Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday with Tortitude: I like being a tortie

Hi!! It's Keiko! Mummy is home! We were so excited, we headbutted her and gave her lots of wet nosetaps! She cuddled us each for a long time and we purrred and purrrrrred!!!

Mummy found this pic of me, she had actually lost it and had to recover it from her mum who kept a copy of it! mawhawhaw

I climbed up here while Mummy was cooking so she left the cupboard door open.


I quite like this picture of me, even if I don't have any ears – I think it has a lot of tortitude!


It is quite difficult to keep showing tortitude every week. I'm a cutie and a sweetie! Not Sassy all the time!

I think I want to share a little secret with you! I have a favourite hobby, and Mummy actually caught it on video! mawhawhaw! I do this all the time.


Sadly, Mummy says we smell after coming home from the pet hotel.

Help us kitties! I sense a shower. NOOO


I'm going to keep my paws crossed that Mummy will come to her senses.

I will settle for a dry shampoo any time!


Purrrrs, Keiko


  1. Oh no, not a shower...or bath! You look very cute up there in the cupboard!

  2. we just wondering... how could you got in the cupboard without dropping the plates and bowls...

    have a nice day...

  3. Hmmm, is there tuna in those bowls??

    We wish we had tortitude. It seems mighty good (and VERY cute!)

  4. I'm with you. I hate showers and baths - and I'm a dog. We have a tortie here. In fact she's the senior pet in the house. She's got plenty of natural tortitude, but thank Dog she seems to be mellowing out in her golden years.

    wags, Lola

  5. Tortietude is good to have...make sure you show it if you get bathed!

    The video of you machine-pawing the refrigerator is funny. We do that on the door when we want in or out...right beside the Cat flap!

  6. Yay for homecoming mum!

    That's the worst after boarding - a bath!

  7. We're so glad your Mommy is home!!YAY!!...You are so beautiful Keiko and very talented at pawing the fridge=that was so cute!...We hope the bath doesn't happen, but the look on your face in that last photo is priceless sweetie!!...kisses wonderful friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. Keiko,

    You are turning into a BEAUTIFUL lady cat!


  9. Kitties do NOT go in the shower. Unless there is no water.

  10. We sure hope you don't need a shower! We think you should roll in some things that smell like your home so you start to smell like you again!

    P.S. Deli does the same thing you're doing on the fridge but she does it on the mirror or any window!

  11. Being a tortie is the BEST!
    We had to have a bath when we got home from the cat hotel. I might have accidentally peed on myself in the crate on the plane down from Townsville...

  12. We're so happy your mommy is home!! But now you gotta take a shower?? We don't know aboout that...we've never had a shower before!!

  13. Keiko, I do that too! I call it "Machine Paw"! It is very fun.

  14. Now dat cupboard looks like a very good hiding place. Thanks for giving me an idea.

  15. Baths are not good ideas after staying at the pet hotel - anyway how do the humans know they don't smell funny when they get home after staying in a hotel

  16. That video is great and you are VERY cute, Keiko!

    It has been pouring with rain all day today here.....

    The Chans

  17. Oh Nooooossss, not a bath. Hope you win that battle. Glad your Mommy is home. The video is great. Good for Mommy to catch you doing your trick.
    Have a great week.

  18. You are such a cutie....and we are purring that it will be a dry shower. We are sooooooo happy your mummy is home with you again.


  19. Love the picture of you with no ears! You have such a sweet and innocent face! You are a very smart kitty! I know exactly what you are doing at the refrigerator - you are "digging" a hole in the side so you can have constant access to all the food! Keep going - you will eventually get through!


    p.s. I will keep my paws crossed that you don't get a bath!

  20. Oh noooo I hope the shower does not happen. The look on your face is priceles.. HUgs GJ x

  21. Hi Keiko! We are glad your mom is home but it stinks (no pun intended) that you might need a shower! Kirzon is going to get a bath soon but the rest of us don't usually get more then a spritz of kitty refresher spray (ok, we can't think of what it really is called - like a perfume but not - it is the same scent as the shampoo). And we love that picture of you in the cupboard - Virgil did that once when dad (or maybe mom) forgot to shut the door to the cupboard at our house!

  22. You are indeed a sweetie, and a cutie, Keiko, and part of that is due to your tortitude. It just means you're a little feisty, and that's a good thing.

    Dante does that same sort of pawing on the glass patio door, but it usually means he wants to go outside. Does this mean you want inside the refrigerator? I can see that you might think so.

    Is there anything that smells nice that you could roll around in? If you smell nice, maybe mama will forego the shower.

  23. You are too cute and we'll hafta watch the video later. Having You Tube issues.

  24. Keiko
    We are glad your Mommy is back as we know how impawtant Mommy's are. We miss ours when she is gone. We laughed at your paw - pawing...well I shouldn't laugh because I paw paw the counter after I eat to 'clean up'.


  25. It's great when Mom comes home, isn't it?


  26. A shower? Call the SPCA! That's cruelty to cats!!!

    LOL, we like your blog.

  27. What is this shower nonsense you speak of? Time for rebellion! ;)


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