Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Three on Tuesday

Kenji-blog First up it's me! Daddy is sooo naughty. He leaves out the shopping bags and never puts them away. Mummy doesn't like it when he does that, but I LOVE it!

I have a bag fortress!


Will someone play with me?


Ooo, I can stalk Keiko from here!

P1180380n P1180384n

And it is comfy to sit on.


Can we go shopping, Mummy?



keiko-blog MY turn!!!!!!

This is a new box of cereal. Not the same one as the other day. Our Mummy and Daddy go through about one box of cereal every week!

Mmm box… I love boxxx


That black thing in the background, thankfully, is not Kenji. It is part of a music stand!


Checking to see if there are any inside…


Finished playing now. I'm just warming up Daddy's chair for him!

Mummy calls me Turkey when I'm in this position.


Ooo, snack for me?


pri-blog Finally, it's my turn. It is so cold here lately, and Mummy has started to knit! She is a complete beginner. She has an ambition to knit us all blankets! At the moment she has knitted 9 squares that will make up my very own blanket. I've already been sleeping with the squares! They are nice and warrrm.

My favourite spot is still Kenji's back of the couch.

? Is someone there?


It is sooo comfy. I get active at night, don't worry! I think I'm getting more and more floofy.


Hope you're having a great Tuesday!

Purrs, Keiko, Kenji & Pricilla

P.S. The other day, we received comments and questions regarding my Mummy being a Capricorn! So she wanted to reveal that Cat Daddy is a Libran, as is Pricilla. She has a soft spot for Librans! Keiko is a Capricorn and Kenji is a Gemini! Although Keiko and Kenji's real birthday is unknown.

Mummy also wanted to reveal that her birthday is on January 1!


  1. wow so many beautiful pictures, funny adventures!
    My vote for the green bags, it's fabulous and you look so comfortable there, cool place for some nap!
    purrs and love
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  2. Bags, boxes and comfy sleep places! You three have it made!

  3. Guess what? The chairs in our dining room look almost identical to yours! I think that is very amazing.

  4. Happy Tuesday to you all! Great pics...just be careful of those bag handles, guys! :-))

  5. I don't see anything wrong with playing with those wonderful recycled bags and it's much better than playing with plastic ones because you could do a lot of damage to yourself with plastic! Our kitty, Henry, loves to chew and lick plastic bags and sometimes (when we aren't looking) he will take a few bites of plastic and then he'll get sick a few minutes later! Guess it's time I be a better cat-mom and remember to use my reusable bags!
    In case you didn't know, I started a BOOK GIVEAWAY CONTEST yesterday and I think you'd be very interested in the kitty book called PURRSNIKITTY! Come on over to see the details!

  6. Naughty Daddy leaving those bags out but what fun for you. We love to get in bags and boxes. Those are all great pictures of all of you doing your stuff.
    It was very sad about Paddy because she was so young.
    Have a good day.

  7. We will be furry mucho looking forward to seeing your momma's blanket that she is making fur you. You must be furry mucho loved.

  8. Thank you so much for following us! Squashies sais that she and Keiko has to stick together being cow-kitties.
    Your blog is wonderful. We follows you now too. We loves the picshurs.
    We can't wait to reads the back-issues so we can learn all about the three of you.

  9. You certainly keep busy! Your mommy is a New Year's baby! COOL! AND she knits! Beth knits A LOT! In fact she teaches! Knitted blankets are the best! Enjoy!

  10. Cool! Your Mom knits! And a New Year's baby too!

    Hey, maybe we can catch up when you guys move to Malaysia?? :)
    Can't wait!

  11. Bags are sooooo much fun to play in. Tell your mom to "get over it" and let you have some fun. She can clean the house later!! hehe

  12. Those are nice bags, the food bags that come home with mum and dad are plastic not fun to play with and can be dangerous. Did you get any cereal? Love the pics, have great day.

  13. Bags of any variety are just plain fun!!!

  14. Love the post today! Mom calls that sitting position, Turkey~Ballin'. And she's also a Capricorn, her bday is Jan. 5th.

  15. It's nice to see each of you doing your PURRticular thing today! You each have such unique PURRspectives. It's obvious that Kenji is a 'bag' cat, and Keiko loves boxes. It seems that Pricilla likes Kenji's spot on the couch more than Kenji (so why not just make it Pricilla's spot?).

    I am a Libran like Pricilla and her Daddy, and Dante is a Capricorn like your Mom!

  16. Oh those bags looks so wonderful to play with and sleep on! Kenji you are lucky!

    And Keiko we love your turkey pose! It is so cute!

    Pricilla we are glad to hear you are more active at night - our sister Lola is like that too, though her more active it just rolling over!

    Have a great day!!

  17. So many beautiful photos of you sweethearts!...We love bags and boxes too=we'd love to come play with you guys!...Pricilla, you are looking so adorable and floofy=we love the floof!...Cool your Mommy is a New Year baby!!...Our Mommy is a Libra like your Daddy!...kisses gorgeous friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  18. My humans are kinda neat nicks, but I like when it is more cluttered, Kenji. There is more stuff to play with that way!

  19. We need some shopping bags like that! We bet they are really fun to play with!!

    Are you gonna climb in that box, Keiko? When we sit like that, mom calls us "meatloaf!"

  20. Lots of gorgeous pictures. I love bags and boxes, both are so much fun.. Enjoy.. Hugs GJ xx

  21. Those bags sure look fun to play with! Thanks for visiting us on our Lisa Lisa and the Cat Jam blog.

  22. You guys certainly have a lot to do! Our Mommy uses a box to pack her shopping in, and we get to play in it after she unloads it. We have never had a cereal box to play in. We will speak to Mommy about that!
    Priscilla, you are pretty as always, what color is your blankie going to be? We hope pink or purple.

  23. TSB taught herself how to crochet a few years ago and now much prefers it to knitting because she can get the weave so much tighter. She actually crocheted herself an entire scarf! She won't let us anywhere near it though, something about not wanting to inhale fur when she's wearing it. Behhh...

  24. You know what, Kenji, I have the exact same bags... And I play in the exact same way!
    I donno why mama always has to pit them away! So not fair!

  25. Looking forward to seeing the finished blanket.

  26. Every cat needs a bag to play in once in a while!
    Can't wait to see the finished knitted blanket! That'll be so cozy!
    Oh & I'm a Libra too!

  27. Good to see that efurrycat has a turn at blogging.

    So convenient to have Jan 1 as your birthday - no one forgets it!

  28. Mom and I both have a Jan 1 birthday. Mom's official but she shared hers with me! Hi Caps!

  29. We LOVE turkey, and we LOVE your cute photos you guys!!

  30. Ooooooh, bags! I'll be right over.

    Your friend


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