Monday, June 21, 2010

Mancat Monday: Mystery solved and Kenji is home!

Kenji-blogHappy Monday!!! I AM HOME!!! My good friend Officer Harley let me go without a record! He is such a considerate friend, now I can still get a good job! I'm so happy to be back, I missed everyone so much. I think "a salt" is a BAD thing. I will stop!

Mummy was so happy to see me. We hugged and hugged!


It is nice to sleep in my own bed again!


And ask Mummy for treats


And play in that box which we all love!


Now, for the big mystery!

Yesterday, I was reporting from Kitty Jail and Mummy posted some pics on the blog.

Many of you thought it had something to do with us taking a bath!

Rumbles and Inigo, Fui, Suey and Lishy and Daisy picked up that there was an intruder!

See the difference?


You see, Mummy and Daddy went to the Animal Welfare Leauge for the 3rd weekend running yesterday. Some of you may be aware that they have been visiting kitties at the shelters to provide a little bit of comfort and TLC. Mummy was secretly in search for another kitty to adopt. They met many kitties face-to-face and online on the shelter websites. You may remember Felix and Madison we posted about, both of whom have since found homes.

So yesterday, they met "UNO," a 3 yr-old ex-stray kitty. He has only recently been neutered, and still has stiches! He was such a sweet boy – they spent AGES talking with him and stroking him, and he was so purrrry right from the beginning! Suddenly, Daddy announced at the reception that they were taking him home!

Mummy was ecstatic!

They decided to call our new brother Yuji. He already responds to his name, and responds to Mummy's Japanese calling! Mummy and Daddy wanted to go slowly in the introduction, so that's why his pictures are all in a bathroom. He has everything he needs there, even a room heater!

Kenji-blog We spent a long time sniffing the door and watching Yuji stick his paws out from underneath. I loved it because that's just like me! I spent ages with him. My sisters also came and sniffed, and Keiko didn't seem too upset about it.

By night time, we had all met face-to-face and Pricilla was the only one making a fuss (she makes a fuss with everyone, but that's because she's a TORTIE) so Mummy and Daddy decided to let Yuji roam the house.

During the night, Yuji climbed up on their bed and spent the rest of the night on their pillows! He couldn't believe how comfy the pillow was. He stretched out on it and lay down on it in divine comfort! After that, I jumped up and slept in my usual spot on the bed. Pricilla always comes and goes, and Keiko slept in her own basket. We are one purrrfect family!

I can feel that Yuji will be my friend! He already feels like a long-lost brother. Besides, he is a Cow Kitty like me! Mummy says that Yuji can be my stunt double for when I do cool tricks. We're going to have so much fun!

So the Kitty Trio became Kitty Trio Plus One!

Please meet Yuji!


He's pretty flexible, so he'll be good for stunts.

P1200230n P1200243n P1200286n


Mummy loved how we had most of you confused!! mawhawhaw! And we were VERY impressed by the observant kitties who picked Yuji straight away!


Happy Mancat Monday!

Purrs, Kenji and Yuji !!!


  1. Congratulations on the latest addition to your family Misa :-) He's gorgeous!!!!!!!

  2. Well, we feel like complete kitty-ots for not noticing the difference.

    Welcome Home, Yuji! We're glad to be your friend.

  3. Welcome Yuji! How wonderful that she gave him a new home. The Male likes cow kitties like that too! At any rate, we have given your Momma an award.

  4. Blog Mom likes cow kitties, too, although she never heard them called that before. It works. She said that one of her favorite kitties in her whole life was a cow kittie named Spikey. That was over thirty years ago, but she said that she hopes to have another at some time in her life. (Please, please don't tell our kitties. They'll be mad.)

    wags, Lola

  5. Hello, Yuji! You have beautiful nose here :-).

    Btw it’s kitty quartet now? ;-)

  6. Hello Yugi! What a darling boy you are! Concats on your new family.

  7. Yuji! You're a lucky boy to find such a happy home.

    I guess you're the Kitty Quartet now :-)

  8. Congratulation! Welcome, Yuji!


  9. Hi, Yuji, so nice to meet you, handsome boy...We are so excited you guys got another brother-how cool!!...He sounds like a total sweetheart and we are so glad he found such a loving home!!YAY!!...Congratulations to your Mummy and Daddy for becoming parents again!...You guys have a gorgeous family and we are so thrilled to have a new friend!...kisses x3...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. Yuji is great and now you have another brother so you can do manly things together while Keiko and Priscilla do girly stuff!

  11. Rumblemum is overwhelmed at the cute that Yuji possesses! His little nose is SO cute, and how lucky he's a little cuddle bunny!

