Sunday, July 18, 2010

Quadruple pawslap Mummy!

keiko-blog Kenji-blog pri-blog yuji-blog Happy Sunday! We are extremely unimpressed that Mummy did not help us blog ALL week. She has been busy, but then she got SICK! She was in bed for 2 entire days. Then yesterday, Mummy and Daddy had a garage sale! They made a great profit! They couldn't sell absolutely everything because they still need to use some of the household items. But some people left their details because they want the fridge and washing machine! We think that is really cool!

Anymeow, we have given Mummy the worst punishment known to the Kitty Quartet - the quadruple pawslap – for being so SLACK!

The only good thing is that Mummy did not sell any of our toys in the sale, and in fact, we have even more new toys to show you! Mummy shopped for these on eBay and we think they are good! (We just didn't have that many before… mawhawhaw!)

There's a crinkle sack, which we love surfing on. Mummy made the reddish pompom and Yuji loves carrying it around!


There's a tunnel, which Keiko and Yuji love to chase each other around in.


Kenji: This is so good, Mummy.


There's a large cat bed that Pricilla likes, and a trackball with a springy ball and scratch pad – Pricilla loves it!


And finally, a springy mouse – Yuji loves playing with it and tries to carry it around! He carries everything. mawhawhaw!


Here is the second cat bed Mummy made – she added some cushiony things in the base this time!

P1210835n P1210837n

And here is a quick whip-around of the quartet!

Kenji is on the guest bed relaxing with the doggie.


Pricilla and Yuji on the guest bed…


Pricilla with her signature pose


And Keiko… she's eating! mawhawhaw!


We hope you are having a great Sunday.

Mummy and Daddy are getting all their shots at the travel centre on Thursday. We are so lucky. It turns out we don't need ANY vaccinations (except Yuji, who has to get a booster because he used to be a stray) – AND there's no quarantine for us in Malaysia. Mummy says we will fly over in total comfort pretty much on the same day as Mummy and Daddy, then go to a luxurious pet hotel until they find a place to live! Daddy's work gave them up to a month in a hotel to find a place. We think that is good!


keiko-signature kenji-signature pricilla-signature yuji-signature


  1. Those are some cool toys!

    I didn't realize you were moving. I hope it goes well and that you settle in nicely.

  2. Wow! It's really getting close to moving time for you guys. Your poor Mommy, we think it was stress that made her sick. Our Mommy says moving is the pits.

    ConCats on the successful garage sale! It paid for all those neat toys...MOL!

    We hope your Mom & Dad find a place easily so you will not be apart too long.

  3. If you haven't got contacts for a pet hotel, please let me recommend my friend Alicia Horsley who runs Pet Epicure Sdn Bhd (196807V)
    16 Jalan Bandar 2
    Taman Melawati
    53100 KL

    +6012 3313318

    If you are in another part of KL, and you don't have contacts on the ground, tell me and I will ask around for recommendations.

  4. I didn't realize you had a big move coming up either. Good luck with it. I hope it all goes very smoothly.

    wags, Lola

  5. Good luck with the move and let us know how it goes!

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: That tunnel looks very fun! I think my feline sisters might like something like that!

  6. Congratulations on a successful garage sale!...You guys have so many cool toys=we have a red tunnel just like yours and we play in it everyday!...We hope your Mommy is feeling better...We hope everything goes smoothly with your move and look forward to seeing more of you guys once you are settled...Kitty kisses beautiful friends...We love you...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. You have great toys. We hope your travels are safe and free from stress.

  8. We're glad your mum is feeling better. Congrats on a great garage sale! As long as they keep all your toys, it's all good. :-)

    That's great news about no quarantine, we thought most places had quarantine for at least a few months, up to six months. Ugh. So we're glad you won't be away from your mom and dad! Best of luck to them on the move and on finding a new home!

  9. I hope you have a good time living in Malaysia! You'll still be blogging, won't you?

  10. We hope yoor mom is feeling better. Looks like it is all systems go for yoor BIG move.

  11. Look at all that good stuff you got! Don't forget to pack it all up safely when you move!!!

  12. Make sure that your Mum doesn't leave any of your toys behind when you move. It's good that you won't have to stay in quarantine when you get there so hope your mom and dad find you all somewhere to live quickly.

  13. It sounds like you all are making great progress for your move! And hooray for no quarantine!

  14. We missed y'all and were getting concerned.....we are sad to hear your mommy has been ill....we purr that she is A-ok again.

    What an exciting adventure you are going to have!!!!!!! We were very thankful to hear there wouldn't be any quarantine for you.


  15. Wow - those look like really cool toys. I esspecitally like that long tubby thiing you can sneak thru and hide in. I think I'd like one of those.

  16. Oh your poor mewms getting sick with so much to do before you move! Glad the garage sale was a success! You guys sound cool as cukes about the big move and all the changes ahead. We wish you a safe and uneventful journey!


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