Thursday, June 10, 2010

First Blanket!

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We're pretty excited today, because we can reveal Mummy's first blanket creation! She decided to knit this with pink and white yarn and she said she still has to improve, or something, but we think it's really pretty and nice!

Misa: Can you test it out, Keiko?

Keiko: It is very warm, Mummy.


Oh no! I asked Mummy not to post this pic! *emabrrassed*


Please note Keiko holding her tail…


Pricilla: mmm Mummy, this feels cozy.


I want to snuggle more…


And more…


I'm buried in the blanket now.




I don't know if I can share this…


When Mummy first started out, she knitted a tiny square to test out the stocking stitch.

Kenji thinks it's a toy…

P1180483n P1180486n P1180503n  

We love watching Mummy knit, because the yarn is soooo much fun to play with!!!

Mummy says she might knit some nip toys too!

Pricilla has a blankie waiting to be assembled, Mummy just has to stich the squares together and it'll be done!


Have a great Thursday!

Purrs, Keiko, Kenji & Pricilla


  1. What a wonderful blankie! I don't think anyone will ever get it away from Pricilla though, so I hope your mom can make some more!

  2. That is so purrty. Yours Mommie is furry talented.
    Love & Purrs,

  3. That looks lovely and soft! We want to reach out and touch it and rub our bodies against it!

  4. Looks lovely and soft. You are such lucky kitties.

  5. At first glance we thought the title was 'Fish Blanket' and I was drooling. But still, that is a mighty fine blankie!!!!

  6. That's a great blankie! Very cosy and snuggly. :-)

    Our human can knit, though hasn't done so in a long time, but she never learned how to crotchet--something she always wanted to do.

    Tell your mom to have fun making her next one!

  7. That blanket looks heavenly! My human can knit and crochet - at least she used to - but good luck on her finding ANY time to make me anything!

  8. Hmmm it looks so soft, I like it a lot!
    Wonderful and beautiful pictures!
    purrs and love
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  9. Ooooh, it came out great! And your mom picked the perfect color, too.

    Ps: I like the new images on your header and footer graphics!

  10. Your blankie looks wonderfully comfortable!

  11. Your mummy is much more clever than mine.

  12. Beautiful blankie, it looks so soft and cuddly. Looks like you like it too. Enjoy it and have a great day.

  13. That looks like a very snuggly warm blankie - you are very lucky to have one made for you. You'll have to draw lots for whose turn it is to snooze in it.

  14. You are pretty lucky kitties to has a mommy who iikes to knit fuzzy blankeys for you.

  15. What a grand job your Mummy did....and it looks purrfect for Pricilla. We will be waiting to see Keiko and Kenjii's!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx

  16. That is really good work. That blanket is just great. A really pretty color. I bet all you kitties do like to play with that yarn. Have a wonderful Thursday.

  17. Those are pawsome pics. Everykitteh is enjoying the blankie so much. Moom.... make more!

  18. Very nice blanket! Knit on mommy!

  19. Woof! Woof! Very NICE. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  20. That is a great blanket for your babies=very pretty and it looks very snuggly!!...Pricilla looks adorable covered up with it!...Keep it up and they will have all sorts of fun blankets and toys!...Happy day beautiful friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  21. Very nice. Looks comfy cozy!

  22. Wow is that really her first blankie - it is awesome!It look so nice and warm and cozy, it is actually making us a little sleepy just to see it!

  23. That's a beautiful blanket! And it looks so nice with all of your furs!

    Purrs from Tasha, Franklin, and Dobby!

    P.S. our mom has been meaning to visit ever since she saw Pricilla in the TortieToes contest (and the HOT HOT HOT on Rumblepurrs blog - we loved that!) So now we finally are! We are very glad to meet you.

  24. P.S. if you are moving to Malaysia, you might like to check out Ellen's blog here:

    She loves animals and often writes about her two kitties, Au and Target.

  25. Your mummy is very talented!


  26. That blankie looks so soft and cozy! We wouldn't want to share it either!

  27. Wow, yes mommy did a great job knitting the blankie! And what a bonus -- you get a free toy with it!
    It looks like it also spawned a great idea for more, too.


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