Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday shenanigans

keiko-blog Well, I haven't been showered yet.  I think Mummy's only procrastinating though…? hmmm

This morning, Mummy left an empty box of cereal on the counter. So I got the bag out from the inside…


P1170838n P1170863n P1170873n


P1170949n P1170978n

Then I pushed it off the counter…


I can never resist plastic bags. They are so much fun!


I sense trouble… is somebody behind me?


I knew it!


Hope you're having a great Wednesday!


Purrs, Keiko


  1. Love the last two photos - The Synchronic Kitties.

  2. Who can possibly resist a crinkly plastic bag. I think you were also trying to get at the last crumbleft in the bag. You are so cute.

  3. I love plastic bags too. I drive my mom crazy by licking them all the time.

  4. What a good story! I don't like bags, plastic or paper--they're scary! They might swallow me up, you know!

  5. You are very talented to get the bag out of the cereal box! That looks like a primo bag to chew.

    Better keep a lookout...we see a little watcher on the foor...

  6. This story reminds me of our tabby cat, Henry, who is obsessed with licking and chewing on plastic bags and I cannot understand why a bag would be so irresistable to him. I asked the vet about this obsession and he said the bag may have food scents on it making Henry enjoy tasting the bags which makes little sense to me because some of our plastic bags come from clothing stores! Hmmmm...

  7. Haha! We think you were trying to get more of the cereal crumbs out of there!!

  8. Hi Keiko! The bag looks awfully fun--we want one too!

    MOL at the last two photos!

  9. Those bags can be fun! Those last two pics are priceless!

  10. We should call you the "Bag Lady", Keiko! You know they sell cat toys that make crinkle noises. Who needs 'em when you have empty cereal box bags!

    Kenji looks like he's plotting a takeover.

  11. You are sooooooooo adorable, Keiko!!!!! xxxxxxx

  12. Mmmmmm, Cereal! It's even better with milk!

  13. We never have cereal here - our mom doesn't like it and dad hides it on the fridge. It was smart of you to get the bag out of the box - plastic bags really are so great!


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