Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Life in a Malaysian village

keiko-blogHii! It's Keiko! We're hooome! The man from Scallywags (that's the name of our hotel), Kenny, dropped us off at our new home yesterday morning! We are in a low-rise apartment complex with lots of leafy paths, swimming pool and koi pond, located close to the city!

Initially, Mummy was a bit concerned about Pricilla because she got very stressed the night before and started to overlick her bottom again. During the car-ride here, she became sick and made a #2 mess (shhh I'm sure she won't want you to know that…). She was grumpy and miserable on arrival, and drooling everywhere! Oh no!

So Mummy quickly washed her bottom, wiped up her face clean and applied saline solution to her raw skin. Now she is calm and relaxed again! Mummy was so relieved to hear her special happy meows in the evening last night. Yay!


The rest of us, well, Yuji and I wasted no time in exploring every single corner of the house, measuring distances and finding our new favourite cupboards and corners.


Kenji is a scardy-cat so he hid under the sofa for at least 2 hours! He was actually the last one to explore the house and go upstairs! Since he came out of his hidey-hole, he's been following Mummy around absolutely EVERYWHERE! What a sooky la-la!


The highlights of the new house:

1. It has STAIRS! We've never stayed in a place with stairs before. Kenji is a natural! He trots up and down. The rest of us, we take it one step at a time.

(Look how Yuji has grown!)


2. It has lots of new hidey holes! The aparment is a higgledy-piggledy design so it has rooms in unexpected places and lots of hidden corners… this is going to be fun!


3. There are rails on the stairs and the upstairs that we can peek through! One day, I'm going to fly across the room!


4. Mummy and Daddy chose a new cool scratching post. It's an Ostrich! Daddy thinks it's an Emu, but it's not (and he's an Aussie!)…


5. We have air-con! You know what our Mummy and Daddy are like, they will leave that on for us if they think it'll be too hot for us when they go out! Purrrr


All we have to do now is to tell our Mummy and Daddy that we don't like Tuna flavour (what were they thinking getting a big bag of that stuff?) and wait for all our beds and toys to arrive from Australia! Thankfully, we also got some samplers of other food which we like better, which we're eating now. Mawhawhaw!


Have a great Tuesday everykitty!

Lots of purrrs,



  1. My goodness look at all those places to explore!

  2. So happy you are finally in your new home! Enjoy!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Your new digs look fab! We can't wait to see your adventures in the new apartment.
    Your Ostrich is fun, we would enjoy scratching on him.
    And PURRS to Pricilla and her sore bottom. Poor sweet baby.

  4. That new place looks like a lot of fun. The koi pond alone would be worth the move.

  5. Glad that you are safe at home!I also traveled from Brazil to Europe with my beans, I know it's stressing but now I'm so happy at home and I like my new place a lot!
    Now have fun exploring your new place okay!
    Good luck to all
    purrs and love
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  6. You guys look like you're having a great time, and STAIRS!! We very envious!!

  7. It looks like a great pad, guys!

    #1 remembers from her visit to KL that there are some great pet shops there, so you can get your mummy and daddy to spoil you even more!

  8. We think yoor noo home is AWESOME! Yoo're gonna love the stairs, 'cos we have stairs and we love playing on them and walking on the banisters (which makes mom panic in case we fall).

  9. Hooray for being home! We are so happy that you are back with your parents now :)

  10. We're so glad you're in your new home! Your mom and dad picked out a very nice place for you - it looks wonderful!

    Sending you many purrs!
    Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha

  11. Your new home looks so cool with the pretty wood floors and the fancy wooden banister. We love running up and down stairs, too! I am glad that Pricilla is feeling better now.

  12. We're glad you're home and settling in! Hurrah!

    And look at all the new places you have to explore and play in -- wonderful!

  13. Just wait until you are good at playing Thundering Herd of Elephants up and down those stairs! I love it! It's especially fun at 3am.

