Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Award! We are Versatile with a capital 'V'!!

keiko-blog Kenji-blog pri-blog yuji-blog Hi!! We are so happy and grateful to announce that we have received an award! It's from our furriend Pumpkinpuddy, and it's called the 'You are the most Verstaile Blogger' Award!!!

Thank you so much Pumpkinpuddy!


The rules for this award are: We need to thank the person that presented this award to us, tell you 7 things about us that you don't know, pass it on to 15 bloggers whom we have recently discovered and think are fantastic and notify them that they received an award.

We think we might just have seven things that you may not know about us yet!

1. Yuji can't jump… He tries to chase Keiko up on the couch but he just goes head-first into the side of the couch, or get his front paws up and then fall straight back down. We all try not to laugh at him. How he ever survived as a stray, we do not know!

2. We like to clammer at the front door to go outside, but as soon as we're out, we want to run straight back in!

3. We like spring water. Mummy and Daddy pours us bottled water, or from the big water dispenser they just got!

4. We don't like fish. Mummy thought cats love fish, as a big stereotype, but it's not that true. We prefer chicken!

5. Mummy read somewhere that cats need their teeth brushed (from some Japanese site!) – after talking to our furriend & vet Dr Erina, she's been practicing rubbing her fingers all over our teeth to prepare us for the day when we'll have our teeth brushed.

6. Mummy cannot go anywhere without buying something for us! Every second sentence she says, 'Oooh the cats will like this!' - aren't we spoiled? purrr

7. Pricilla sometimes licks Mummy and Daddy but her tongue is so soft and fluttery, it feels like a butterfly kiss!


We love all our furriends so much and we are one of the last ones to post this award, so we want you all to have it. Thanks for coming over to read our answers!!!


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  1. I'm with you--I'd much rather have chicken than fish! Congratulation on your award!

  2. Isn't dat funny - I like chicken the best too. My peeps give me fish, sometimes I eat it, sometimes I don't. Congratulations on your award - you are very deserving.

  3. Great news... Congratulation !!!!


  4. Congratulations on the fun award; we really loved reading more about you guys...Don't tell, but the image of Yuji trying to jump made us MOL=he is an adorable sweetheart!...Hope you all have a wonderful week...kisses, precious friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Congratulations on your award! Hurrah!

    You know what? Only Nicki likes fish and not all kinds. So you're not alone in your preference for other things like chicken! :-)

  6. Give me ham or chicken over fish any day.

  7. Congratulations on the very nice award and I enjoyed your list very much!

  8. Those are fun things about you! Our mom is always wanting to buy us new stuff too.

    Harley has tartar-y teeth, on account of his EGC. We got some stuff called PetzLife oral gel, and our mom rubs it on our teeth with a Q-tip almost every day.

  9. ConCats on your award!

    We like chix-hen better than fish...except TUNA! We lubs it when we get tunafish. It's the only food we spat over.

  10. We loved learning those new things about you! Poor Yuji - that's a little bit sad that he can't jump! But we admit, we would probably want to laugh, too. :) Thank you so very much for coming to Zoe's Gotchaversary party yesterday! You were some of the first kitties to come visit us and become our friends, so we were super glad you came by!

    Your friends, Fuzzy and Zoe

  11. Those are some really interesting facts about you guys. I confess I laughed **just a little** at poor Yuji.

    I **can** jump but for some reason I like to stay close to the ground--my Human calls me a floor-cat!

  12. Congrats on your award!! And we liked learning more about you all!!


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