Friday, August 13, 2010

Caught red-handed!

Kenji-blog Hellooo it's me, Kenji! Today, I must tell you about my new brother Yuji. Everybody who meets him says he's so SWEET and ADORABLE. He can really play innocent and look cute with his baby face.

But I beg to differ! Just look at these pictures!

Yuji was 'paddling' away again in front of me…

P1220600n P1220601n P1220602n P1220615n

So I decided to say hello.


I'm just sniffing him.


But then Yuji wrapped around my neck…


Bunny kicked me…


And paw slapped me!


I'm getting out of here!


What a cheeky little thing! Having a brother is lots of fun, but Yuji doesn't know when to STOP! He is getting really big. Will he take over as the alpha mancat? Help!

Hope you have a great weekend! We are leaving for our cool plane trip on Monday!!!




  1. ohmigod, boy's moment again? LOL
    Adorable set of pictures, I think Yuji only wants to play with you dear Kenji, don't be worried about!
    Enjoy your weekend dear friends,
    We love Luna

  2. You two and Harley ought to be brothers, you are so much alike!

  3. We think Yuji just wanted to play and have some fun!!

  4. He he - you are both so cute. You are also right - your brother is getting really big. You may have to show him who is boss pretty soon.

  5. Yuji is growing fast you'll need to have a stern word with him and put him in his place.

  6. Actually you two are doing fine, just remind him who is boss!

  7. You are a couple of gorgeous cow kitties. What an adventure you are going to have on Monday.....we are purring that it all goes smoothly for you.

    Thanks for helping us celebrate Andy's birthday.........xxxxxxxxxx

  8. Kenji, I understand completely! Lishy is just about as big as me now, and is getting harder to wrassle. When are these young whippersnappers going to learn to respect their elders?

  9. Kenji -- don't be such a wuss! If you want to be the alpha-mancat you've got to have more determination. Yuji just wanted to play wrestle a little. Next time, just go with it -- and you might actually have fun!

    We think you two make a great team!

  10. I not thinks you has to has a worry-worry Kenji. Him just learning hows to play. I'm sure you will maintain your alfa-mancat status. But sometimes a mancat has to know whens to walk away right?
    Has a great weekend boys

  11. Kenji, we say next time don't start with a sniff...POUNCE on Yuji all unawares! That'll show him!

    Good Luck on your plane trip. XX

  12. Kenji, you've got to let him know who is the boss! And that's you.

    Enjoy your plane trip!

  13. Kenji don't worry he was just trying to play with you. We have that at our house too - Barney is like that with Kirzon, but he knows that Kirzon is still the alpha cat - even though Barney got bigger than Kirzon. So we think it will be the same way at your house!

  14. You gotta keep your bother in line! Hae a very safe trip and hope you like your new home.

  15. We brothers here do that to each other too. We think it's fun (most of the time, that is!)

    We hope all of you have a very safe trip to your new home - sending you lots of purrs.

  16. We think Yuji was just playing with you, Kenji...Wishing you all a safe, fun journey to your new home...Happy weekend sweet friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  17. I unnerstand. Milo does this to me ALL da time!

    Alfie Marshall xx

  18. I think he was just trying to play! But he will never be alpha cat, not while you have anything to say about it!

    Sending purrs that your trip is safe and easy!

  19. Have a safe trip...

    * you both look alike *

  20. kenji and yuji look like twins!! maybe they are competing for the position of male cat model of the year :)
    btw, welcome to malaysia!!

  21. I'm back and still following you. As per my latest blog post, I'm letting everyone that's in my following list know I still have them.
    We call that swimming here MOL. And if you don't want the runt taking over the top cat spot, you got to put him in his place, just take it from me!

    Curzon (and TSB)


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