Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday with Tortitude: Girls like alone time

keiko-blog It's Keiko! It has been so hectic here since Yuji came. We have been good kitties and being very nice to him! We think he was a stray for a while, as everything is so new to him, and he seems to be amazed at all the love and attention he's getting, and plus he just loves the bed! He keeps standing up and laying down, standing up and laying down, ALL NIGHT - just to experience how cushy the pillow is on Mummy and Daddy's bed! He loves it! Pricilla is still a fuss-pot, and hissing as usual, but it's ok. She has been nicer to Kenji, for a change! mawhawhaw!

Pricilla came and sat with Cat Daddy WHILE Kenji was under the blankie with him! This is a FIRST!!

You can also see the new blankie Mummy is knitting! We have already been laying on it, but it is only 1/3 finished!


Kenji: You're not going to hiss at me, are you, Pricilla?

Pricilla: No, just stay there. You are my cushion. Do not move!

Kenji: Okkk…


This morning, I was surveying my brothers from my special spot on the sideboard.

Kenji is underneath, Yuji is walking in…


This is Yuji, looking at me eating. He is a lot nicer than Kenji EVER is to me! Yuji is very gentle and calm, not like crazy Kenji!


Yuji is now looking at me sitting in the wall. The tower is Kenji's!


Yuji came to say hello to Kenji on the tower.


Kenji: Quick, I'd better put more of MY scent on here!


Keiko: Sighs… Boys! (biggify to see my eyes!)


Pricilla avoided all that commotion. She loves her alone time, and she's happy!

She has not a care in the world, relaxing on her couch!

Can you even believe that this floofy beauty actually hisses? mawhawhaw!

P1200388n P1200718n


Hope you have a lovely Tuesday everycat!


Purrrs, Keiko

P.S. Mummy is in a dilemma about our blog name now. We are not a trio anymore, but she's going to give it a few days to see if we shall be called the Kitty Quartet, or another name! It is a dilemma just in case we get MORE kitties in future, and we'd have to keep changing our name… Any ideas?


  1. Hmmm... I like the kitty quartet name a lot, but we cannot discourage you from getting more kitties...

    Those photos are brilliant, it's amazing how easily you've all accepted your handsome new brother!

  2. How abowt "Tribe Kitty"? That way yoo can add more later! MOL!

  3. We're very impressed with how well Yuji is settling in and being accepted!

    We like the Kitty Quartet too, but of course if you adopt more, you'd need to change the blog name again. :-)

  4. You found such a cozy spot for a good nap!
    I love these pictures dear friends, you place is so beautiful!And your have a cool cat tree to play, luck friends!
    Enjoy your day, I will dream that I'm playing with you all as well!
    Luna - We love Luna

  5. You all look very comfy! Yuji is really such a cutie and he looks like he's settling in well!

  6. You are being so nice to Yuji!
    I also like the Kitty Quartet name, but yes, that does limit you...
    What about Kitty (W)rap? Cos you rap about what you do and wrap all those that come near?

  7. Yuji is such a sweetheart!!

    Our the Mom says it took her forever to come up with our blog name.

  8. Yuji seems like such a kind and gentle spirit. When Harley first came here from the shelter, he had such good manners. He would approach me slowly and then back up and sit down if I hissed or growled. I think he learned social skills from his months of living with all the other cats at the shelter. Now he is just a wild man!

  9. I think Yuji is a very handsome boy! Welcome to the family.

  10. It's like you have twins now, I have to study each photo to tell who is who!


  11. Your new brother is very handsome, we are glad he is settling into his new home.

  12. Yuji, you are doing such a good job of settling in. Well done! :)

  13. I am so glad that Yuji is doing so good! Oh my, not sure what to suggest for your blog name.

  14. We really love that photo of Kenji, Pricilla, and cat daddy! And we're glad to hear that Yuji is so nice to you - he sounds like such a sweetheart. Purrs to your mom and dad for adopting him!

    P.S. We did biggify to see your eyes - too funny!

    P.P.S. Our human is not very good with musical terms, but maybe something like "ensemble"? (We are sure there are better words for the same thing.)

  15. Yuji looks a very gentle kitty and looks to be settling in well with you all. Laughed about him and your pillows.

  16. How about "Kitties Galore"? Then you could add as many as you'd like!!!!! :) Or "Kitty Haven"?????? not heaven but haven.....

    Wonderful pix....and we are so happy that Yuji is settling in so well. When things settle down, we need to get him signed up as a "Cow Kitty"!!!

    We love y'all!!!!!!!

  17. You could always be kitty trio plus one... You know some other folks did that when they increased in family size...

  18. WE like that name, Kitty's galore.
    Yuji sure is settling in very nicely and it looks like they are all getting along fairly well. That is so exciting. Great pictures.
    Have a wonderful day.

  19. You have a very nice family....I like the new name too!

  20. The Kitty House or Kitty Central or Cat Central...Lovely photos of all your gorgeous babies as always...We are very excited everyone is getting along so well and accepting of sweet, handsome Yuji!...Kenji now has a partner in crime!!hehe...Happy day friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  21. We not good at names for blogs. But whatever you choose we keeps coming to visit cause we loves the way your kitties blog!
    We all loved this post and we're really glad that Yuji is settlin in. Is very eggciting to see how they will all position in the pride.

  22. We're happy to see that Yuji is becoming a part of the family so quickly!! And as far as the blog, we know your mom will come up with the purrfect name!!

  23. Kitties Galore?


  24. I think it is very sweet that you have all been so welcoming to Yuji--he looks just like one of the family already.

    Both my Human and I like the name Kitties Galore :-)

  25. I think that Kuji is helping to mellow things out -- even Kenji! Now the score is even with two ladycats and two mancats -- even Pricilla seems calmer! There's finally some balance in your home.

  26. Effurryone has adjustments when a new kitty arrives...but you all look like you are 'making space' and putting one paw out in welcome (we think, hahameow)


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