Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday: Too excitement! We got MAIL!

Happy Sunday! We are so happy because Mummy and Daddy are home!

When they arrived, they saw that we had received MAIL! How exciting!

It had arrived from AMERICA. Wow. We'd never heard of America, until Mummy explained that they are over the other side of the ocean!


We took it in turns to check out the envelope… smells like kitties!

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Then we helped Mummy open it!

Inside were beautiful cards from The Creek Cats! We won these cards at the CB Auction for Sweet Praline! We are so ecstatic!


Kenji: Mummy, this one looks like Keiko

Mummy: No, Kenji, that is Maggie May!


Yuji: They are so colourful and beautiful, Mummy!

Mummy: Yes, they are, Yuji - they are modeled on the kitties who live there! The Creek Cats' Mummy is very talented!


Keiko: I do look like Maggie May, don't I, Mummy?

Mummy: Yes, but DON'T STEP ON THE CARDS! Silly girl!


Keiko: Can I have my treat now?

Mummy: Sigh…………hopeless girl…………


We would like to thank the Creek Cats and their Mummy very much for these gorgeous cards!

We'd also like to send our love to Sweet Praline and her mum Paula who is currently recovering from shoulder surgery. We are continuing to purr for your speedy recovery!

The CB is such a wonderful community, and we are so proud to be a part of it!


Hope you have a great Sunday!!

Many purrs,

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  1. wow how exciting, these cards are wonderful!
    Love these pictures, I was curious here as well!Congratulations for the CB Auction for S. Praline!
    purrs and love
    Luna - We love Luna

  2. Lovely Kitty Kards!

  3. Kool Kitty Kards... and Maggie May is one "kool kitty" herself!

    PS we're happy to mneet all of you, this is our first visit over here and you're quite a gorgeous bunch of furs...

  4. Those cards are pawesome.....don't you love getting parcels???

  5. Those cards are awesome, and you did a good job showing them to us all!

  6. Those really are very pretty cards!!!

  7. We love the cards you got at the auction for Sweet Praline - they are very pretty. Keiko does look like Maggie May we hadn't noticed that before.

  8. Those cards are so pretty! Lucky you for winning them!

  9. Concatulations! Those are pawsome cards. Always fun to get good stuff in the mail.

  10. What pretty cards. The Creek Cats have some talented beans! We think you should frame them in a group.

  11. Dana's artwork is the best! We are lucky enough to own some and feel privileged. And Keiko does look like Maggie May!

  12. Isn't it just great to get mail? Our postman always get a kick from delivering mail marked 'Momo'. He is a cat lover and always talks to me if I happen to be in the garden with SS when he comes.

  13. We love the cards ~ they are so pretty. And yes ~ there is a lookey-likey thing going on there!

  14. Those are beautiful cards. You are right the Creek Cats are very talented! Has fun with your cards.

  15. What a wonderful gift from the Creek Cats, yay!!

    Keiko, we hope you gots your treats!!

    Have a happy day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

  16. Oh wow, those are some very excellent cards my friends!! How exciting!

  17. What pretty cards! You did a great job examining them fully!



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