Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday with Tortitude!!

We’re trying this new thing, Tuesday with Tortitude!

Mummy is taking so many pics of me and you can probably see from my expression that I’m not exactly loving it!

Is it the camera AGAIN??


Not sure if I like it Mummy…


I’ll show you how I clean my back legs

P1130064n P1130056n     

Mummy… I don’t want you to take any more pics…




Not happy…


Big yawwwn!!


You can look at my mouth


I can’t finish a ‘tortitude’ post without showing you my video begging mummy for some milk!!!

Have a lovely Tuesday!

Purrs, Keiko

P.S. --- Thank you very much for your support in the Whiskas (Australia) competition!

Thank you Jacqueline for alerting me to the voting not being instantaneous… Hopefully it’ll sort itself out… *fingers crossed*

Please keep voting! ---- Please vote for Keiko ----  Please vote for Kenji ----


  1. How we all suffer having our pictures taken! You DO look pretty beautiful, though, so it was worth it!
    You look so looonng in the video!
    xx lounge kats

  2. The pawparrazzi is hard to deal with.

  3. You should try living at my house. There seem to be pupparazzi camped out 24 hours a day.

  4. Keiko, your tortitude is fabulous!...Great photos, we especially love the close ups and the video was very cute!...We voted for you guys again...Happy Tuesday friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Keiko, you are SO loaded with tortitude! Although I sometimes wonder if I have an Inner Tortie because I often act the same way.

  6. Don't you hate it when your trying to relax and mum comes at you with the camera? I do!

    It is so nice to meet some more aussie kitties! I am doing the Whiskas comp too so I popped over and gave you both a vote.
    Winston x

  7. You have such a cute trill, Keiko. :-)

    Loved the photos--you were very good to let your mum take them, our Annie usually runs away and hides or looks VERY crabby. You do show your tortitude, though, especially in the one where you are resting your chin on the side of the basket--or whatever is is. Ha!

  8. Tortitude is the best kind of tude! Your colouring is perfection :)

  9. You are a very pretty Tortie. And what a purr you have. Loved the video. Those are great pictures and we sure know how you feel about the taking of the pictures.

  10. You've certainly got a tortitude attitude.

  11. We love yout tortitude, Keiko! We think you're a sweetie!

  12. Cute, cute, cute! We voted too!

  13. Be happy that I am not your neighbor, I would come over all the time to take a picture of your lovely face ! and you have such beautiful big eyes !

  14. Hello sweet kitty. I just came to say hello and thanks for visiting me.. I love visitors.. Mum has ben to Addelaide twice and loved it, she has family there. Also reading your profile you lived at the gold coast. Mum loves it there as well. In fact mum loved it everywhere she went in Australia..Hugs GJ xx

  15. Oh how cute you are!!!
    We love your Tuesday with Tortitude!!

    About the donut collar,hope you can get one!
    Glad you liked it!

  16. Too many pictures make me feel crabilated sometimes, too!

  17. Great photo's. We are glad you didn't walk away. And the purrs must have gotten you a lot of milk.

    Good luck with the competition.

  18. Your tortitude really shines through in all those pictures, Keiko!!


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