Monday, October 18, 2010

Merci Monday: New Award and a Giveaway!

keiko-blog Kenji-blog pri-blog yuji-blog We are so happy to announce that we have made 100 followers on our blog! Thank you for being our furriends, everybody!! When we started blogging, we never thought we would make so many new furriends. Mummy said, "As long as you're having fun, that's the main thing, even if nobody else reads our bloggie!" So we are sooo happy!

We would like to congratulate Fuzzy and Zoe from OKCats for being the 100th follower on our blog! Woot woot! Pat on the back, kitties!

We are so happy, so to commemorate this furrry special occasion, we have decided to do some cool stuff today!

Firstly, we have created a new award!

It's called the Pawbump Award! For this award, we would like you to:

a) Find your best pawbump picture and post it alongside your Award (or snap a new one)!

b) Post what makes you pawbump! Get every kitty (and/or woofie!) in your household involved!

c) Pass it on to 3 furriends who you'd like to pawbump!

We want to pawbump all our furriends today because you all make us feel so special! We started to list everykitty but then we didn't want to miss anybody out. So we'll get the ball rolling on this award and we would like to pawbump…

Daisy & Harley!

Calle, Halle & Sukki!



Secondly, we are having a book giveaway! We're just so happy, we're bouncing on our paws! purrr


We've been reading this book by a Japanese author called "I am a Cat" by Natsume Soseki. It was written in the beginning of the 20th century! It's written from a cat's perspective, writing about his views on events in his life as the world changes around him.

It's an absolute Japanese classic so we've decided to give away the English version in a lucky draw!

If you are interested, please leave us a comment and we'll draw the winner on Thursday 21st!

Hope you'll all enter!


Lots of purrrrrs,

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  1. Yaay, cheers on the 100th follower!

  2. Congratulations on hitting 100 followers! We are happy to be one of them :)
    ~Lisa Co9T

  3. Congratulations on 100 followers! ::Pawbump:: We're very glad to be your friends, sweet buddies!

  4. I would love to read that book! And thank you for my award!

  5. Concatulations, kitties! *Pawbump*

  6. Congratulations on your hundred followers.

  7. Concats on 100 followers! Please include us in the book draw ~ it sounds a fascinating book.

  8. Wow! 100 followers!
    We are one of them.
    Then again, I mean, if all of us have our own google accounts and don't have to depend on our Mom you would have 113!!!

    Love, Lucky & Co.

    P:S: Mom wants to be included in the book draw too!!

  9. Congratulations on #100, that is totally fantastic!!!

  10. Congrats on reaching 100 followers!! We just made it 101!!

    And what a cool award! We'll see if we can't find any pawbump pictures!!

    And please enter us in the book drawing! That looks like a really good book!!

  11. Please include us on the drawing on the book. It looks like a good one. And we like the idea of the Pawbump. We will work on some pictures. And a big congrats on your 100th follower. Take care and have a fun day.

  12. ConCats on 100 followers! We lubs your blog and we're glad you're back!
    Mommy says she'll look for some pawbump pix...we may have some in the archives.

    We would love to enter your draw for the book.

  13. Congratulations on 100 folowers!

    what a pawsome award you have made. Looks like lots of fun to take part in.

    Is the giveaway open to those in the UK? If so we would love to be added, please.

  14. Concats on 100 followers! The Pawbump Award is pretty cool!

    We're not sure if we have any paw bump pics, but mom will take a look when she gets a chance. Right now she's taking 5 minutes while she's in the middle of utter chaos with an office move. LOL.

    P.S. Please don't enter us in the draw; good luck to those who do enter!

  15. Congrats on 100 readers. That is furry cool. I like your new Paw Bump award, too.

  16. I might make it to a hundred one day. :-)

  17. Congratulations on your 100th!! Please, I would also like to be entered into the book contest. I'd like to read it myself and then give it to my 17 year old daughter who has been teaching herself Japanese from anime and intends to begin learning it formally when she begins college next year.

  18. Woohoo, one hundred followers, dat is worth celebrating...lets haf some nip. We'll hafta see if mom can find any paw-bump pikshers or make her take some. Oh, dat book sounds really good and like something our humans should all read.

  19. We were jumping up and down when we saw we were #100!! We love the pawbump picture, too!

  20. Congratulations on your 100 followers, I will add myself!

    Can you please enter me in the giveaway? Human wants to read this book, she said it was an inspiration for a character in one of her favorite videogames, EarthBound (MOTHER2 in Japan), imagine that!

    ...Well, if other countries can enter we will ;D

  21. Concats on your followers!!

  22. Meows on your 100th follower! We'd like to read the cat book. We also want to know if anyone remembers the title of the Turkish German writer who wrote about a cat detective???

  23. Whoops, that was us, Au and Target, just after doing our spooky post.

    We said: Meows on your 100th follower! We'd like to read the cat book. We also want to know if anyone remembers the title of the Turkish German writer who wrote about a cat detective???

  24. Greetings everyone,

    Congratulation on reaching a benchmark of 100 followers, it is a wonderful achievement.

    The book you speak of sounds great and we would certainly love to win it, so please count us in but dad will have to read it to me.

    Wishing you all the very best,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont

  25. Oh, we love books by and about the Japanese and their culture, and we'd love to win this one. I've read several, and I make sure Grace & Company hear some of the good parts, too! They seem to like being read to!

    We also love your blog. It's really a beauty! =)

  26. Congrats on reaching 100 followers! Please include me in the drawing for the book—I would love to read it!

    skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

  27. Congrats on 100 followers - that is pawsome. Count us in on the book draw! Thanks for the pawbump!

    Cats of wildcat woods

  28. wow! 100 followers. that is great!

    please include us in your drawing too!

    kazoku neko

  29. i'd love to win this. i love reading about you kitties! you are all too adorable :). hope i'm not too late on the bandwagon!

  30. 100 followers - that's pawsome. We enjoy coming by to see you gorgeous kitties.

    The book sounds very interesting. Please enter us into the draw.

  31. Congratulations on your 100 followers! Woot woot!

    Well you know I love the kitties and while I don't have a woofy, I do enjoy them as well.

    I would love to be entered for your giveaway as well!

    xo Catherine

  32. Yow! Concats on the 100 followers; we've joined to be #104! If we're not too late, we'd like to be in the draw for the book - it sounds really interesting!

    Fraidy cats Pip, Smidgen, Minnie


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