Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pricilla's 13th Birthday Bash!


Happy Purrthday to yoo

Happy Purrrthday to yooo

Happy Purrrrthday dear Pricilla

Happy Purrrrrrthday to yoooo

DSC01013n DSC01016n   

pri-blog I'm 13 today!!! I asked Mummy to get all my favourite things, including allll my favourite toys! You might think that an 'old lady' like me would be quiet and snoozing all the time, but not me! I looove playing with toys, maybe even more than my brothers and sister! purrr!

There are lots of yummy food, drinks, treats and toys, so hope you'll all have a great time!

Look! Mummy put a cute ribbon on me!


Do you like…?


Let's parrrty! Meow!!!

roast chicken Roast chicken!

chicken Chicken breast

ham-1 Ham

prawn Prawns

greenies Yay! Treats!

caprioska Mmm niprioska

niptini Mmmm meowgarita

mousies The feather is irresistible!

roller I love the rattle rattle rattle – especially when Mummy and Daddy are sleeping!

teaser I can't get enough of catching these!

trackball Mawhawhaw I love this thing!

I also got some new toys and some new treats and a new brush FOR REAL! purrr

Thanks for coming to celebrate with me!!!




P.S. We would like to thank everyone for your kind and generous advice about the Raw Food yesterday. It was so great to hear from so many kitties and get so much information from all your experiences. We are so thankful that we're lucky enough to be part of this wonderful CB community!!! Thank you so much! purrrr


  1. Wow! Happy Purrday to you Pricilla,

    We are so very happy for you and wish you all the very best. The ribbon on you is real nice.

    Looks like mum has many goodies and surprises for you.

    Wishing you many more happy returns,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont (dad)

  2. Happy Birthday Pricilla! You look lovely for your special day. let's party shall we?

  3. Happy, happy birthday, Pricilla! You look especially fetching in your birthday ribbon! I think 13 is a very lucky number.

    My mom's going to bed any minute, so I'll secretly teleport over and celebrate with you soon!

  4. Happy Purrthday Pricilla! And thanks for the pawsome party. You got prawns and fevver butt mousies. It doesn't get better than that!

  5. Happeee 13th birthday!!

    Lucky will bring satay and nasi lemak!

    Pricilla - we are coming over...
    What's your address again? We don't trust mom's old car - we better hail a taxi.

    Love, Lucky & Co.

  6. O, a party!
    I's gonna go post on the CB that there's a party here!!!
    I'll bring back some catnip ice cream for yours purrthday.
    Love & Purrs,

  7. Happy Bird...oops ! sorry let's me do again
    Happy Birthday...Pricilla

    Thanks for the party
    and present for you....Big Kiss !

  8. Happy Birthday Pricilla! You look so pretty and not a day over 7! What an amazing birthday of fun gifts and yummy treats! Especially the chicken and ham! I am drooling as I type!

    Here is wishing you many more purrfect birthdays ahead!


  9. Happy birthday Priscilla. Thanks for inviting us to your party, it is great. We don't think we have met before. Have a wonderful day.

  10. Happy Birthday, sweet Pricilla! Your ribbon is beautiful and your party looks fabulous!

  11. Happy birthday, Pricilla! Being a teenager is very cool. I hope you have a super-duper day filled with treats and toys and hugs and kisses!

  12. Happy birthday Pricilla! I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  13. Happy birthday, Priscilla! What a fab party! We'll be right over with some extra nip and a whole slew of fuzzy purple pipe cleaners (aka snakes) to play with. :-)

  14. Happy birthday sweetie. Hope I look as good as you do at 13!

  15. Happy Birthday Pricilla! You don't look your age at all! The teen years are the best they say ;)

    Wow what a lovely party, thanks for inviting us. I brought you a little present..

    *offers box full of fresh english churchyard voles"

    Dont' eat them all at once!

    Whicky Wuudler
    & Gerry!

  16. What a wonderful party!!!!!
    Happy Happy Happy Birthday sweet Pricilla!
    You are adorable!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  17. Happy thirteenth birthday Priscilla
    thank you for inviting us to your party - we just lurve meowgaritas but we promise we won't get tipsy.
    That ham and chicken looks delish we'll tuck in when we've said all our hellos to your other guests.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  18. Happy Birthday sweet Pricilla! I know your day will be as special as you! Thanks for letting us be a part of, you know how to throw a pawty fur sure!!!

  19. Happy 13th Purrthday, Pricilla! Yes, I love your birthday ribbon -- what a beautiful touch for a beautiful ladycat!

    And you have put on quite the spread, too. Your guests will not want for anything.

    Dante, Dylan and Domino should be arriving any minute. They're bringing you some new toys for your birthday, since you love to play so much.

