Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday with Tortitude: I have BLANKIE!

pri-blog Purr! It's Pricilla! I am so proud today to be showing off my special blankie Mummy knitted for me!

It has taken so many weeks, but I am happy now. Thanks Mummy!

It is made of Chunky Yarn.

This picture was when Mummy put the blankie on the couch for the first time! So I haven't noticed it yet.


Ooh – this feels nice under my paws!


I like it muchly!


Zzzzz (it's nice and soft, and warmmm)


Mummy says she is happy I like it, because she is a Beginner and it took her forever to work out how to do the squares!

I'm not sharing this with anycat! Keiko has her pink blankie in her basket now, but Mummy should knit some for Kenji and Yuji soon. Get to work! mawhawhaw!


We are purring for our Aussie furriend Momo for a speedy recovery after her accident. We're sending you lots of hugs and prayers!


We are also purring today for Neala who is having an operation to fix a birth defect. Lots of hugs and cuddles, baby Neala!



All the very best, and we are purring and thinking of you both!


Lots of purrs, Pricilla



  1. That's a great blankie, Priscilla!! Your mummy did good!!

  2. The blanket is beautiful - and the colors look lovely with your fur! We think your mom is very talented (our mom cannot knit at all).

    P.S. We just noticed your new header (we are kind of slow sometimes!) It is great!

  3. You have an excellent blanket! How thoughtful of your person.

  4. Dat is a great blankey. Your mama might be a beginner, but she does good work. Sending healing purrs to your two friends too. purr purr purr purr

  5. You know, that blankie looks plenty big for both of us my dear...

  6. wow that blanket is fashion, I love it!
    So sorry about your friend Momo, I will be praying for his fast recover.
    And I need to say that "your header is adorable", I loved it!
    Luna - We love Luna

  7. That is a wonderful blankie. We wouldn't want to share either.

  8. That's a fabulous blankie. Yoor mom is VERY skilled.

  9. Your mom did a great job on that blankie, Pricilla! Makes our human want to dig out her own knitting needles. Maybe when it's cool again, in the fall. :-)

  10. congratulations!! That blankie looks lovely and so comfy!!

  11. We love your blankie! We wish our Mom could make something like that!

  12. It came out great, and it is a good color to complement your furs! Also, since your mom made it, I'll bet every inch smells like her which makes it even betterer!

  13. Wow, you have a great blankie and a new blog title too! We're purring today too for MoMo and Neala!

  14. That sure is a pretty blankie and really well done. Lucky you Pricilla. You keep that blanket for yourself.
    Have a great day napping on your new blanket.

  15. what a nice blankie. Your human is good to you.

  16. That is a lovely blankie Pricilla. You have a clever mummy. Not like mine at all.

  17. You are lucky that your mom knitted you such a pawsome blankie - it goes very well with your pretty furs.

  18. What a fabulous blankie, Priscilla! You're one lucky girl!

  19. Your new header is sooooooo cute!!!!

    Lovely blankie, Pricilla....we know you will get a lot of enjoyment out of it!!!!!!!! Your mama did a grand job!!!! xxxxxxxx

  20. What a great blankie that is - we can see why you want to keep it all to yourself Pricilla!

    And we are purring for MoMo and Neela too!!

  21. That is a very nice blanket! I can understand if your siblings feel a bit jealous.


  22. Now that looks like a comfy blanket and perfect for making happy paws.

    Your pal, Pip

  23. Oh Pricilla! Your mama did a great job on your blankie. It obviously meets with your aPURRoval. Yes, more kitties means more blankets, but at least you have yours (I think you'll have to guard it though).

    I hear Momo is recovering fine. I think her Gran must feel very guilty, even though it was an accident, and I hear that Neala came through her surgery just fine!

    By the way, you, Pricilla and Keiko and Kuji are all on the LOLSpot today.


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