  14. That looks like a pretty nice house. It's a lot of work moving into a new place, though, isn't it? Especially for kitties, because they must investigate everything. Just make sure you don't overdo while you're getting settled in.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  15. Wow - you have stairs - we want some stairs but mum says there's no where to put them!! We are so happy that you are settling in well.

  16. I am very happy to hear that you are home and that you are getting used to the place, it looks pretty cool!

  17. We are glad to see that you're all getting settled in your new awesome home! Good to see you!

  18. Yay we are so glad you are back and in your new home! And it looks like you will have a lot of fun there with all the rooms and stairs to explore! We bet you will all find your own special spaces too! It took us a while to get used to stairs when we moved into our house too - we took them one step at a time for a while. We can't wait to hear more about the stuff you find when exploring the new house!

  19. YAY!!!!!!!! We're so happy you're back with Mommy and Daddy again. We've moved several times and we find it's a lotta fun (after the inital shock of being uprooted) to explore our new places.

    We're sad that Pricilla got so scared, but really happy to hear she settled in quickly.

    Love to all of you.

  20. What a pawsome new home. We're glad everyone is settling in now.

  21. Welcome back and we are so happy to hear you have such a kool new apartment!!! You're going to have a blast!

  22. I'm so glad you're back online! I've missed you. Your new place looks fantastic. Mom's drooling over the woodwork. Amazing the things humans get excited about. MOL. Enjoy your new home! I can't wait to here about your life in a new country.

  23. Whoa, we love the new place!! It's beautiful! And to one of the comments you left on our blog, we admire your mom for adopting Pricilla as a 12 year old. Our mom wanted an adult cat, but she couldn't bear to adopt a senior cat so soon after losing the 2 boys (2 years apart). But she thinks the next one will be a senior - she even has her eye on a couple down at the shelter!

  24. Oh my! It must be wonderful to be settled again, finally! Kitties don't like change -- and this is a big one. Actually, it seems that three of them fared pretty well -- only Pricilla was overly stressed.

    Yay for stairs! They are wonderful for cats. It gives them lots of exercise running up and down. You've never heard THoE properly until you've heard them on stairs!

    I wish you all much happiness in your new home, and I'm looking forward to catching up with you all again.

  25. Wow! Your new place looks great!! You're gonna have so much fun exploring!!

  26. Oh, your new place looks absolutely wonderful! How much fun is this?

  27. Wow!! What a great new place you kitties have to live - exploring is the best part!!

    We are SO happy to hear that the transition to your new home wasn't TOO stressful!! (psst. Simon had a problem with a leaky bottom (#2) when our Mom brought him home for the first time, too! - Don't tell him I told you!)

    Have fun exploring your new place & take lots of pictures!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

  28. It's been a long time waiting to hear from you and it's soo wonderful that soon the stresses will be gone and licky kitty will let her skin heal up. Hope you don't get lost in your maze of a house, but we can tell you that the stairs are fun, fun, fun and make your house like a giant cat tree---least that's what we think about our stairs!

  29. Oh I'm so relieved you are all together again and you can start having adventures and getting into trouble and causing all kinds of mayhem in your new home. It looks spectacular!
    I'm happy Pricilla calmed down and got better!

  30. So you've arrived! Excellent. Did you like Scallywags? We should meet.

  31. WELCOME TO MALAYSIA, Keiko, Pricilla, Kenji and Yuji! You guys sure adjusted pretty quickly to your beautiful new home!
    I love your ostrich (uh, emu) scratching post.....it's so cute.

  32. welcome to Malaysia! your new place is awesome, kitties! so glad :)

  33. Oh, your new home looks wonderful! We are so glad you are getting settled in! :)

  34. Wow! In Malaysia??????
    Woowwwww Weeeeeeee


  35. Hi... welcome to Malaysia!

    Glad to know that all of you are settling down well.

    *Wish one day we could visit you*



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