Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kenji is a bully

keiko-icon2b Happy Thursday! Have a look at these pictures!

These are pictures of the Crime Scene!

P1190263n P1190266n P1190270n

Do you know what they are?

They are tufts of my precious furs!

Kenji grabbed me from behind and we got in a fight. Mummy broke us up by yelling a quick "NO" then we stopped.

But look! My precious hairs!

This is another Crime Scene, from a few weeks ago.

Mummy can't believe that Kenji pulls out my hairs! He's such a meanie!


Kenji: Mummy, I didn't mean to hurt Keiko.


Keiko: Mummy… I don't like him. Now I'm sad.


Help me kitties! Kenji's a bully!


Purrs, Keiko


  1. the only way to beat a bully is either be faster than said bully or be meaner than said bully. I prefer both MOL.


  2. Time to call in the swat team!

  3. Keiko, I'm sorry Kenji bites off your fur. He's probably just playing, though, and doesn't understand that you find it mean. I think it's a boy thing. My bro bites my fur off all the time, and even though my mom tells him to stop it, he still does it. Of course, I bite his off, too--only not in the same quantity.

  4. Kenji, maybe you need to talk with Brian about living in a house with all girls or maybe you don't realize you are hurting your sister's furs?...We fight sometimes and leave furs behind too...Good luck Keiko=we hate that you are sad, beautiful girl; watch your back, sweetie...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Keiko, TK pulls my furs out too! What can we do? I gonna watch here to see if anyone has advice for you cause I really need help with this too.
    Mommy says he is trying to play and he gets too rough. I hiss at him but sometimes he gets to rowdy.
    I am sorry you are sad sweety.

  6. Sounds like you two need an intervention!


  7. Aw - poor Keiko! Franklin and Dobby pull out each other's hairs all the time, but it doesn't seem to bother them (that's boys for you!) Hope Kenji starts being a bit nicer - or you could try pulling out HIS hair :)!

  8. Me and Wally pull each others hairs out too when we're wrasslin'. We think our hairs fall out to easily...


  9. Oh dear...I can identify fur tufts from 12 different cats...I think that some kitties just want to eat other ones and they spat. On any given morning there's severel tufts all over the house.
    I use a water bottle to intervene when needed...
    Johnny REALLY would like to get The Baby, they are sworn enemies and have learned to avoid each other, for the most part. he's drawn blood on a few occasions.

  10. poor Keiko! Au and Target play rough sometimes but they are boys. Maybe you can co-opt a tough mankat to help you?

  11. Aw, poor Keiko. But I'll bet you've got some pretty good teeths yourself! Maybe you should yank out some of his furs and see how he likes it!!

    You're so pretty I would never bite your furs

    (One of the Kitties Who Came Before used to to that to his brother who had really thick long fur and once the bully cat got a bottom tooth stuck in all that fur and he actually pulled out his tooth right outta his head! Maybe that will happen to your mean brother, MOL!)

  12. I think you might need a bodyguard!


  13. Sometimes I'm glad to be an onlycat. Sometimes.

  14. The last one is a beautiful portrait! I say it as a professional! ;-)

  15. Aww, we were ready to hiss at him for you my dear, but he really does look sorry!

  16. Uh oh! That occasionally happens here, between Nicki and Annie.

    Can you get any of those "calming collars" and try them? They are pheromone collars that last a month. We can get them here at PetSmart, but I imagine other pet supply stores carry them. Might help, if fighting is an issue. Or perhaps Feliway--the pheromone diffuser. Good luck!

  17. Keiko, I feel your pain, girl! Harley plays very rough, but luckily he never pulls out my furs. Even when my Mommeh yells "NO" really loud, he doesn't stop. I tend to overgroom from anxiety and make bald spots on my own.

  18. The expression on your face says it all too!! Priceless.

  19. Poor Keiko, I'm sending you sweet energies right now okay!
    purrs and love as well!
    Luna - We love Luna

  20. We think you may need ot call in a Cat Counsellor.

  21. That is a very sad face indeed. Sounds like you two need a counselor or something. You should be able to live in peace without your furs being pulled out. Keep us posted.

  22. Chin up Keiko! I know just how you feel. My furs get pulled out by Conway all the time. You need to come to my house and I'll show you my wrestling moves for mean kitties - I got LOTS of em! Don't let the mean kitties get you down!!


  23. Poor Keiko, we will be purring that Kenji will quit picking on you!!!!! You look so sad, sweetie.

    And there sits Kenji looking so innocent!!!!!!!!!!


  24. Awww! We have bullies in our house too!

    Mom said not to worry about the shipping charges, it didn't cost much and she was happy to pay for them! Hope you enjoy the cards!!

  25. We think that most brothers are bullies. Ours chase us all around the place.It drives us nuts. But they don't get close enough to pull out our furs. That is just terrible. We might have to come over there and help you out with him.

  26. There is a pecking order in every household. Looks like your at the bottom my dear Keiko :(
    Sucks to be you!

    But seriously, Cleo the cat and my self are still vying for top spot. She has it and I want it!

  27. Domino knows exactly how you feel, Keiko! Brothers can be bullies. Dylan jumps on Domino's back and pulls the hairs out of her neck. I even have a picture of him with the evidence in his mouth!

    To be fair, I think it is their instincts that make them do it -- they just can't help themselves (even after they've been fixed).

  28. We are sorry about your furs, but I can't believe Kenji is a bully. He looks so sweet and friendly. I am sure he is just being friendly, like I always am.


  29. Send Kenji over and I'll talk to him.

  30. Kenji is very, very bad and I know how you feel, nothing worse than when you get beatten by your brother - Harry x


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