Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday with Tortitude: With Pricilla!

pri-blog It's me! I haven't blogged for ages, on account of my sister being such a blog hog. We did nominate Keiko to be 'the writer' so she's taking her position very seriously. But I borrowed this slot today from her, which I think is pretty fair since I am also a tortie!

I must report that mamarazzi has been extremely active this morning. She decided that she needed to collect many photos of all three of us. I think she wants us to stand on our heads or something, or do some cool circus tricks. Not gonna happen! Mummy took many photos on 'high-burst' and collected up more than 1000 very quickly. I think she is the queen of mamarazzis!

Anyway, I have very good news today!

I am so excited to inform you that I've been accepted into the Kool Seniors Kitty Klub by Sammy and Andy!

Look at my cool badge! I'm happy to show off my 12-year-old status! Thank you so much to Sammy and Andy's mum Judi for making me the badge!

pricilla senior

I'm supposed to be showing some tortitude today… but I'm just such a princess, I can only look sweet! Mawhawhaw!

P1160010n   P1150758n  P1150775n P1150734n P1150797n

Some of you may know that I don't really like being brushed. Mummy usually uses a soft round-pin metal brush (?? does that make sense?), which I love – it feel like I'm being stroked lovingly and makes me purr!

Mummy usually uses that brush, then a bristled brush for shine, and then a comb to finish. But sometimes, she wants to collect as many of my furs as possible. She considers this a challenge. At those times, she'll only use the comb so as to not 'waste' any furs to collect. Sigh… The things I put up with!

P1160735n P1160740n

I guess I look better after being combed!

Here's a shot of me pretending to wear the Aussie top. Mummy says maybe I can get a bandana instead of a top!



Purrs, Pricilla

P.S. Thank you everyone for your suggestions regarding Kenji's coat. Cow kitty/cat was definitely the majority, but there were other some fantastic names:
Harlequin (which we love too, suits his character very much)
Oreo (yummy and sweet just like Kenji!)
Bicoloured (Kenji definitely belongs in that family)
Gun Metal & Ghost White (hyper manly! more manly than Kenji?)… and

Thanks to the Lounge Kats for that awesome link! It was really interesting. We think Kenji is a Level 7 Piebald! That page also referred to them as 'magpies' – nice Aussie name, although that's the name for the AFL Collingwood team and Mummy doesn't like them!

It's very funny because our Mummy's mum has a dalmatian, who is 10 years old. Mummy helped raise him from a puppy, and always called him a 'mini-cow'!! Here he is! His name is Caesar!


We also noticed that Daisy's brother Harley once wore a cow outfit… cow kitty certainly fits! mawhawhaw!



  1. Nice to meet you Pricilla. You did a pawsome job today and are a very bootiful kitty. Keiko will have to share a little more time with you. Congratulations on your Senior award - that's pretty special.

  2. Nice to meet you Pricilla. You did a pawsome job today and are a very bootiful kitty. Keiko will have to share a little more time with you. Congratulations on your Senior award - that's pretty special.

  3. I think bicolor is the official name! But we do like cow kitty! :)

    And we like you too!!!

  4. Congratulations on becoming a member of the Kool Seniors Kitty Klub Pricilla, but when a kitty looks as gorgeous as you, age is not an issue!...We loved all your photos; it's good of you to let your Mommy brush your beautiful furs...Caesar is a real cutie too; it's very nice to meet him!...kisses friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. You certainly look well-groomed after the coombing. I hate the comb/brush. I hide whenever they come out and give them biteys whenever SS has finished with them.

  6. Congrats on the senior club membership, Ms P!
    You are an elegant lady cat!

  7. Hi Pricilla! It's nice to see a post that features your gorgeous tortie self. :-)

    Congrats on being a Kool Senior Kitty Klub member; Annie is too! Much thanks to Judi, Sammy and Andy's mom, for doing the badges!

  8. Pricilla, you sure are pretty!

    The link to the description of Piebald coats was interesting. Harley's whole name is Harley Quinn!

  9. You're so pretty, Pricilla! I hate the comb too! Congratulations on your seniors club badge!

  10. Hi Pricilla! I don't like to be brushed very much, either. I let mum do it when I am in the mood, and only with the furminator. Caesar is so very handsome! :)

  11. Ho Pricilla - you are a very pretty lady cat who will be a bonus to the members of the Cool Seniors Kitty Club and you certainly look younger that your years. We hope to see you blogging more often.

  12. Hi Pricilla! Your mom sounds like quite the paparazzi to have around. We liked the pictures of you.

    PS Concats on joining the Kool Seniors Kitty Klub! I'm not old enough to join yet, but it sounds like fun!

  13. How lovely to see you in your own post, Pricilla! And congratulations on your induction into the Senior Kitty Club -- it's something to be proud of for sure!

    You sure made some funny face when mama was combing you out! I hope you didn't scratch her, though. Dante does that to us, sometimes.

    And Kenji as cowcat -- as you say, it fits!

  14. Pricilla,you are so very beautiful!!
    Thank you for blogging! We're so happy to meet you!

    YAY for the KSKK badge!! COOL!!
    You know we say "Hachiware" in Japanese.
    Is there an English for that?
    Kenji is not really a Hachiware kitty?
    ummmm looks sometimes like Hachiware face!

  15. Congratulations, Priscilla, on your membership of the Kool Senior Kitty Club!

  16. Oh my...What kitty cuteness!!

    We are finally getting caught up from the bloggie hop and wanted to tell you what a wonderful bloggie so full of cute kitty kats you have!!

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

  17. Priscilla,
    ConCats on your new membership! You certainly don't look your age! Must be all the nice grooming your Mom gives you that keeps you so young-looking.
    We're glad you enjoyed the link. Messybeast.com has a lot of neat Cat facts and stories on it.
    Keep up that tortitude!

  18. Hi Pricilla! You are a very pretty tortie! And it is cool that you are in the senior kitty club! We have 2 members in our group - isn't it cool that the senior kitties get the recognition they deserve!!

  19. ConCats on your membership to the klub, Priscilla! Skeeter, King, and Pandora are members too! And we think that whatever Kenji is, he;s just cute as can be!

  20. Don't feel bad about always looking sweet. It does get you treats.

  21. Pricilla
    What lovely pictures your Mommy took of you! We love the one of you in the Aussie t-shirt. And we think you look sweet because you ARE sweet!



  22. You are very pretty.I also hate to be brushed.. Hugs GJ xx

  23. Hi Pricilla! You look lovely all brushed. Congratulations on your membership, too!

  24. some other kitties with a blog living in Adelaide! I am 13 going on 14 so am even more senior than you Priscilla. I look forward to following your adventures.

  25. You are such a beauty, Pricilla! And you certainly look half your age. At most!

  26. Pricilla! You're a Tortie..like ME! And we get the same sort of brushing from our Mom's!!


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