Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A few days break for a new project!

keiko-blog pri-blog Happy Wednesday! We're back! We took a break for a couple of days because Mummy was just so busy. She has a new ambition and it has been taking up all her time!

Mummy decided that she wanted to make cat beds, because buying them can be so pricey and they can also sometimes be not very pretty.

So from Monday evening, Mummy started working on the project like a crazy human. In the very first attempt, she had to unravel and start again because it turned out too small for any of us. Daddy was wearing it like a hat! mawhawhaw! In the second attempt, she had to expand the size of the entire thing. Mummy also learned how to bind.

Mummy is a complete beginner knitter and sewer. But she has an ambition to become very good at both! She wants to buy a proper sewing machine when we move to Malaysia, but for now, she just bought a ultra-cheapo one for $25 (that's AU$!). She said the warranty lasts 3 months, and that is longer than we'll be here. So she said it's okay if it breaks many times. mawhawhaw! So far, it hasn't broken.

Mummy spent a long time doing the binding bit, because she's never done it before. She just looked up the internet to learn all that stuff.

Anymeow, she finished her first cat bed last night!!! It is SO comfy!

P1210563n P1210567n 

And furrry pretty!!


Mummy says she is going to make improvements to this pattern and also test another pattern. There are four of us, so we need AT LEAST four! Test away, Mummy! purrr

Mummy also made little mats with the same fabric!


Here is Miss Pricilla. She still loves Mummy's special blankie! Pricilla has a scratch on her nose now (we suspect Yuji) so she's in a bad mood. We hope it heals very soon, but she keeps licking the scab off!


In other news, Cat Daddy was given a digital camera as a going away present from one of his violin students. Mummy and Daddy were completely amazed! They didn't expect such a thing! That is very generous of his student. Wow! We are grateful.

Mummy has been trying to learn the new camera. She currently uses a Panasonic and the new one is a Sony. Mummy basically has no idea how photography works, so the more intuitive the camera, the better! mawahawhaw! These were the best pictures she took with the new camera, but they are not very good.

DSC00105n DSC00147n DSC00151n

Cameras are confusing. We hope it still brings out our beauty! purrrr


Hope you're having a great week!

Many purrrs,

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  1. Those cat beds look amazing!! So snuggly!

    And of course you all look beautiful (and handsome)!

  2. Wow, kudos to your mom for making that pawsome cat bed! We're really impressed. Our human can barely sew on a button--truly.

    We hope she has fun with the new camera too. (Of course, this means the flashy box will be in your face even more. Ha.)

  3. Looks like a very comfy, cozy bed! Enjoy!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. What a great project for your mom! That is a pretty fabric, too.

    Cameras are hard! My Mommeh has a fancy DSLR camera, but she did not want to read the huge manual. She just presses buttons and hopes it works!

  5. Bonjour sweet friends!
    wow your mommy is really talented!The idea about cat beds is awesome, I think it is a great project!I loved the cat beds, it's beautiful!ConcATulations mommy!
    You there are sooo busy!Take now a time for a good nap okay!
    purrs and love
    Luna - We love Luna

  6. Your mum is so very clever with the sewing! Mine is useless at things like that. I hope Pricilla's nose heals quickly.

  7. They are pawsome looking cat beds - I am very impressed that your mum made them!!!
    I have to say I love Vicki's special blankies too....

  8. We luff the little beds. And your pictures turned out fine, too. BTW, our Mom said to tell you she luffs the drapes.

  9. You mom's cat beds look so snuggly - fancy your mum making them - our mum is useless (so she says) at things like that.

  10. MEOWZA!!!!!!!!!! Love the cat bed....your mama is very talented!!!!

    Our mama has a Sony digital also.

    Purrs and love to all of you. xxxxxxxxx

  11. That's a nice kitty bed that your mom made. She is very talented.

    Hope you have fun with the new camera.

  12. Those beds are just terrific. Good job Mom. The pictures with the new camera are great especially the one in the middle. That is great.
    Have a great day.

  13. Looks like a very comfy bed indeed! Wow, a new camera, Cat Daddy will have some fun too!

  14. Your Mummy is doing a great job on the cat beds; they look very comfy and pretty too!...We can't wait to see all of them when she is finished...Hope Pricilla's nose heals quickly...Don't worry girls, your gorgeousness shines through in every shot!...We've missed visiting with you guys while our Mommy was out of town...kisses and hugs sweet friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  15. Wow that is a great cat bed - your mom did a wonderful job! It looks super comfy!

    It is too bad Pricilla keeps licking her scab - hopefully she will stop soon - we bet that it is itchy, because it is healing, and that is why she licks it.

    And wow, how cool that your CatDaddy got a camera! And we think your mom's pictures are good considering it is new and all - you all are still as adorable as always!!

  16. You did a wonderful job on the cat bed - I'm impressed! If that and the blanket were your first sewing and knitting projects, I think you are doing wonderfully (and that you are probably naturally talented at both!)

    P.S. I also think your photos with the new camera are great!

  17. Wow! That bed's really fancy. You sures your Mom hasn't done this befores? Our Mom made LuLu a blankie.. it's OK, but nothing likes that!

    Great piccies!

  18. Welcome back!! We think your mom did real good with the cat bed! What a comfy place to sleep!!

  19. What soft and snuggly beds. They are very pretty. We think you need at least 8 or 12 though, and mats to match!

  20. They're cute! Hey, you're moving to Malaysia??? When? I live in KL.

  21. Wow, your mummy is really good at sewing, if this is her first attempt. My SS can't sew at all - she was advised to do Latin instead of needlework at school because she couldn't put anything together. So this is ultra impressive.

  22. WOW!! We can't believe your mummy made that!! Rumblemum would have ended up sewing herself to the bed if she tried!!

    We LOVE the last two photos so much. The one of you at the laptop is too precious!

  23. That looks like a fantastic cat bed, your mummy is so clever!

  24. The beds look so comfy and warm. Your mommy is very skilled.

  25. I had no idea you could get sewing machines so cheap. I think your mum did an awesome job!

  26. Great job on the cat beds! They look both comfy and cozy.



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