17. You poor kitties! Don't you wish you were a dog sometimes? :-> That looks like a pretty harrowing experience so I am glad you three survived intact! I think your mum should have given you fresh tuna and not some little nibbles. Maybe next time. :->


  18. I dread bathing my cats.

    They scream their lungs off, I am so afraid of the neighbours calling SPCA!

    Happy Mom's Day! Don't be mad at your Ma!

  19. WOAH!!! We're lucky, we haven't had bathtime yet... Rumblemum says she'll take us to a groomer if we need it, cause she knows she wouldn't be able to get very far doing it herself!!


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