Monday, August 2, 2010

Mancat Monday: Mummy is still distracted

Kenji-blog yuji-blog Happy Monday and long time no see! It's Kenji and Yuji! We have missed everykitty so much recently because our Mummy has been extremely distracted. Our parents had to prepare for our first 'open house' last Saturday, so they had to clean the house like mad humans! So far, they haven't sold their house yet.

It is very nice to relax while Mummy and Daddy go around the house vacuuming, mopping, dusting, spraying, wiping, polishing, etc. etc. etc. AND the agent man told them they have to pretend that cats don't live here so they had to hide all our beds and toys and blankies and litter trays! That was a tough day.

Can you see that we are like TRUE brothers now? We like to wrestle a lot together. Mummy always supervises us when we do that, because she is worried that it could turn un-furriendly! We are just playing though! purrr

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Today, Mummy took us both to the v-e-t! Kenji for his annual vaccination and check-up, and Yuji for a booster from his previous shot from the shelter! We were so happy to see Dr Erina again, who looked after us last time Mummy and Daddy went away! purrr

There were lots of things to discuss with Dr Erina, because Mummy was worried about Yuji's teeth. He's only three but he has yucky teeth because he was a stray! So Dr Erina gave him some antibiotics and he will get different foods as well.

We also had bloodtests today to test for heartworm and FIV, so that we could start our heartworm medication for our impending move! We were both NEGATIVE for those! yay!!!

Mummy says she will have to take the girls to see Dr Erina soon to get their blood tests done. We don't have to get rabies vaccinations before we move, after all. So we are happy!!!

Hope our kitty furriends are happy and well!! Mummy says we are moving on August 17 so we think she will be very distracted until then… but we will be thinking of you all the time! Have a great Monday everycat!


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  1. You both look so handsome in your matching colored fur! Hope moving day goes smoothly! Happy Monday! meow

  2. We loved the pics of you boys.....we're so happy to see that you have become good buds.

    We have missed you, but know there is a lot going on at your house right now........we'll be here when you can post.

    We love y'all.

  3. Concatulations on your good test results! Kenji, we are very proud of you being such a lovely welcoming boy to Yuji. We bet he can't believe his luck to have a brother like you :)

  4. Hi... we also just got our check-up, annual vaccine and deworm last saturday ;)

    * We are glad to hear that you both are negative from the virus :)


  5. Those are great pictures...but your test results are even better!!!

  6. Wavies, guys! We're glad everykitteh is getting along better. Good luck with your move.

  7. That's great news re. the vet check up and tests. Yay!

    Good luck to your mom and dad with selling the house and moving. Paws crossed it all goes smoothly.

    BTW, we two boys (Nicki and Derry) have had real problems with our gums and teeth, even though we're young (3-ish) and both of us have had multiple extractions already: Nicki 8 teeth and Derry 9. Scary!

  8. We love the photos of both of you - you look so comfortable! And we're glad the vet visit went well.

    Please tell your mom that we're sending her lots of purrs and good thoughts for a smooth move. Our mom says it's a LOT of work to do everything your mom and dad are doing - we hope it all goes very well.

  9. Wow it sounds like so much is going on there - there is a lot of prep to move! And boy, August 17 is so soon - it is going to be so exciting for you though!! We hope that everything goes smoothly and that the house sells quickly (and for lots) so that your mom and dad don't have to worry about it!

  10. Love the photos of you guys hanging out together=we're so glad you are getting along so well...Sounds like there's a lot going on and we wish you guys and your parents the very best=we know it will be a big relief when the move is over and you all are settled in your new country/home....We miss you and love you guys...kitty kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  11. You guys look very happy to be together. We perpetually have little scratches and toothmarks from our rasslin' sessions. It's just what we Cats do!

    We can't BELIEVE that your beans had to pretend that you guys were NOT THERE! That's just so wrong!

    Mommy will keep you in her thoughts as you get ready to move.

  12. We have missed you so much, so nice to hear from you and see pictures again. I had forgotten dat you will be moving. So, we won't worry if we not see much of you until after the 17th of August. M says good luck with the move - it's not a fun thing to go thru. We loved your pictures.

  13. You two are such good brudders! Harley is only two, and he his teeth are not so good, either. We use PetzLife oral gel on them and it keeps the gumline from being all red.

  14. Good luck to your mom in such a difficult undertaking! And good luck in the campaign to the vet!

  15. Looking good boys, but it is just not right to have to have your food and toys and litter hidden!!! I am sorry your mom is so distracted because there is loads going on. But still, you need your stuff!

  16. You guys are such good kitty brothers, Rumblemum says you sleep the same way we do!

  17. Oh no. I have heard that moving is No Fun. But I hope you will like your new home!


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