Sunday, June 20, 2010


Kenji-blogIt's Kenji here reporting from Kitty Jail… Mummy came to visit me and I left her this message for you. I'm in the process of being let out thanks to my GOOD behaviour! I think I can come back tomorrow to the blog. For those of you wondering how I ended up in jail, it was because I committed "a salt" on my sister Keiko. She has good connections with the kitty police and Officer Harley came to arrest me!

Thank you to all the kitties who said you would come and break me out or distract or bribe Officer Harley. You are my TRUEST friends and I was so touched by your kind concern! Officer Harley is a good friend, too! He said that I can go because I'm good! He sympathises with a mancat who is accused of ruining our sisters' Good Times. mawhawhaw!

Mummy says there are a few changes around here since I've been gone.

What could she possibly mean? Can you guess?

P1190550n P1190757n   P1190789n 

(Why Cat Daddy is standing on the bath, is a mystery even to Mummy)

P1190974n  P1200060n P1200063n

(Again, why Cat Daddy is crouching on the edge of the bath, is a mystery)

P1200077n  P1200107n P1200116n P1200126n  P1200139n    P1200196n P1200206n 


OH MY GOODNESS! Do you know what these photos mean??!!


Purrs from Kenji (from Kitty Jail)


P.S. Happy Father's Day to all the Daddies who celebrate today! We celebrate in September in Australia, so Cat Daddy will wait! Even though… today is pretty special, as you can probably guess!


  1. Did you get a new tub? Or a new SISTER??? *happy purring*

  2. ... are you getting one of those fun shower curtains??!!

    - Sherkhan

  3. Happy Dad’s Day, Kenji! Don’t miss there!

  4. ohmigod, a bath!?
    I love your pictures!Fabulous sequence, just beautiful!
    Happy Fahter's Day!
    purrs and love
    Luna - We love Luna

  5. Um, I don't know what is going on! Somecat tell me, please!!!

  6. Me too, I don't know what is going on either. Huffie and I wold like to know!

  7. Never mind what Cat Daddy is doing on the bathtub, what is that kitty doing on your bathtub?!?!

  8. We are quite purrplexed by this - do we get any clues?

  9. RUN!!!! We think it's a bath!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  10. Kenji, we're glad you're gonna be sprung from kitty jail! But now we wonder what's going on with that bathtub!!

  11. I'm glad your getting out and hope there will be no futher salts among family members. Although I have to say that my tortie, Simone commits a salt on me whenever she gets the chance. Luckily she's getting older and her aim isn't as good as it used to be. No idea what's happening with the tub, but in my experience if it's happening in a bathtub it's not good.

    wags, Lola

  12. Oh I'm so happy you is getting out of jail Keiko. I has missed you. Hope you don't pull any more of the assults on your roommate. Hmm looks like maybe Dad is gettig a new spa for Father's Day!! Or maybe mama is getting the new spa for Father's Day.

  13. We missed part of the story but hope you get out of jail soon!

    cats of wildcat woods

  14. We are clueless...what's happening at your house?

    Kenji, no more salts! At our house we get the water bottle squirt and that is No Fun. Seet Pae and May Ling have a running battle that they reprise every single day.


  15. umm, we meant Sweet Pea, NOT Seet Pae...we've never met her...MOL!

  16. We just love yoor pics and are glad yoo made bail/or release for good behaviour! MOL!

  17. I don't know what the photos mean, but they are very good photos. I can really see how cute you are. I'm glad you're getting out of jail! I hope we'll find out soon what all the mystery is.

  18. Happy Father's Day to your Dad!...Congratulations on your jail break, Kenji!...What's going on at your house, are you getting a bath=run for your life, like you're escaping jail again sweetie and hide out like a criminal, maybe they will forget about it for awhile!...kisses x3 sweet boy...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  19. What could it possibly mean?

    Happy Father's Day!


  20. Harley is great. Maybe you should get 'arrested' more often and go out and have fun with Harley.

    We think Cat Daddy is very silly hanging around that shiny white bath so much. If he isn't careful he might get wet.

  21. Firstly, we would like to apologise. We missed this entire incident and were not therefore able to offer adequate support to all. At our house, there are sometimes "arguments" between Tama-Chan and Yuu-Chan but no fur has flow yet.

    Anyway, we have no idea what is going on in your bathroom but can't wait t find out!

    Oh, and just to let you know... the Sumo wrestlers on #1's Mac are stick-on calendars, one per month!

  22. Wait a minute, Kenji... did you change your spots?!? Or do you have a NEW addition?!? We must learn more!

    Offcr Harley says the arrest will not even be a part of your Permanent Record, so you will still be able to get a good job when you are old enough.

  23. Oh what is happening.. Tell us please.. Great set of pictures.. Hugs GJ xx

  24. We still are not sure what's going on. I never like the tub and don't go near it since it only means one thing - a bath for me and I just hate it!


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