Friday, June 4, 2010

Are all brothers this silly?

keiko-blog Yay for Friday! Mummy is a little bit sad today because she has been looking at a kitty on the RSPCA website who has been there for a while (at least a month)! We can't adopt him because we are moving overseas in 2 months. Well, at least that's what Cat Daddy says. I think Kenji would like a brother that looks just like him, and pretty much the same age! (I don't know that I would, since Kenji is a pawful already)

This is the kitty - 3.5 yr-old Felix


And last night Mummy discovered that this pretty kitty is currently the longest resident at RSPCA…

5 yr-old Madison


She just looks so sad… We hope she finds a great forever home very soon!!

I was at RSPCA for four months before I was adopted. ME! The gorgeous calico! Can you believe that?

Pricilla was there for two months. Mummy wanted her straight away when she saw her on the RSPCA site because she was 12. And gorgeous, I must say.

Kenji was there for only one week! We are all lucky but he is the luckiest!!


Mummy says that Kenji needs his claws cut. She can only do about 2 at a time because he screams and carries on. However, it is a necessity. In the last few days:

1) He clawed Mummy's leg in her sleep (around 4am) because he wanted to get under the covers. He jumped on the bed, reached under the doona, and grabbed hold with his claws!

2) He was snuggling up on Mummy's chest and stretched out his arm (different night to #1). He not only covered Mummy's mouth with his paw but he held on with his claws. And stayed there for ages.

3) He uses Mummy's leg to stretch. His claws dig in and it hurts. Or when he wants to jump up, he'll let her know by standing up and clawing her leg.

Would your mums let you kitties do this much damage? Especially #2. Mummy loves this kind of odd kitty behaviour so she doesn't even stop him.

Kenji's silliness is getting out of control, in my opinion. Here, he's chewing on the camera strap.

P1170721n P1170744n P1170789n P1170794n P1170797n P1170801n

You can see Mummy half-heartedly trying to get the strap out of his mouth.

I think Daddy would be horrified to learn that Mummy was being so soft on him!

keiko (talking)-icon I also have complete reign over the kitchen bench now, when it's just Mummy at home. Cat Daddy tries to spray me with water but he's usually too slow! mawhawhaw!

Well, I'm going to go look for Pricilla now. We haven't seen her this morning!

Have a happy Friday and weekend everybody!


Purrs, Keiko


  1. That camera strap looks delicious!

  2. We hate seeing cats at the shelters for long periods of time. There is a new cow kitty at the shelter the Woman volunteers at who looks like you but she is not a nice cat right now--we think she is just a little scared.

  3. Our Mommy is pretty tolerant but claw-clipping would be happening, FOR SURE! Somehow claws + lips is a bad combo...

  4. Oh... that camera strap is a thing to chew... I have a ribbon that I chew chew and chew until it's soggy.... Mommy's thinking of putting it away as she thinks I may swallow the whole thing one day... as if I'd let her :P


  5. Kenji,

    You look sooo cute chewing on that camera strap - hehe! I can relate to (over)reacting to getting your claws clipped, Mom doesn't clip mine too much for that reason - I scream bloody murder!! (& being a meezer, I can be LOUD!!) ...I have a feeling Mom might be thinking about trying it again, though - I like to come up & say hello by using her leg as a scratching post!

    Happy Friday!!

    ~NIco & JayJay :)

    ps. it makes us so sad to see that poor kitty sitting at the RSPCA, we will purr for her to get adopted soon!!

  6. Oh I do hope dat kitty finds a home soon. I was at the shelter for 2 months too before I adopted my peeps. It's so sad that they can't have a forever home like we do.

  7. Thanks for visitng our blog. The shelter kitty looks alot like our Annie cat. Right now Sheesh is biting the biped's arm. Sheesh wants more temptations and the biped is being stingy. Smudge says there is a law against trimming kitty claws., he keeps telling the biped that she needs to grow thicker skin.

  8. Harley was at the shelter for 6 months before we adopted him! My Mommeh used to volunteer there, and she said there are cats who have lived there for years. It is very sad.

  9. Definitely time for claw cutting: our Mommy never gets mad about the scratches either because she knoww we are just being kitties and don't mean to hurt her!...Kenji is adorable!...Those homeless babies make us sad; we hope they find loving homes soon...Happy Friday friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. We hope those kitties find a forever home! I'm the only shelter cat here and I was at the shelter for almost 2 months before my mom adopted me.

    None of us like to get our nails cut. But when we start scratching stuff, mom just sits us down and makes us get our nails cut no matter how much we fight!!

    You all have a great weekend!!


  11. We sure hope that sweet kitty finds a great forever home very soon. Every pet deserves a wonderful home. It hurts us so much to see pets in the shelter.

  12. We sure hope those cute kitties find some homes very soon. Our Mommie would not let us scratch her too much. A little bit is all right but not a lot.
    Have a great week end.

  13. Hi Keiko! Can your mum take Kenji to the vet tech and have his claws clipped? Sometimes our human does that with one of us, when she's taking us for other things (we mean she'll take Annie for her regular blood work, for instance, and also take Nicki/Derry along for claws at the same time). Our clinic charges $10 for the nail trim (front and back), which sometimes is worth it!

    Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Outstanding set of pictures!
    So adorable!
    I love it and I hope those kitties can be happy with a good family soon!
    purrs and love
    Luna - We love Luna

  15. We really hope that kitteh gets a good forever home very soon.

  16. We will be purring and praying that kitty finds a furever home. We hope you have a great weekend.

  17. Your pictures are great today!!! I hope those sweet ones find their forever homes soon, I was waiting for 9 months.

  18. We were rescued by the RSPCA from our former home and our Mum saw us at the local centre and brought us home but we hadn't been there a long time like that poor kitty and we did have each other.

  19. Oh, oh, oh!!!!!!!!! Mama wants them, but our landlord won't allow her to unless she gets rid of us first....and of course we can't have that!!!!! We will be purring that they find good homes soon.

    What wonderful pix of Kenjii....y'all have a wonderful weekend. We luvya!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Guess what! We found you a partner for Christmas in July. His name is Harry... you can contact him at

  21. Hey there Keiko. My name's Harry Pugalicious. I's new to your blog, but we's gonna be Christmas in July buddies! I's so excited!

    Mom said you could email her at hltaylor at and we'll exchange real addresses.

  22. We hate seeing any kitty without a forever home, but we know that there are far too many without...and we hate seeing the breaks our hearts.

    Keiko you are so adorable.


  23. We are purring that both those kitties find forever homes soon! They are both cuties!

    And well, our mom would probably put up with the silliness that Kenji does too - she is a sucker for us cats!

  24. Sorry to read of the kitties looking for homes. They do look sad and I will keep my paws crossed that they find loving homes! There are just too many homeless animals in the world and it breaks my heart thinking about it. I was in the shelter for over three months before my human adopted me. Kenji, you are very lucky that you got out so quick!

    How exciting that you are moving! I hope it all goes smoothly!


  25. Mum and I were so sad at thatsweet kitties sad face. I hope she finds a forever home soon.. Your pictures playing with the camera stap are gorgeous.. Hugs GJ xx

  26. Mom has a soft spot for adult kitties in shelters waiting for their forever homes. We will purr extra hard for these wonderful babies to find love soon.


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