Thursday, May 13, 2010

Slow motion

keiko-blogpurrrrr Hi! I've got an awesome video today! Kenji is quite afraid of Pricilla, because she is so much faster than him, and so much more fierce. (mawhawhaw, I love it! Go Miss P!)

If she decided to whack him, she could do it in a flash, from this position:


This is why Kenji has perfected the 'slow motion'… haha!

He got away today without getting cat-slapped. In fact, Kenji & Pricilla enjoyed a peaceful afternoon nap.

Beautiful afternoon sun:


So warm:

P1140435n  P1140442n  

Floofy beauty:


Don't wake me:


Kenji's ears are big in this pic:


He befriended a sock:


He's sleeping like a log:


Finally, Kenji's signature sleeping pose:




This morning, I got in heaps of trouble because mummy left a packet of Temptations on the cabinet and I was chewing the outside of the bag. This woke her up. I'm not sure if it was because I woke her or because I put holes everywhere in the package… but she wasn't very happy. Oh well!

Mummy's thinking maybe we could go for a walk! I have a pretty pink harness and leash you know!


Purrs, Keiko


  1. kenji's sooooo cute with his matching sock buddy :)

  2. That vid totally cracked me up! Well done!!!


  3. Ah, Kenji, your slow motion moves are great!

    Enjoy your naps!

  4. Great pictures and video! I can't believe he is walking sooo slowly.

  5. Kenji, you are a funny boy! Did it take you long to perfect your slo-mo? I like to sleep the same way you do :)

  6. "No sudden movements!" The slow motion walk is hilarious!

  7. Your very slow walk was quite funny - it reminded me of moon walking!

  8. You know, it's funny. It seems that he has always known that slow-walk skill. He can be very smart! I'm never patient enough to do the slow walk all the way to a Safe Spot. I start running or crawling and it gets my opponent's attention!!

  9. Aw, poor Kenji! Our human feels very sorry for you, having to creep around so you don't get whapped. We have crabby Annie in the house, so Derry knows what it's like to practice avoidance when she's in a mood! (Nicki will just attack her.)

    We love your paw-over-your-face sleeping pose, too. Kitty kisses and smooches!

  10. That is the slowest walking cat I have ever seen! ha ha! Great pics too!

  11. BWA HA HA HA HA! That video made mom LOL real loud! She said she's seen snails move at a faster pace! Poor Kenji! King creeps around in bed like that at nighttime, because he's always getting tossed around.

  12. So funny! Love the video. Too cute. WE also like the stripey friend!

  13. Kenji, we are very impressed by your mastery of the slo-mo technique! Glad to see you and Pricilla getting in some good nap time. :)

    Oh, and Keiko, all we can say is "nom nom nom!" :)

  14. Nice stretch with the sock. However the Male would expect me to befriend all of his socks... sigh.

  15. That really was slow walking! Hey, love the sunpuddles!!!

  16. Kenjii, we are sooooooooo happy you didn't get whacked....we thinks you need to give really fierce whacks back and show who is King of the House!!!!!!!!!!

  17. That was the best slo-mo walk we've ever seen! We are glad that good naps happened afterwards.

    We have the EXACT same round bed as you! We love ours, it's cuddly and warm and fits two on occasion.

  18. At first we actually thought it was Slo-mo!!! Kenji you have that purrfected!

    It does look like it was a good day for sun puddles!!


  19. OMG, that was slower that slow motion...Is it possible?

    Cool video! Thanks for visit.


  20. I understand this completely because I've seen the same thing happen here. Usually after Domino has chastened him, Dylan will creep around very slowly like that, as if he's ashamed of himself, but actually I think he's just being cautious (like Kenji) -- to avoid being slapped.

    I like the backward glance Kenji gives to Pricilla who hasn't moved an inch! You can tell who is in total control here!

    Very cute slumber shots of those two, as well.

    And I'm sure your mommy forgives you for clawing the treat package -- how else are you supposed to get it open when she's not around?

  21. Ha ha ha, that was priceless! Caroline does the same thing around Russell, but he usually makes her run and scream in the end anyway.

    Keiko, I would totally chew on the Temptations bag too! I hope you got some.

  22. MOL!!...We've never seen a kitty in slow motion before; that video was very funny!!...Kenji has perfected his slo-mo walk!!...The photos are great too...Pricilla is a gorgeous girl with beautiful fluffy furs and Kenji is an adorable boy=he sleeps is such cute positions!!...Your babies are just precious!!...kisses sweet friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  23. Ohhhhhh Kenji!
    You are amazingly slow!!
    We've never seen a kitty walk so slow! MOL!!!
    Kenji,you are so cute!!!
    And Keiko,that bag would definitely lead us into temptations to chew!! No cats couldn't help!


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