Monday, October 4, 2010

Mancat Monday: Pick me up!

Kenji-blog Hi! It's Kenji! We couldn't take any photos for over a WEEK because of our silly Mummy who broke our camera.

But Cat Daddy came to the rescue! Do you remember that Cat Daddy was given a CAMERA as a going away pressie from his student?

Mummy had forgotten all about it because it is a very hi-tech camera and she was confused.

Anyway, Cat Daddy said that we should use this as our blogging camera from now on! Yay!


Today is Mancat Monday. Usually, I am a very ferocious alpha mancat who can show Yuji his place, but today, I'm going to display my softer side. Purrr!

(((keiko-blog pfffft!)))


Mummy!!! Pick me up!!!


I love my Mummy…


We are going to keep our LiveStrong yellow ribbon on our header for the whole of October!

Hope you have a great week, everykitty!!




  1. Kenji, you have such a sweet, er I mean MANLY, face!

  2. Kenji you have a sweet face when you are not being tough :)

  3. Dat new camera takes really good pictures too. Well, of course I'm sure that's partly because the subjects are so cute.

  4. We're sure your Mom can't resist picking you up with that absolutely adorable face!

  5. You're a sweetie, Kenji! And we know that only the most confident mancats know how to display their soft side!

  6. Kenji you are furry handsome we are so pleased to see you can be gentle as well as manly.

  7. Great noos about the ribbon ~ we're gonna keep our LIVESTRONG header for all of October too.

  8. YAY, that you have a camera again....we love seeing pics of y'all.

    You are one handsome mancat, Kenjii.

    Hi to the girls and Yuji also.


  9. Yes, Ichiro loves to be picked up too...Boys.

  10. You sure are looking mighty fine!

  11. You have mastered the please pick me up face perfectly

    Your pal, Pip

  12. We so glad you got another camera because we love seeing your face!!

  13. It is verreh Manly to love on your Mom. I, Rupert, do it all the time and I am NO sooky la-la, no matter what the other Cats call me!

    pee ess: our Mommy is impressed with your Mom learning to use a fancy new camera!

  14. That is a great picture - we're glad you have a camera again!! My brother Snuggles used to love for my mom to pick him up and carry him all around. I do not like to be picked up.

    Your friend, Fuzzy


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