Friday, June 25, 2010

Fun Friday: How many kitties does it take to catch a cricket?

keiko-blog Kenji-blog yuji-blog Happy Friday!

We found a cricket inside our house yesterday. Keiko was the first to find it!

She was playing with it for a while


We lined up behind her!


Now it's Kenji's turn…




Uh oh…


Then Yuji joined in!


Got him!


Oh, not quite




Yah! (it's getting away!)


pri-blog Pricilla is feeling a bit sick this morning… We think she's stressed :(  Mummy has been looking after her and she jumped out of bed twice in the middle of the night because the poor thing was vomiting! Pricilla felt loved that Mummy came straight away, even though it was like 2am and 5am. Mummy says it's Feliway time for Pricila!

Pricilla might have to go and see Erina, out special vet furriend! Erina's also staying at our place to look after us while Mummy and Daddy go to Melbourne next week. Yay!

Mummy is not too worried as Pricilla is still happy to eat and eat. Look at all of us, feasting on Whiskas Oh So Meaty this morning! We received samplers from the company when we entered that Whiskas comp, plus Yuji got heaps when he was leaving the shelter! Mmmmm it is yum!


Pricilla is snoozing at the moment… Feel better soon!



We hope you have a great weekend!

Purrrs, Keiko, Kenji, Pricilla & Yuji


  1. Purrs to Pricilla, get well soon, my furriend!

    Poor cricket! He has no chance against you all.

    Being an outdoor cat I don't get too excited over insects anymore. See them alla time.

  2. Chasing insects is fun! I like the flying ones because I can jump real high at them.

    We are sending lots of Purrs for beautiful Priscilla and hope she is feeling better real soon.

    Purrs and nosetaps Winston x

  3. I hope you feel better Pricilla! Being sick even if you eat isn't any fun... but crickets sure are!!!

  4. Poor Pricill! Hope you get well soon - and that there are more crickets for you to play with.

  5. Hope Pricilla gets better soon. I just think it's so amazing how well you all get along together.

  6. Purrs and Prayers to Priscilla to get well soon. Crickets sound like fun to play with. Did he get away?

  7. Pricilla is soooo pretty. Feel better soon pretty kitty.

    And the rest of you better catch that cricket. MOL

  8. I never seen a game of Cricket quite played like that -- but it sure looks like fun (for everyone but the cricket)!

    You guys all seem to get along just fine if you can eat so close to one another.

    Poor Pricilla, though. I guess she's rather sensitive. I hope she weathers the move to Malaysia fine. Perhaps she'll need some medication to help her out.

  9. We're sending Pricilla lots of purrs! Hope her stomach feels better soon.

  10. Nice teamwork! My feline sisters worked together to catch a spider this morning! I supervised from the sidelines!

    Hope Pricilla feels better soon.

    Your pal, Pip

  11. Maybe that cricket dodn't set too well in Pricilla's tummy? MOL! She looks so pretty and peaceful sleeping. I hope she feels all better soon.

  12. I look at these four bowls of food and think: surely it is difficult to feed such a horde? :-)

  13. You guys did a great job ganging up on that cricket=it was cool the way you worked together!...We're so sorry to hear beautiful Pricilla is sick; we will purr loudly for her to feel better soon...Happy Friday gorgeous family...kisses and hugs x3 sweet friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  14. Did you guys just play with the cricket, or did any of you actually get to eat him? Crickets are very tasty! I hope Pricilla is suffering from nothing more than stress, and that she feels better soon!

  15. The line to play with the cricket cracked me up!

    Pricilla, I hope you are feeling all better soon.

  16. Poor Priscilla, I hope you feel better soon. Tell your mum and dad to bring their winter clothes and biggest umbrellas to Melbourne, the weather here is forecast to be very bad next week.

    I love the queue for the cricket :)

  17. Hope Pricilla is feeling better now. The cricket game looks really funny but full of fun too.

  18. There couldn't have been much left of that little cricket! LOL.

    Lots of purrs for Priscilla, we hope she feels better soon. If she's eating normally and using the litter box normally, then that's a good sign!

  19. We sure hope Priscilla feels better. Glad you have someone you like staying with you while the hoooomans go away. We are sending lots of purrs and prayers to Pricilla.
    Oh, good job you kitties chasing that cricket. That is one of our favorite things to do.
    Have a great day.

  20. We hope you will feel lots better soon Pricilla - are you feeling upset bcause your mom and dad are going away for a while.
    Sending purrs and gentle head butts Hannah and Lucy xx

  21. I sure hope that Pricilla feels all better soon! Get cricket action too!

  22. That was quite the cricket chase! Glad you had a plan in order! Have a fun weekend!

  23. It is very cute that you queued so nicely for the cricket. We are sending big purrs to Pricilla, and hope her tummy is feeling better.

  24. Cricket hunting is fun for us inside kitties, isn't it!

  25. Special purrs for the lovely Pricilla.

    Crickets...and other buggies.....are sooooooooooo much fun!!!!! We used to get tiny geckos in a previous apartment and they are lotza fun long as you stay away from their mouths!!!!! :)

    We are so happy to see Yuji settling in so quickly. xxxxxxxxx

  26. We don't have Cricket here but love to play Dragonfly.
    Hope Pricilla is feeling better. Cleo throws up a lot too, I like to clean it up for her...yummy!

  27. The cricket looked BIG fun! We are sending purrs for Pricilla, and hope she feels much better soon!

  28. We love to play with bugs! It's too bad they don't last very long though. Yuji looks like a regular part of the gang. We are so happy for him! We liked his happy answers in the previous post. Yes, it IS amazing to get food all the time.
    Purrs to Priscilla: hopefully it's just a hairball that needs to come up.

  29. Priscilla, we hope you get all better soon. Stress is just no fun at all!

    That cricket sure looked like fun. We get bugs sometimes.. moths, spiders... but not crickets. Yet!

  30. Feel better, Priscilla! You all look so cute eating together!


  31. We love the picture of the boys waiting their turn.

    Our best wishes to Priscilla we hope she feels better real soon.

  32. What fun that you all got to play with that cricket!! But it looks like the cricket didn't want to play with you! Stupid cricket!!

    We hope Priscilla feels better soon. Sometimes it takes awhile for everybuddy to feel comfortable with a new family member. Feliway will help!

  33. We are purring and praying for sweet Pricilla to feel better soon. Good luck catching that cricket (looks like you had lots of fun playing with it)!

  34. Oh no... not my lovely Miss Pricilla!!! Please give her many smoochies and say they are from me, then give her gentle cuddles and say they are from me. If you have time, also tell her she is BOOTIFUL from me.


  35. aww, we hope priscilla gets better soon.
    and you guys sure showed that cricket who was boss. meow.

    check out my blog??

    have a good weekend!


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