Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sibling Rivalry… not good!

keiko-blog I decided to stop sitting on the computer and do some blogging. Of course I'm not really allowed to sit on mummy's computer… but sometimes it's so warrrrm!!! Mummy doesn't mind even if I break the rules, as long as I look super cute! mawhawhaw!

Guess what?! We were featured on Wendy's LOL spot yesterday – we are so honoured! There are 16 pics and they're really funny. Thank you so much Wendy, mummy was so happy and laughing so much! Be sure to check them out!

Today's title is Sibling Rivalry, and as you can probably guess, I'm writing about my brother. Kenji is the most annoying brother ever! He picks on me so much… My beautiful fur is frazzled!

This is me having a nice evening (last night), watching mummy make BANANA muffins...


I decided to check out my favourite enviro bag – but I get accosted by Kenji




He won… *sobs*


Kenji: This – is – MINE! I'm wearing it!


Later that night –

Keiko: Kenji, you're so annoying. Daddy loves me! Boo you


Kenji: !!!!!


Kenji: I don't care – I have the bag!

(Misa: This is seriously the order the photos happened! He went back to the bag!)


This morning, the tiff continues:

Keiko: Mummy~~~~! He's annoying me again!


Everybody, AWAY. I'll cat-slap anyone who comes near me!


Pricilla: Kenji, that's my catnip!!


Kenji: ………


Seriously, Kenji is the biggest clown. I can't even curl up in my parents' bed without him jumping on top of me from outside the covers.



Look at these beautiful fluffy paws! Pricilla is playing with the camera strap!

Mummy just loves her paws – she's going to give them a trim (on the bottom) today!

Can somecat tell me how to stop my brother annoying me? Help!

Purrs, Keiko


  1. Sorry! I'm an only kitty, so I don't know how to deal with siblings.

  2. I swat Gemini before she can swat me. Then I chase her all over the place.

  3. Poor Keiko. The same thing happens between Caroline and Russell at our place. Will Kenji at least leave you alone while you're under the cabinet? Here, the DMZ is the couch--for some reason Russell will just chase Caroline under there but not follow. I guess that's good.

  4. Wish I could help, but I'm the only kitty- you see?

  5. poor keiko! can't believe kenji actually went and hogged the bag! i bet he only did that because he knew that keiko wanted it first. meanie!

  6. i dont have a brother. . .
    my sister and i dont fight much either. . .
    But i say ambush him from above!

  7. He could be Arthur ! he also annoys the girls ! lol !

  8. Kenji is being a cuckoo cat just like me! He loves you lots Keiko - he is just showing it in a manly way. Winston x

  9. Keiko, you had quite the adventure with your brother and the bag! At least you got daddy hugs and love!

    Priscilla does have very pretty fluffy paws! I hope your mom does not trim all the fur off!

    Good luck with your brother issue. I don't know much about cats so I can't help you with cat-sibling rivalry. Good luck!


  10. We don't live with any boykitties, and my tortie roommate, Binga, is almost as bad as Kenji!

  11. We've never figured it out, sorry, Keiko. Nicki always is bothering Annie and there's always hissing and growling and spitting (on Annie's part). Nicki can be quite a bully! So if you figure out the secret of getting brothers to stop, please let us know!!!

  12. What we do at our mouse, I mean house, is when the trubble makin cat is sleeping, we sneak up on him and lie down right next to him. Then, surprise! He gets to wake up face to face! Sometimes this makes peace... Sometimes not!

    Ninja, Bambi and Spyder

  13. Brothers! Sighs. They can be so annoying. Srsly. Good luck.

  14. Brothers! Penny has the same problem times 7!!! Except she hardly ever gives in and is the reigning queen. It's all in your cattitude!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  15. Good luck with the brother. I have one too. Love your blog and the pictures.

  16. Keiko, I know just how you feel! I have not yet figured out how to make Harley leave me alone.

  17. That Kenji sure is a character! What a funny boy. Actually, he reminds me a lot of Daisy's brother, Harley -- they even look quite a bit alike. Perhaps Daisy can give give Keiko some advice on pesky brothers. Do you know them?

    Here's the link to their blog:

    Good luck, Keiko!

  18. I don't know Keiko. My brother poo-face Salvador used to be mean to me too. It lasted right up to the day he died at 17.

  19. We don't have any brother cats so we don't have that problem although we both want to sit on our Mum's lap and the loser has to settle for her legs.

  20. Poor Keiko... What you can do is just to ignore him ;) :p

  21. I saw you over at Wendy's place...ya done good! Hey, brothers aren't all bad ya know???

  22. Love all the pics!!!
    especially the "I have the bag"Kenji look!!
    Sorry Keiko,there is no way to stop your brother,we think.
    We could never stop Teko annoying his brothers....

  23. You post made us laugh and laugh! We feel your pain, girls, King's a B~I~G pain in the butt! It's must be a guy thing!

  24. Sorry we don't have any advice, as we have always gotten along really well....maybe cuz Sammy helped raise me from the helpless kitten stage????

    Wonderful photos!!!!!!!!!!



  25. We saw you guys at Wendy's LOL Spot, very cute!!...Sometimes, you just need to whap your sibling and hope they get the message...or maybe ignore him until he wants to play and is nice to you?...We do both around here!!...Good luck...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  26. we have fights and rumblings all the time here ..we just deal with it. Not much fun but tha tis how it goes! Thanks for coming to Yoko's party!

  27. Brothers can be such pests!!!


  28. Keiko, Ernie annoys me all the time! If I could figure out a way to make him stop, I'd be one happier cat!!

  29. If you get any good ideas for dealing with your siblings - let me know! I can't sleep anywhere without the darn little annoying brat plopping down on top of me, then pushing against me until I can't take it anymore & I end up leaving! ...And he eats all of my food, too. *sigh*

    Nico & JayJay :)

  30. Keiko, Kenji just loves you and that’s why annoying you, i guess ;-)

  31. It sounds like lots of you either are only kitties or have brothers but you just deal with it. Clever kitties!
    Oh Wendy, we love reading about Daisy and Harley. I agree that Harley looks a lot like my brother Kenji. Maybe the little black markings make a boy cat silly! mawhawhaw!


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