Monday, September 20, 2010

Getting ready to go home!

keiko-blog Kenji-blog pri-blog yuji-blog Hi! Remember us? We are reporting for the first time from KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA! We have missed our kitty furriends sooo much, and almost forgotten how to blog! Oh no!

We have been living in the kampung house for a month now. We had no quarantine here so we went straight to our cool house with a nice lady called Liz, while Mummy and Daddy looked for a house fit for us to live in!

It's private quarters for us, and there is other accomodation in a different part of the house but this is the luxury 4-cat room!

P1230448n P1230451n P1230454n

Mummy and Daddy met us there the day we arrived in KL. We were a little bit confused what was happening, but we were completely relaxed after we saw them! Mummy seemed emotional, but she is a drama-queen so we were not worried.

Keiko: Oh, hi Mummy!


It's so warm here…

 P1230407n  P1230425n

Pricilla: It is really very warm, but very comfortable!!! purrr

P1230326n P1230360n

This is Yuji, and he's ballooned to almost as big as Pricilla! He is big fat boy now…


Kenji: Mummy, when can we go home with you?


Kenji & Yuji: It's a nice view from here!


Yuji: It's hot, I'm panting!




Liz is the owner of this wonderful place and she is British. She has many cats and dogs! She brushes us lots. We have been shedding so much, because we have just come straight from winter! Mummy and Daddy got very hairy every time they cuddled us. Mawhawhaw!

Tomorrow, we are finally going home to our Mummy and Daddy. We can't wait! purrrr

While we were gone, we received our badges for the Naughty Kitty Club! Thank you so much Judi for sending them to us!!! We love these badges because it features our cheeky expressions! purrrr

 NKC keiko_member NKC kenjii_badge

NKC pricilla_member NKC  yuji_member

We cannot wait to hear everykitty's news!

Lots of purrs,

keiko-signature kenji-signature pricilla-signature yuji-signature


  1. It is so wonderful to hear from you......we have missed y'all a lot!!!!!!!

    Loved the pictures, and YAY that you will soon be in your new home.....and hopefully it will be air conditioned???????

    Love to all of you from all of us.

  2. We're so glad to hear from you! We're happy to know that you made it to KL, and your accommodations look purrfect (we are a bit envious!) Hope your mom and dad are doing well too - moving is hard work!

    Many purrs from Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha (and mom Katie)

  3. It's terrific to "hear" from you all again! That's quite the "cat house" you have been staying in! We're happy you'll be going home tomorrow, though, reunited with your humans. We look forward to having you all posting again!

    Kitty kisses from Annie, Nicki and Derry and big smooches from the human!

  4. We have missed you so much! I'm glad you are finally going to be settling into your new home. I can't wait to hear all about it!

  5. It's so nice to see all of you! I'll be you really will be glad to get home to your Mommy and Daddy but it looks like you are doing great!

  6. Welcome back, guys! That looks like amazing digs, despite the heat!

  7. We missed you - it is great to see you again and to hear your news. We are pleased you have been well looked after but even better that you are going to be with your mom and dad soon.

  8. It looks like a lovely place to lounge.

  9. Nice to hear from you.. That does look like first class living hotel though.. Glad you are ok.. Hugs GJ x

  10. Welcome back, we miss you so much!Adorable pictures!How fun and a great trip!
    purrs and love

  11. Glad you all made it to your new home safely! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  12. Hi guys!! So glad to see all of you and we're glad you are doing well! We can't wait to see your new house!! What fun you all will have exploring it!

  13. Kitties!!! I'm so excited to see you again. I was afraid that maybe you wouldn't be able to blog from where you are....but Hurray! You can!

    Oooh, it looks really pretty there, but I don't like the hots very much. I hope your new home has a cold blowy-box!

    Hope you get home real soon with your mom & dad!

  14. It's just so nice to hear from you again. We missed you while you were not blogging. It's nice you'll be back with your Mom & dad in your new home. Can't wait to hear about new adventures.

  15. Wow thar be a pawsome vacation you be havin' wif all dem trees! a Ye can come by and set sail wif us before yet go home if ye be wantin' adventur yarrrr

  16. WOW! It's great to hear from yoo. It looks like all went well wiv yoor move. We hope yoo can go home wiv yoor mommy soon.

  17. aww... great boarding place! are they at scallywags? i hear that's the best place to board your kitty in kl. when can the quartet go home with mummy and daddy? if you need help with anything malaysian feel free to email me at! i have lived in kl for almost 9 years now!!!! good luck with everything!!

  18. Oh hooray you survived! I can't wait to hear your new adventures.

  19. Hello! We have missed you! It is wonderful that you will soon be back with your mum and dad. We bet they have missed you lots!

  20. your new home looks very beautiful and comfortable.

  21. Wow, you guys live in a really cool place! We wanted to say thank you for stopping by our new blog and leaving us a comment! You all look like very cool cats, so we'll be sure to stop by again!!!

    Fuzzy and Zoe

  22. What a beautiful part of the world you are now living in! Don't shed too much of your furs! MOL!

  23. Hurrah! You are back! We were wondering how you all and your People were doing in your new land. So tomorrow you see your new exciting. We're standing by for a full report...

  24. How exciting for you! We figured you were in transit but we're glad you're back!

  25. As kitty hotels go, this is certainly a nice one -- and at least you are all together. It must be very confusing for you, though.

    I'm writing this after you're back with your Mom and Dad, so everything is fine now.

  26. Is that the kitty hotel? It looks very tropical and like a vacation paradise! We are so glad you will soon be able to get into your new home and make it your own!


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