Friday, July 9, 2010

Fun Friday: Cool! Another MAIL!

keiko-blog Kenji-blog Happy Friday! It's the 'originals,' Keiko and Kenji! Daddy has been calling us that recently, because we are the first two – 'planned' - kitties. Mawhawhaw!

We feel so bad because we haven't been able to visit anykitty this week… Mummy is in big trouble! She said there is no internet left so it is very slow, slower than dial-up speed. Daddy has been trying to organise extra internet with a prepaid card, because in Australia, we run out of internet, and if you live in a black spot like us, it is very expensive to have wireless internet. So we only have 6GB per month. We are not in the middle of nowhere, we live only 15-20 mins drive from the CBD! Mummy says that our country has very bad internet. Bad!

We are happy to be leaving for KL, Malaysia in - - - - - - just over FIVE WEEKS! (*shhh* Don't tell them but … *whisper* we think Mummy and Daddy are totally disorganised!) Things still to be done: Build fence (it's half done, but this is not Mummy and Daddy's fault, because it has been booked since 4 wks ago and it has rained a lot), garage sale, sell the house, sell the car, book flights, book OUR flights, immunisation for everybody, etc etc etc …

Anymeow, we are so happy today because we received another MAIL!!!

P1210652n P1210655n

LOOK! We also won this on the CB Auction for Sweet Praline! It is the book Housecat Confidential by Fin and Meg! Fin is a superstar and we love her very much! Thank you so much, we have been wanting to read this book ever since it came out! We cannot wait to read it!!! YAYYY!


It is pawtographed so beautifully to all of us! It is wonderful! Thank you so much, Fin and Meg!


Hope you have a great weekend! We will visit you all very soon and you can pawslap our Mummy for being very slack!!


Many purrrs!

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  1. You are going to love the book. We enjoy it tremendously.

    Are you excited to be moving? We have never been to Malaysia before. You will have to tell us what it's like when you are settled.

  2. You have a lot of excitement in the air! What a big adventure you have ahead.

  3. Lucky friends!
    It's so nice to get a surprise, this book looks very interesting indeed!
    Enjoy your gift dear friends!
    Luna - We love Luna

  4. Are you all moving here (to KL) permanently? That's going to be a change! We're in KL too. See you when you get here...

  5. wow, you are coming over to my country :) but I live far from KL. Mommie Finn say 6GB is way too fast, ours is only 1GB and already cost a fortune!
    That book sure is fun to read, make me want to have one too!!


  6. Concatulshions on winning that pawsome book. Have a great weekend.

  7. Au and Target, we're moving indefinitely to KL because Daddy will be working with the Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra for a while!

    Jimbo, 1gb is really great!! By 6gb we actually meant... 6gb total download/upload amount. The speed is like, 28kbps!!!! sighs...

  8. Moving is a very big and hard project! We moved from another state, and it was hard, so I cannot even imagine all the planning involved in moving to another country!

  9. I would not like to move because that surely means going in the car at some point.

    You are going to like that book very much, I loved it.

  10. Oh my gosh - I so sorry bout your internet problems. I guess we are spoiled cuz it's rare dat we has a problem getting the wireless or reg connection. We won't complain anymore when ours goes down cuz it hardly ever does. I is going to miss your posts. Will things be better in Maylasiz?

  11. Oh boy I'm international! We hope you love it! I would be scared to move in the cul-de -sac let alone another country. You're brave!!

  12. Congrats on getting the book--we have it and it's terrific!

    Good luck to your mum and dad with their "to do" list. Our human thinks it's a really scary list. LOL.

  13. U have heard that is a good book, congrats on winning it. that is a lot of work. Keep us posted on it. Have a great weekend.

  14. We are hoping to get a copy of Fin's book soon! :)
    It must be very busy in your house with all the plans. We are moving interstate again soon, and that is enough work! Our mum spent time in Malaysia when she lived in Singapore, and she thinks you will like it a lot :)

  15. You will really enjoy the book - we have had mum read it to us and we loved it. Have you sorted your toys out so the mum can pack them up for you.

  16. We have the book and it is just adorable, like Finny!...Good to you Keiko and Kenji, we have really missed you guys and Pricilla and Yuji too!...We love your new, pretty header...Happy weekend sweet friends...kisses and hugs x3 to everyone, including Mom and Dad!...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  17. We meant good to *see* you :)...CHS

  18. You will LOVE Fin's book! Mommy has read it to us--TWICE! We've been gone a couple of days...those cat beds and mats your Mom made you look ultra-cozy! MOL at you Dad wearing the prototype as a hat...

    Mommy says moving is awful, and the next time she moves it will be in a pine box! Good luck with all the packing.

  19. YAY for winning!!!!!!!!

    What an adventure you have facing you!!!!!! We are so thankful that you all four will be going with your mommy and daddy.

    Have a happy weekend. xxxxxxxxxx

  20. Congrats, you got a good book, we sure enjoyed ours!

  21. Oh we loved Fin's book! You are very lucky to has a speshul pawtografed copy.
    We thinks you should helps you mom and dad gets ready for the big trip by telling them to get moving! Is a kitties job to snoopervise.
    Has a great weekend.

  22. Congrats on winning the book - you are going to really love it!

    And we have to be honest with you - we think that all parents are that disorganized. Our mom and dad are the same way with everything - watiting til the last minute. Oh well.

    Anyway, we hope you have a great weekend!

  23. How exciting!! We're thinking it'll be a very neat adventure for you all!

  24. Hope your internet works out!!

    We just got Fin's book too! Have fun reading!

  25. Wow--I never knew the Internet could run out. That sounds kind of scary!

    Hope you enjoy your book!

  26. Concats on winning that great book! We hope you have a great weekend. :)

  27. What a cool parcel! Hope you enjoy the book. It looks great. Yes, we have those Internet probelms too....maybe connections are better in Malaysia?

  28. Congratulations on the mail - what a great book! But we are sorry to hear about your internet connection - slower than dial-up sounds just awful to us.

    We're sending your mom and dad many purrs to help them with all they need to do to get ready to move - it sounds overwhelming! We are sure they can do it, though.

  29. It's quite understandable that the closer you get to the move date, the busier things are going to get, so we can't expect to hear from you all the time.

    Rest assured we will be thinking about you, though, and look forward to the day when we can resume daily visits.


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