Monday, June 28, 2010

Mancat Monday: Closeup Yuji!

yuji-blog Happy Monday! Mummy and Daddy are away this week, but I have these photos to show you!

I was sitting on Kenji's tower – it's so comfy, no wonder he loves it so much! (I sleep on there as well)


We had a request from Daisy for a closeup of my beauty spot! Mummy says I don't keep still, but she managed to take these pics! Mawhawhaw!

What does it look like?


A jigsaw puzzle?


Mummy says my nose is dirty (see the brown bits…?) But she ran out of time to give me a shower!

I'm scared now because you all said I have to hide…


Here is a closeup of my ear. I have slightly pointy ears!


Look at me! I'm trying to catch Kenji's attention by rolling around on the floor!!


And here is the ultimate picture. How many kitties can you see? (Biggify if you need to count!)

We are playing 'hide-n-seek!'


pri-blog Miss Pricilla has received her blankie now! FINALLY! She's going to a post on her own tomorrow!

Mummy says she will try to visit as many of you as she can, but she will be thinking of you this week as she's in Melbourne for the week! Purrrs

Lots of purrrs, Yuji


  1. Yuji, you're a cutie-pie and we say your nose is kissable! :-)

  2. Oh Yuji, I am so glad I got to see a close-up of your cool nose. That is a cute little spot. My Mommeh would try to kiss you right on the nostrils!

  3. You are such a handsome fella, Yuji!!!!!

    We hope the week will go fast for you, cuz we know you'll be missing your mommy and daddy. xxxxxxxxx

  4. Thankyou for showing us your spot, Yuji. You are so very handsome!
    We hope your mum and dad enjoy Melbourne. We are probably moving to Melbourne next year!

  5. Your nose is very adorable, in a completely mancat kinda way.

  6. Your birthmark spot is so cute!!! I can't wait to see your blankie!

  7. Lovely beauty spot!

  8. You are one cute little cow kitty!!!

  9. Yuji, your nose is adorable! We're so glad you're enjoying your wonderful new home.

  10. OMG!! i've been MIA for a while and you have a new addition to your family!! Yuji's so handsome and i love his super cute nose!

  11. Oh that is a wonderful spot on your nose. We are so glad that Daisy asked for a close up. Our kitty Gertrude has a spot on her nose too.
    Hope all of you have a great week.

  12. Yuji what a cutie you are! And we love you nose spot!!

  13. Lovely beauty mark. You should be very proud of that. Hugs, Deb =^..^=x6

  14. Oh we love your nose indeed is a lovely beauty mark!


  15. Great photos, especially the close ups!

    Your pal, Pip

  16. You are so cute and your nose is absolutely darling - very distinctive! M might not get to many blogs for bout 5 days either cuz she & D are leaving for a few days. Darn. Ruin all my fun!!

  17. You definitely are the missing jigsaw piece, Yuji!

  18. I love your nose! It's spotty like you're wearing a little mustache.


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