  12. What a big heart you all have. Yuji is so lucky to have you all as his family. I can imagine you and Yuji will become BFF and make a good team too. Have fun!!!

  13. You are so cool to let in another kitty so easily!

  14. Wow, this is so exciting! Welcome to Yuji, we think he's a lucky kitty to have such a wonderful forever home now! :-)

  15. Oh wow! You got me! Welcome to little Yuji to (what is now the) Kitty Quadro!

  16. Kenji, we are so glad you are out of kitty jail!! Now we guess you're gonna hafta be good so you don't end up there again!!

    And how exciting you have a new brother! We thought that kitty looked a little different, but we weren't sure! We're glad you all are getting along okay. Welcome, Yuji!!

  17. Hooray! That is such exciting and wonderful news. Congratulations on your new addition. Yuji is adorable, and he sounds like such a sweetheart. I cannot wait to get to know him better.

  18. Yuji looks adorable. You will be best friends in no time and have wonderful adventures together.

  19. Yuji is so cute! Congrats on your new friend!

    We guess you're going to have to change your name to the Kitty Quartet?

  20. Welcome Yuji! Can I call you Yuu-Chan? Is your "Yuu" the same as my "Yuu"? Mine means "yasashii."

    Glad you're happy to have a brother, Kenji. Brothers are fun!


  21. Welcome, Yuji! We are so pleased to meet you. We can tell you for certain that you have found a truly fantastic home and family :) It sounds like your introduction has been practically perfect :)

  22. Yuji, you are very handsome and look like a super addition to that great family. You are also such a lucky cat to have found a home. This is all so exciting. Well done.
    Have a great week and looking forward to hearing and seeing more of Yuji.

  23. Yuji is SO cute - we love the markings on his face. We are glad that everyone is getting along - mostly! (Franklin and Dobby say to tell you that Pricilla will get over it - they agree that it's a tortie thing.)

    We are sending many purrs to your humans for their kindness in adopting Yuji - they're the best!

    P.S. We missed all the posts over the weekend but we doubt that our mom would have guessed - she is not very bright.

  24. We didn't notice the difference - no degree for us in observance exams!!
    He looks a lovely kitty and seems to have fitted in straight away.

  25. Welcome Yuji! We think you have picked a pawsome home to come to.

  26. Fabulous news, Yuji is adorable!
    I love his pictures!
    Luna - We love Luna

  27. Thanks for introducing us to Yuji and we are so happy the he has found the purrfect home with you!

  28. What a beautiful boy! He's one lucky guy, and I am glad everyone is getting along!
    Smooches to Yuji!

  29. We're glad you were released from jail. Officer Harley is very nice but he's tough when he needs to be.

    Congrats on the newest member of the family.

  30. Kenji, we are so happy you have been released!!!!!!!!!!! And kudos to you for accepting Yuji so quickly.....cow kitties are definitely very special!!!!!

    What a handsome fella Yuji is....Andy was quite taken with the black on his lip!!! We are so looking forward to getting to know you, Yuji.


  31. Kenji - so glad you were finally released from kitty jail. I'm very embarrased that I thought Yuji was you, but he's almost as cute as you are. I like his little mustache. Congrats on your new brofur.

  32. Welcome Yuji and glad to know you were not really in jail! We never suspected there were two of you cow cats!

  33. Now that was quite a were in jail? Wow, that must of been terrible! I glad you made bail.... Yuji is cute. Congrats on your new family member.

  34. Wow, a new bro! Welcome, Yuji! But you just have to be careful with moms visiting shelters...

  35. Yuji
    Welcome to your new forever home!
    You are so adorable and we are glad Keiko is safe and out of kitty jail.


  36. Yuji is a very good fit for your family - he even looks like all of you. Black & white - what a handsome boy. Congratulations. you have made a very quick adjustment too to having another stranger in the house.

  37. Welcome, Yuji!! You're a very handsome boy!! You know, your nickname could be braveheart (more William Wallace than Mel!) with your half dark face/half light face!

    We're so happy that you're getting settled in so quickly! (our Mom wishes it were like that in our household - but every cat is different!)

    Have a happy day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

  38. Congrats on the new adoption! Yuji looks like a real sweetheart, from his photos and how you have described him. I'm sure he'll fit in with the others almost immediately. Someone else for Kenji to play with so he doesn't torture his sisters!

    Now you are the Kitty Quartet!

  39. Yuji...welcome to the home of comfy pillows and comfy humans, and hope the torti-tude chills a bit,too...


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