Friday, October 29, 2010

Fun Friday: Toy Debut!

keiko-blog Happy Friday! Today, I can show you some "Never seen before" pictures of ME!

Pricilla was making fun of me because I can't play with toys and Mummy's been teaching me. I really like playing with toys now!

DSC01290n DSC01292n   DSC01299n DSC01300n

Uh oh… intruder alert!


Keiko: Yuji! I was playing!


Keiko: Ohhhhhhh…… *sobs*


Yuji: That feather will be mine!


keiko-icon2bAs you see, my brother took my fun away from me. Hmph!

Brothers can be so annoying.

Annoying is bad. I have to get him back!


Hope you have a great weekend, everykitty!



Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mancat Monday: Guarding the fridge

Kenji-blog It's Kenji here! Our Mummy loves to snack and she keeps all her yummy Chocolates in the fridge. But then she says she needs to get in shape and does all these exercise DVDs whilst we're trying to nap.

So I've thought of something. I'll sit on top of the fridge and tell Mummy NO!

Kenji: Mummy, you can't have any chocolate. NO! Don't open the fridge door!


Kenji: Well, if you ask nicely with some treats for me, I may reconsider…




Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday is for… Mousie Soccer!

pri-blog yuji-blog Helloooo! I bet you can't believe that we are posting TOGETHER today! US, Pricilla and Yuji!

Well, who would have thought… but we really like to play mousie soccer together!!!

DSC00797n DSC00793n DSC00799n DSC00789n DSC00802n DSC00787n DSC00801n 

Pricilla: Can you see me?


Pricilla: *Bunny kick!*


Pricilla: Yah!


Pricilla: I won! purrr


Mummy is teaching Keiko to play too. She's not much into 'toys' – she thinks she's too much of a princess for that stuff! But she always watches when we play.


Hope you have a great weekend!


pricilla-signature yuji-signature

Friday, October 22, 2010

Chillaxing Kenji

Kenji-blog Happy Friday! I want to show you this cool cushion Mummy found for us.

It's from IKEA! She had no idea it existed, but she spotted it abandoned at the checkout and immediately thought of us! Clever Mummy!

It's really puffy and comfy. We love it!

So I'm just going to chillax on here today… purrr

DSC00971n DSC00969n DSC00968n DSC00960n DSC00958n DSC00953n

Have a wonderful Friday!



Thursday, October 21, 2010

Giveaway Winner Announcement! Plus tocks!

keiko-blog Kenji-blog pri-blog yuji-blog Hi everybody! We had a great number of 28 entrants for our book draw! And lots of supportive comments from our furriends, new and old - we were really happy, because this is our Happy 100 Book Giveaway!

We had lots of fun snoopervising the draw! We used the traditional 'hat' method.

DSC01239n DSC01247n DSC01248n DSC01234n 


pri-blog I will draw the winner, Mummy!



Drumroll please…………









And the winner is……





Congratulations! woot woot!


A big thank you to everyone who entered! purrrr



Plus we have some special photos… for the first time, we wanted to show our tocks for Derby's Tocktober purrthday!

 DSC01216n KenjiDSC01222n YujiDSC01233n PricillaDSC01250n Keiko


Have a great Thursday, everykitty!



keiko-signature kenji-signature pricilla-signature yuji-signature

P.S. Kenji wants to tell you that he was puffy tailed yesterday because Yuji was running around like a wild thing and he got a bit scared!

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