Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday Lookalike

yuji-blog Happy Saturday! Mummy and Daddy are arriving back tonight! Yaaay!

All this week, we had another Mummy and Daddy staying with us. Erina and Yuhei, thank you for coming to stay with us! purrrrs

Mummy says that I look like 'Cat in the Hat' – especially Mike Myers in the movie version…


I kind of agree… I think it's the nose!

Mummy will have to get me a stripey white and red hat! mawhawhaw!

Hope you're having a great weekend, and Happy 4th of July to everybody in the USA!




  1. I don't know about the resemblance, Yuji - I think Mike Myers looks creepy in that get up, but you, on the other hand, are a very handsome kitty!

  2. I gotta agree with Sparkle, you're much better looking than the Cat in the Hat!

  3. We fink yoo look heaps more handsome than Mike Myers!

    have a great weekend!

  4. We agree that you are much more handsome but we still would like to see you in the hat!
    PS - tell Keiko we will be voting for her all weekend x

  5. Yuji, you look much more handsomer than the Cat in the Hat!

  6. I'm glad to hear that your Mommy & Daddy are coming back! Your picture is much prettier but y'all do kind of look alike!

  7. Yes, I agree with the kitties, you are much more charming and handsome than Mike Myers! Maybe they should have used a REAL cat in the movie - now that would have been fun!

  8. We see the similarity! Have a wonderful weekend!


  9. We find you much cuter...but who's there's a question!

  10. I don't think so either, he does look kind of creepy. Besides, no one is as special and unique as you are.

  11. On the one paw, I think you're much better looking. On the other paw, I'd love to see you in one of those hats.

    wags, Lola

  12. That other kitteh is....too scary! You are super-cute though :-)

    I'm glad your Humans are coming back!

  13. You made our Mom laugh - Yuji, you are much cuter than the cat-in-the-hat!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)


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