Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Thanks Harry and LuLu!

Happy Thursday! We would like to show off today our cool Christmas in July pressies we received from Harry and LuLu!

Kenji: Mummy! Help me open this parcel please!


Kenji & Yuji: Ooo lots of packages inside!!


Kenji: It really smells good in here!!!!


Keiko, Kenji & Pricilla: Wow! Look! So many wonderful pressies!!!! There is a Kong Kickaroo, a Laser pen with American design, Nip pouches, Greenie treats and Memo pad, Magnets and Can holders for Mummy and Daddy!


Kenji: I want to open this now…


Keiko, Kenji & Pricilla: Yuji! Don't step on our pressies!


Keiko: Oooo well hello Harry!!! purrrrr You are so flat! purrrrr


We love all the pressies, especially the laser pen!

P1220019n P1220023n P1220027n  P1220047n P1220054n P1220303n P1220380n

We would like to thank Harry, LuLu and their Mummy Heather very much for these wonderful pressies! We have packed them up carefully to take with us to Malaysia!

Mummy says that they are going to bring a whole box of our beds and toys on the plane with them, so that we don't have to wait for weeks to get them when we move into our new house!!!

We are relieved!


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  1. Wow - you got some really great present to celebrate Christmas is July.

  2. Those are awesome pressies! The treats look so tasty, and the toys look so fun!

    And that is great that your mom and dad are packing some of your stuff so you have it right away - that will help you get used to your new home much faster!!

    We hope the moving prep is going well!

  3. You guys are super lucky to get a haul like that! Wasn't Christmouse in July PAWesome??? That laser pointer would get a B~~I~~G workout in our house!

  4. Ah... I used to have a pug! just looks like Harry!!
    You lucky cats have cool presents! Have fun!

  5. Those are great presents. I don't know which is better, the catnip or the laser pointer. Those laser pointers are lots of fun.

  6. Wow, those are some PAWSOME presents you got! :)

    The laser toy is one of our favorite toys, too. Hope all is going well for your impending move to Malaysia!

  7. You really got some great prezzies pals. Lots of new fun toys to play with.

  8. WoW! That is some fantastic loot! We love our laser dot...Maui especially goes GONZO chasing it.

    pee ess: We hafta tell you, "sooky la la" gets used all the time at our a nice way, of course! Daddy loves to call us that when he loves on us and eats our tummies.

  9. Wow these some nice pressies! We loves are red-dot! Has fun kitties

  10. Thats a great package you got there and I am glad your mum is packing to take with you.. Enjoy.. GJ xx

  11. That was sure a great bunch of presents, y'all hit the jackpot!!!

  12. Those are some great, fun presents!...We love our kong toy and the laser light too!...Wishing you guys a safe journey as you travel to your new home/country...We love you, beautiful friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. Wow, what a wonderful package for you kitties! There's certainly enough to share -- and that Flat Harry is a riot! We made a Flat Domino and she visits with Flat Milo -- so it comes in very handy.

    I know you guys are moving soon, and I hope you have a safe and not-too-stressful trip -- especially for the kitties.

    Yuji seems like he's always been with you now, even though it's only been a short time. He just fits right in, doesn't he?

    I don't know if you saw Keiko on the LOLSpot on World Cat Day 'cause you're so busy, but she's there.

  14. Hooray! You all hit the jackpot! It's great to see you having so much fun with your presents. They picked good stuff for you!

  15. Wow, you all are gonna have so much fun with all those presents you got from Harry and Lulu!! That laser light is "da bomb!!"

  16. Wot wonderful pressies! Happy Christmas!

  17. You are lucky kitties - what a great collection of presents!

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