Sunday, June 13, 2010

Active Pricilla

pri-blog Happy Saturday! You might know that I get photographed a lot when I'm sleeping.

I told Mummy I don't want my friends to think I'm boring!

So today, I have a few action shots! I'm active at night!

P1180987n P1190017n P1190006n    P1190021n  P1190085n P1190087n

Mummy spent a good 15 minutes laughing about my mouth in the last one. She was zooming in and laughing and laughing so much. How rude!



Here is my recent floofy paw. Mummy decided that floofy paw is really quite cute, and hasn't trimmed it of late. The only problem with that is that I keep slipping and sliding on the tiles!


My parents just got home from a concert in which Daddy was working as Concertmaster. They had dinner with the conductor and some friends from the orchestra as the conductor (also a friend) will not be returning til September, which is after we would have moved to Malaysia! So they said farewell until their paths cross again.



We are having 2 human guests staying the night tomorrow. Mummy might not get to visit many of you this weekend but we hope that you all have a fun and safe weekend! It is a long weekend here in Australia!

Purrs, Pricilla



  1. Love the action shots and the last picture is the best!

  2. Pricilla, these are great shots! We love them all, but the last photo really shows your tortitude!

    Purrs from Tasha, Franklin, and Dobby

    P.S. Our humans says they think Dobby was named after the Harry Potter character, but they are not sure (he was named that when they rescued him!) He is a good "house elf"!

  3. Those are great photos that you mum took of you Pricilla. Hannah laughed about your paws slipping cos our mum laughs when Hannah runs down the hall and tries to stop as she goes sliding onwards and when she wants to start running again her legs go like mad but she doesn't move forwards - she looks like a cartoon character!

  4. Wow, your dad plays with an orchestra! That's so exciting. My mom sings with an orchestra chorus. I think music is wonderful.

  5. Very nice action shots. I know what you mean about boring photos. The Woman has a hard time getting me to move when she's got her camera!

  6. Well, we see you still have some frisky in you, Pricilla! We just have to get you at the right time of day (or night).

    Wow, your Dad is a Concertmaster! How wonderful, and prestigious. No wonder they want him in Malaysia!

  7. Priscilla,
    Wow! You have some wild moves...we're impressed. We like the picture of you licking your chops, about to give that naughty snake the bitey.

    We slide on the tile floors, too! There are a couple of strategically placed carpets where we need to make hard turns so we can get traction.

  8. Wow, those are some great action shots. You are looking good Pricilla.
    Hope you have a super week end.

  9. Those are great shots - I love the paw up one!! I never thought you borig - always enjoy hearing what you are up to.

  10. We enjoyed your action shots, beautiful Pricilla and especially love your floofy paw; Calle and Sukki have cute paws like that too and our Mommy loves them!!...Sorry your parents had to say goodbye to their friend, but hope they have a great time with their company this weekend...kisses lovely friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  11. Pricilla, you are most beautiful and your floofiness is quite glamorous as well.

    My human brother plays the violin. I bet he wishes he could meet your friend, the Concertmaster.

    wags, Lola

  12. So you're going to be moving. Moving can be fun but it's always hard to say good-bye to friends.

  13. Pricilla, You look very athletic in your action shots! Wow--you are moving a long long ways--hope you will all love your new home!

  14. My dear, you are BOOTIFUL no matter what you're doing! (and mummy's should NEVER laugh at us!)

  15. those are good action shots! your snake toy looks pawsome =^_^= have fun

  16. Great action shots Priscilla! There is an award for all of you on my blog today.

  17. We love pictures of you no matter what ... sleeping or playing or whatever ... you are always beautiful!

  18. Your last photo gave me a big smile!

    Harley slips on the tile when he runs too fast, and especially when he tries to turn a corner too quickly. He likes to run at top speed!

  19. What pawsome kitty action shots! You must be a blast to hang out with! Non stop all night fun!

    My human laughed at the last photo, too! It is a great photo, although a bit scary! You look pretty furious! But we know you are just playing!


    p.s. Your floofy paw is very cute!

  20. We like your ferocious shot too!


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