    You rock, Pricilla! Have a whoop ass party!

  20. Happy Birthday Pricilla! You don't look a day over 7! And we aren't surprised you still like toys - Kirzon is 14 and he still plays with toys too! Thanks for having us at your party - we would like to sing you a birthday song now!

    What day is today?
    It's Pricilla's Birthday!!
    What a day for a Birthday!!
    Let's all have some cake!

    We hope you have a wonderful, fun, treat filled day!!

  21. Happy Birthday, Pricilla! WE hope you have a great day filled with all sorts of things you love! Thanks for inviting us to your PAWty. We brought some extra catnip for you. :)

    Come visit whenever you have a chance. We've missed you!

    Your pals at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

  22. HAPPY 13th PURRDAY, PRISCILLA!!! You don't look a day over 5 and YAY for all of your new toys! Thanx for having us here to help you celebrate! Those prawns looks YUMMY! And you look superb with your bow! Here's to MANY more and hope you get lots of treats and toys today!!!

  23. Happy Birthday, Pricilla. You do not look your age. It looks like a fun party. Thanks for inviting us.

  24. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Priscilla! You look just fabulous, Darling!!! And that looks like quite a party!

  25. Miss Priscilla a furry purry happy purrday to you today.
    This is just a pawsome party and we are all going to have a great time, thank you for inviting all five of us!


  26. Happy Birthday, Pricilla!! This is a fun party!! Thanks for inviting us!!


  27. Happy Birthday, gorgeous Pricilla!...We are bringing some fresh nip and will be right over to party with you, your siblings and all your fun friends...We hope all your birthday wishes come true, sweet girl...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki
    Misa...Just a quick note to advise on a stroller: 4 wheel stroller I purchased at is very roomy and comfortable for the kitties, but is hard to push so they sit in it on the back patio to enjoy the day...The 3 wheel stroller (don't remember where I got it, just googled it and found one) is smaller, but all 3 girls fit and it is much easier to push and back up, etc....The 3 wheel stroller is the one in yesterday's photo...xoxo...J

  28. Happy Birthday Priscilla! You know that 13 is the new 9. We will be over in a second to pawty with you, we're gonna bring the valerian root and sprinkle it around for all to enjoy!

  29. Happy Birthday to you. And yes, I do like the bow :) It's so pretty on you!

  30. Happy Purrthday Pricilla! Yoo and Zippy are da same age and she likes to play too so maybe da two of yoo could play some chase da fevvers. Dat would be fun to watch.

  31. Happy 13th Birthday, beautiful Pricilla....we are purring you will have many more.

    What a grand party.....we're having soooooooo much fun.

    Love to all of you.

  32. Happy 13th Birthday :) You look ever so pretty with that bow in your hair. I'm going to ask my mum if I can have one too prrrrrrrrr

  33. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRISCILLA! You are beautiful and we love the bow in your fur!!! Have a wonderful day. This party is great!!!

  34. Happy Purrfday Pricilla!

    We'll all be right over! We luf chicken parts!

    Luf, Us

  35. Happy Purrthday, beautiful Pricilla!

  36. OH look at how late I am. Bad Bad Computer! I have more ham in case it's running out! I'd hate to have you run out on your special day. I hope you weren't worried I would miss it!

    Happy Birthday!

  37. Happy Birthday beautiful girl. I am 12 years old. My birthday is December 11th. I hope everyone will come to my pawty then.

    You look a little like me, beautiful little one.

  38. Dang, our mom almost made us miss your party!! Pricilla, we love your birthday portraits! And wow, your family put out quite a spread - we're amazed at everything that is here! Zoe is running off to check out all of your toys - she's never seen some of these before. And I, Fuzzy, would like a small bite of chicken and a meowgarita, please!

    Thank you for inviting us - this is great!! Happy birthday!!!!!!!1

  39. Happiest of Birthdays Pricilla!! May you have lots more happy healthy years to come!

  40. Happy 13th Birthday Pricilla! You look very beautiful with your bow! We hope you have a great day and many more to come!

  41. Happy birthday, Priscilla! I turned 14 this year. We don't know when my birthday was, but we do know the year.

    Your ribbon is so pretty. You have some wonderful treats and toys! I love this party! The chicken looks delicious!

  42. Happy Birthday Pricilla!! Your party spread was amazing! Everything looked so good, thank you! :D

    Kenzo & Azreen

  43. Oh my goodness ~ I am sorry I am late! Happy Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a terrific party. Hope you got everything you wished for!

    xo Catherine

    PS ~ any leftovers? ;)

  44. Happy happy birthday, Pricilla! We hope your day was absolutely wonderful!


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