Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More brotherly action: Yuji and Kenji!

Kenji-blogIt's Kenji today! I've been such a happy kitty since Yuji came. I've been hanging out with my cool BROTHER!

I'm still showing him all the things around the house – I'm so PROUD to show him all the cool Mancat things to do! (Mummy, Keiko and Pricilla are scoffing and laughing at this statement… how rude!)

Here, Yuji is discovering the shopping bag, which we all love!


We like talking – aren't we purrfect brothers?


Sometimes, Yuji comes up to me and I go on my haunches and lift up my arm… I don't mean to be rude, but I'm just too used to doing that with Keiko!

Then Yuji says a quick sweet "meow! (please be nice to me!)" and I am quickly reminded that this is my sweet little BROTHER! My FURRIEND!

P1200372n P1200375n

Yuji is a lot smaller than me. We think he weighs about 3 kg! Yuji's tail looks so long in this pic, but the black continues from his thigh! Mummy says that is an 'Illusion.'


This is me, Kenji. I quite like this mysterious picture, because I'm not normally very mysterious!


Here, we're hanging out under the piano. That's me, Kenji, in the background, Yuji in the foreground.

P1200661n P1200663n

Guess who? Mummy says it is quite confusing having 2 kitties that look almost identical!

These are all Yuji!

P1200668n P1200673n P1200695n

You can tell who when you see the face, not so much from the body, even though Yuji has fewer black patches than me! We have the same black tail! mawhawhaw!


Hope you're having a great Wednesday!

We're still choosing our new name! We have had so many cool suggestions!

Kitty Quartet

Tribe Kitty

Kitty Wrap

Kitty Ensemble

Kitties Galore

Kitty Haven

Kitty Trio Plus One

Kitty House

Kitty Central

Cat Central

Thank you for all the suggestions! It is furrry difficult to choose, but it is Good to consider many options!



Purrrs, Kenji


  1. I think you will be fast friends! It's helpful to have someone who looks as good as you around!

  2. We are very glad you love your baby brother so much and are such a happy kitty, Kenji!...We love all your photos, it's great to see you handsome boys hanging out together all the time...Yuji seems to be a purrfect addition to your family!..kisses sweet boys...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. It is furry wonderfuls to make new friends and to find others to love☺

  4. Wow! It's so good to see you kitties getting along!
    My mama wants another kitty too, but papa doesn't... And I am not sure if I do or not...


  5. We hope you both will be snuggling up together soon. You're doing very well at becoming friends! It *is* great to have a brother, to balance out all the female energy. LOL.

  6. I think “Kitty Quartet” is pretty awesome! I told you ;-)…

  7. Yuji looks like a wonderful little brother for you! Now you can balance the tortitude with cowcattude!

  8. We're so glad you brothers are having a great time together. We agree that it's wonderful to have a brother!

    Your Friends,
    Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan

  9. How sweet you two are together. Considering those names....

  10. Kenji, I am so glad you have such a cool little brother. You can make your own little herd of cowcats! It would be funny to see the two of you next to Harley.

  11. HI Keiko. Thanks for dropping by my bloggie. Any cat can play along. Efurry Toosday for the next 4 weeks, Mombean will post on my bloggie 10 questions followed by her answers. Have fun!

  12. Kenji, you and Yuji are amazingly cute together! (WE can tell you apart - no problem!) We're really glad you're getting along so well - sending you many purrs!

  13. Kenji, that is so nice of you to be a good big brother to Yuji. You two do look a lot like twins. Those are great pictures of both of you.
    We like the name Kitty Wrap. That is different. Good luck choosing.
    Have a super day

  14. Keiko your sisters won't be able to gang up on you now your've got a new brother. You almost look like twins.

  15. So glad that you've a good friend cum brother to play with now. So you don't have to play girly things with those girls...

  16. You are a very good big brofur Kenji! They ladies can snuffle all they wants- but being a mancat is serious business, and we has to sticks together.

    I thinks your name should be "The coolest kitties EVAH" But you might not likes that one.

    PeeEss- Squashies wants to know if Yuji is gonna join the cow-kitties?

  17. So good to see you both having fun together! We love cow cats!

  18. It's amazing how much you look alike. How could your peeps help but not adopt him.

  19. You and your brother are so good was meant to be!

  20. Kenji, you are such a lovely mancat. It is so kind of you to be so welcoming with your new brother :)

  21. Great pics! Can't wait to hear which name you choose....

  22. We are so pleased to see that you are becoming such good friends, Kenji and Yuji!!!!!

    Andy says, "YAY! Another cow kitty!!!"

    Hi, Keiko and Pricilla....we love ALL of you.

  23. YOu almost look like twins. Double trouble for mom.

  24. First time commenting! :)

    Yuji looks so comfortable already in your home! <3

    I love the name "Kitty Ensemble" - it's cute and it gives you room for more brothers and sisters in the future if that may be the case. :)


  25. It's so wonderful to see the two brothers getting along so well. I think Kuji must be a less dominant cat and that is a good thing when you're coming into a house with three established cats. He certainly has a good effect on Kenji.

    Here's another couple of suggestions for a name: "Kitty Chorus" or "Kitty Corral"

  26. Wow we are so far behind we didn't even know you had a new brother there! Wow! Hi Yuji it is nice to meet you! And Kenji, you should get him into the cow kitty club with you - he would be a perfect fit! It is great that you are getting along so well already - we are so impressed with that!

  27. How wonderful you have become such excellent friends.

  28. Kenji, you are such a good brother! We're glad you and Yuji are becoming good friends!! All those blog names are will be hard to choose!

  29. You are the handsomest Kitty Tribe! We loves how WHITE and how BLACK your furrs are!


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