Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You don’t need a TV when…

You have me! keiko-blog

Thank you for your votes in the Whiskas competition. It warms our heart so much to receive such kind support! Many purrrs to all of you!

It was a chilly morning here in Adelaide. I was the first one up, prancing around and meowing while my sister and brother were cozying up in bed! Miss P is hopefully going to get her collar off today!

P1130276n P1130271n

I’d been eyeing off the cabinet above the fridge for days now… so today I jumped up!


But then… I got stuck…


uh oh…


Mummy enticed me out of there by shaking some Temptations in front of me!

You know how I change when I see those! I’m too fast for the camera.

P1130306n P1130307n

Mummy says she has caught her second cold already this winter. Not a great start to the season, because she didn’t get one single cold last year, and plus she’s been taking so much Vit-C from her naturopath! She has a tennis ball in her throat, she said, whatever that means?

Have a beautiful Wednesday!

Purrs, Keiko

P.S. --- Thank you very much for your support in the Whiskas (Australia) competition!

There still seem to be problems with the votes being counted correctly… waiting for it to fix! *fingers crossed*

Please keep voting! ---- Please vote for Keiko ----  Please vote for Kenji ----

P.P.S --- Mummy made this badge today! Why not put it on your blog if you’re an Aussie kitty? (Right-click and Save As!)



  1. hee hee! Those temptations sure got you moving!
    You need to purr your Mommy well--2 colds and it's not even winter there yet...No Fun.
    Still voting!
    xx lounge kats

  2. I am certain that you were so starved that you lost weight in there so were able to get out for temptations...

  3. Tee hee! You sure moved quickly when your mommy got the Temptations out! We hope she feels better real soon.

    P.S. - we just went and voted for you and Kenji again. :)

  4. I'll definitely put that badge on my blog!

  5. Keiko good work on getting up high, it's an activity I often enjoy. I love those tempters too mmm mmmmm.
    Winston x

  6. How adorable! Still hard for our momma to get used to the fact that we are getting summer and other parts of the world are getting winter...

  7. Pricilla and Kenji are too adorable sleeping under the covers!...Keiko's video is so cute, she has a sweet baby meow/purr...We just love you guys...We voted for Keiko and Kenji again...Happy days friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. Hi... we voted you ;)

    * hope we can meet when you are in Malaysia *


  9. Ha! Temptations will work wonders for "stuck" kitties. :-)

    Good luck to Priscilla; we hope the collar comes off!

  10. Good luck with the competition. And those are great pictures.

  11. Good luck with the contest! You all look fabulously cute in your pictures!

  12. Ahhh---the temptation of the look so cute being all hidaway--my human Tommy smiled...and I think I want to come to Australia... :)


  13. Kenji and Pricilla look so very cozy in that bed under the down duvet! Yay for Pricilla that she's going to get that darn collar off soon.

    And Keiko, you are the naughty little imp, aren't you? Or is this just a ploy to get more treats?

  14. Temptations saved the day (or the kitty)!

  15. Hey, looks like fun all around to me...I voted too!

  16. thank you for coming to visit us! your messga e was lovely, we are sorry your mummy had a doggie with the same lump problem xxx

  17. We loved hearing your sweet voice. And a great way to get some treats.
    Stay warm.

  18. Hi Keiko! I heard you chirp in your video. I'm glad you got out for treats!

    P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  19. Temptations make us do all sorts of stuff too, Keiko!


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