Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday with Tortitude: I rule the Hallway!

Kenji-blogHappy Tuesday! Thank you to all the kitties who came by our blog yesterday for my parrrty! I felt so loved and it made me so happy! Thank you for making my Gotcha Birthday sooo special! Hope you had a great time! Thank you also to ML for mentioning my Gotcha Birthday on the CB! You are the best!

keiko-blogPhew! We've had such a busy few days. Well, Mummy and Daddy have, anyway. We had 2 human guests on Sunday night, which was really fun, because they are Mummy and Daddy's very best friends from Melbourne, and they gave me sooo much attention! I loved it!

Then, of course, we had the Gotcha Birthday Party for my brother. We're pretty knackered!

Right now, I'm guarding the Hallway. Nobody gets past me!


Hall duty is usually quite boring (and plus, I'm tired). So I was just having fun stretching!

P1190112n  P1190113n P1190114n P1190115n P1190116n P1190117n P1190118n P1190119n

Hmm, I guess I'd better get up now.

P1190127n P1190135n

Uh ohh… I sense trouble.


Ah. Trouble.


Don't come near me, Kenji!


*look away* I can't see yoouuu

P1190207n P1190210n

Oh dear. Here comes Pricilla. She is a little bit scary. I'm so glad I'm sitting in the corner!



Hope you're having a great week!


Purrs, Keiko


  1. Oh, we're sorry we missed Kenji's gotcha day - it looked like you had lots and lots of fun!! Keiko, you did an um, interesting job guarding the hallway! But, you looked like you were enjoying yourself, so that's all that matters!!

    Thanks so much for the warm welcome for Simon & have a happy day!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

  2. Stretching is a good way to break up the monotony of guard duty.

  3. We think you are doing a great job, Keiko! (We also are very impressed by your hallway - it's beautiful!)

  4. Hey, thanks for visiting. Cool blog. You're a good at rolling and stretching.

  5. Sorry we missed the gotcha day. Happy Gotcha Day! That was some great stretching.

  6. We had a great time at your party, Kenji!...We love your fun post and wonderful photos today, Keiko=those belly shots in the hallway are awesome!!...You and Kenji are silly together, beautiful girl!!...No way Pricilla is scary=she's such a gorgeous sweetheart!...Wishing you all a week filled with joy and love, friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. Keiko, that's a terrific photo sequence! We really like your hallway floor--is it tile?

    And we're glad Kenji had a great party, it was pawsome! :-)

  8. WE are sorry we missed your special day!! Cute photos!!

  9. oh yes your party was wonderful!
    And this post is amazing, fabulous sequence and story.You are doing a great job there like a cat patrol!
    purrs and love
    Luna - We love Luna

  10. I'm so sorry I missed saying Happy Gotcha Day to Kenji, although it's likely that the party was a kitty only event anyway. In any case my typist dozed off early and we didn't do all our visiting. Keiko, you're doing a great job of guarding the hallway. Keep up the good work. Our tortie, Simone owns the bed and sometimes the whole bedroom. It's a tough job,but someone's got to keep it warm.

    wags, Lola

  11. keiko's soooo cute and pretty! i hope i have a tortie kitty someday too

  12. Reenie: If I ever have a second cat, I think it will be a Tortie! Keiko is so-oo pretty!!!!

    Sherkhan: As if I am letting her get a second cat... ha!

  13. Keiko, you are a great hall guard...well, until those other kitties showed up!

  14. Keiko, your hallway looks like a good place to roll around and have some funs. I think the tile there is very pretty.

  15. Do you need me to come over and give you some moral support Keiko?

  16. Happy belated Gotcha Birthday to Kenji!

    I like being on hall duty, too. Isn't it fun! :)

  17. What pawsome stretches! All of them are adorable pictures.

  18. Happy Belated Gotcha day from me too!!! Looks like you had a great day!
    Sending you lots of hugs and purrs....

  19. You do indeed make an excellent hall monitor! Yep, that was quite a Gotcha Day party!

  20. What a good idea to do tummy exercises while your doing the boring hall duty. It's also a plus to know who's going where and doing what.

  21. he he - you were doing your kitty aerobics. So dat's your secret for staying in shape!! Dat belly is just meant to be scritched!

  22. That was some fantastic stretching.
    We thing you should charge a treat toll to any Cats wandering down the hall!

  23. Kenji, we are so very sorry that we missed your Gotcha Day yesterday....our mama has not been feeling well for several days and that always cuts down on our visits....sigh.

    We love y'all.....wonderful pix today. xxxxxxxxxx

  24. Keiko, you are one handsome kitty! Sorry we missed your birthday yesterday, but today we extend sincere belated birthday wishes!!

  25. Sorry your hallway duties were ruined by furblings!

  26. I love your stretches, Keiko because we get to see your cute little tummy and all your toesies!

    It's a good strategy to go back by the door, because then it's impossible for anyone to pass you -- unless they go out the door!

  27. Good job guarding the hallway. Nothing goes past you, unseen.

  28. Keiko
    GOOD job on hallway guard duty!
    You kept all the introoders away!




  29. Looks like you had a great catoga time there. I just loved the pictures and captions.. Brilliant. HUgs GJ x

  30. So sorry that I missed your Gotcha Day party. I hope you had a fun time.
    I saw that you were wondering about last week's auction items that you bid and won on. KC should be contacting you about that, if you don't hear from her soon please get back to me. Thanks for your generous support of the auction and helping us to raise $$$ for those in need.

  31. Glad you had such a great celebration. Love your hallway, looks like it is a lot of fun to run down. Love all your photos.

  32. What a great stretch Keiko! The hall floor looks so cool and smooth. I hopes the other kitties not ruin your good-times.

  33. Happy belated Gotcha Birthday to Kenji! We like your blog. Nice stretches too.


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