Thursday, June 3, 2010

Trio can be a crowd – especially for blogging

pri-blog Hi! FINALLY, I got to post again – did you miss me?

Partly, my Mum is to blame. She usually only manages to catch me snoozing so she just has a huge photo collection of me sleeping! How boring!

But mostly, it's my sister Keiko's fault. She just loves to blog and posts while I'm napping. By the time I wake up, I'm usually too late.

There is such a thing as Sleeping Beauty – that's me! mawhawhaw!

Recently, I have taken over Kenji's favourite spot on the back of the couch. I've been hogging it!

I'm sorry for many similar photos - it's mamarazzi's fault!

P1160750n P1160751n P1160753n

It really is very comfy.

P1160760n P1160762n  

I stay here all day long – see, it's night time now?

P1160773n P1160786n

It's the next morning, I'm still here :)

(Just realised Kenji is spying on me! The rascal!)

P1160797n P1160808n P1160828n

Here comes trouble.

Kenji: (but… that's my spot)


Kenji: (should I tell her…? I'm a bit scared)


Kenji: Pricilla, um… that's my spot…


Pricilla: WHAT did you say? *hisssss*

Kenji: !!!!!!!!!!!


Pricilla: I shall whack you if you come any closer!

Kenji: But… but… but…

Pricilla: Go away!


Hmph! Peace, at last.


See, it's a good spot to watch the birds.


What? I'm not mean, Mummy.




*floofy pants alert*


I'm going to continue snoozing now.

I feel good that I hogged the blog today. Keiko wanted to do a cooking segment. That can wait! mawhawhaw!

Purrs, Pricilla


  1. It does look like a great spot to snooze and watch birdies!

  2. There's nothing dilute about your tortitude, P!

  3. Pricilla, come'on admit it - you were a LITTLE mean to Kenji! (It's ok - we smack at each other over napping spots, too!

    Primo napping spot - we can see why you'd defend it!

    ~Nico & JayJay :)

  4. My kitty brothers do a lot of napping and I don't really understand why that is butt I hafta admit that it is a pretty fun activity once in awhile but not for the entire day. Pricilla, you need to get yourself a cat harness and tap on your mom's shoulder and very, very nicely ask her to take you outdoors with her! Okay? Take my advice, Pricilla, and enjoy the great outdoors! My tabby brother, Henry, goes out wearing a harness and he loves it!

  5. Priscilla,
    If you find a good spot, keep it! No sense in giving up the cozy towel on the couch for a pesky Brother...only foods are worth budging outta such a great spot.

  6. Well, you do look fabulous on that pink towel. Combined with the color of the couch and your should always insist on being photographed like that. Cats are so serious about their napping anyway. Sometimes Blog Mom comes home from work to find that ours are in the exact same positions as when she left in the morning. I like napping, but I take wake up breaks several times a day.

    wags, Lola

  7. I have s similar spot. I sometimes meow at my humans to share the place with me.

    I have to say you were a little mean, but I wouldn't like to
    share my favourite spot with JUST anyone either!


  8. Poor Kenji!! Makes me feel good that I am an only kitty.

  9. Pricilla is stunning; her beautiful eyes are gorgeous, espeically against those lovely fluffy furs=our Mommy wants to cuddle her!...It looks like she found a great spot for napping and bird watching!...kisses sweet friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. Pricilla, you look SO lovely and soft! Don't tell your sister, but we'd LOVE to have a snuggle with you!

  11. That looks like the prime location at your place! I don't think I'd like to move either!!

    Purrs Shade

  12. Hi Kitty Trio
    thanks for visiting my blog! So lovely to meet you!!!

  13. Pricilla, I am glad you got to hog the blog today! Did you make Kenji slow-walk away from you?

  14. Good job with the blog post, Pricilla! Glad you finally got a turn. :)

    Thank you all for stopping by, and for voting for our pal Pepper in the Whiskers contest. She is thankful for your support and friendship (and so are we)!

  15. you get a lot of photos. I am jealous. Your humans are obviously better trained than mine. I may need some more lessons.

  16. Pricilla you looked very comfy laid on your pink towel watching
    everything going on outside. Your floofs showed up beautifully in all your pictures.

  17. That Other Cat who is here is sleeping on the back of the couch.

  18. I miss you!:)
    Adorable set of pictures, you look so comfortable watching TV there in such a cozy place!
    CUTE poses and lovely pictures!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  19. Pricilla, good for you to keep your spot. Do not let anyone take it. You are getting some terrific naps on the back of that couch.
    Have a great nappy day.

  20. Hi, Pricilla....hey, we spend most of our time sleeping also, and we enjoy the sleeping shots of others. You are a gorgeous gal and you need to tell Kenjii he needs to respect his elders.....:))))

    We love you all......xxxxxxxx

  21. I understand completely, sometimes I have to wait my turn for the prime spot too!

  22. Pricilla you are so much a floofy version of our Lola - you have similar coloring, similar feelings about napping, and most of her pictures are when she is sleeping too (though sometimes I do manage to get her to play a little and get pictures). We think that you should get to sleep where you want to, if you do the most sleeping - and anyway it should be first come first served!

  23. It's obvious you are very secure in yourself, Pricilla. Not many people know their place in life or their reason for being, but you have certainly found yours!

  24. That is the best spot in the house! Flattening the top of the couch! You two make us MOL all the time!

  25. Pricilla we noticed how beautiful soft and floofy your lovely fur is in these pictures. That is a good spot for resting and relaxing, isn't it, we understand why it's highly prized by one and all.


  26. I'm trying to find one more pawticipant so you can play Christmas in July. Should have someone soon and I'll contact you with their info.

  27. Oh I'm so happy so got to keep the spot for a day anyway. You were good at standing your ground!


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