Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday with Tortitude: Annoying brothers!

keiko-blog Hai! It's Keiko! I think I might have told you a few times how annoying my brothers are… they never seem to get my *hissss* as a firm NO… what's wrong with them?

Yuji is a sweet boy but he is learning all the bad tricks from Kenji.

All I want to do is have a relaxing chill time by myself, but then Kenji chases me and gets on top of me!

Keiko: *hisssss* GET OFF ME KENJI!


Then Yuji thinks he can sneak up behind me…

Yuji: Keiko, let's playyy!



When this happens, I have to find a place where ONLY I can go.

This is where I go to get away from annoying brothers. I climb up the stairs on the 'wrong' side.

I'm safe! Mawhawhaw!

DSC00972n DSC00973n DSC00974n  DSC00976n   DSC00979n 

As long as I sit up here, I am safe.


iamacatI am a Cat by Natsume Soseki giveaway  You can still enter the book giveaway by leaving us a comment saying you're interested! Kitties (and woofies too) from all over the world are welcome! Mummy went out and got a copy that's sealed in plastic and everything! We'll draw the winner on Thursday 21st. Good luck to all who've entered!


Hope you have a great Tuesday!




  1. I'm glad I don't have to hide from brothers!

    I am definitely interested in winning the book. Please enter me in your contest.

  2. Oh Honey, I think brothers are a major pain in the furs! You just swat them good, darling. That'll show them!

  3. Oh, poor Keiko, we are sorry that Yuji and Kenji mess with you when you just want to chill! Brothers can be like that sometimes. But we know they love you (they just show it in funny ways...).

    I already own a copy of I Am a Cat, so there's no need to enter us in this contest. But I definitely agree with you ... it is a great book, and a classic! :)

  4. Keiko, Brothers are a pain in the patookis! You just turn around and give them a BIG OLD SMACKYPAW!
    They might learn...

  5. Sometimes I'm happy I'm an only kitty. But den it would be fun to have someone to play with too. At least you has a quiet place where you can get away from your brothers.

  6. I'm totally interested! I love kitty stores (and if all else, know what to order next time on amazon!) :D
    My dear Bella Mae has to put up with being pounced on or chased-Cordelia Joy loves to try and get her to play. Bella Mae will play with her sometimes, but mainly keeps to herself. It is a joy to see her play when she does :3

  7. Good gravy, look at all those stairs!!! I would never make it - I don't do stairs anymore.

    The book sounds good! I would love a chance to win it.

    Your pal, Pip

  8. You look sad that you get bugged so much, Keiko. I bet that's how my sister feels when my bro teases her. Not *all brothers are like that, though.

    That book sounds like fun! Please enter me in the drawing!

  9. Awww Keiko, you look sad sitting on the edge of the steps just to be safe. I bet if you learned some Ninja moves your brothers would not bother you again. I have run into some Ninja Cats around here and they scare me! And I am an Alpha Male Dog!

    But then again, playing with brothers can be fun!


    p.s. That is cool your mom is doing a give-away. What a nice mom you have!

  10. We sure hope your brothers never figure out how to climb to your spot my dear!!

    That book sounds cool!

  11. Keiko, Annie can relate to you! It used to be just Nicki picking on her and bullying her, and not listening to her hisses and growls, but Derry learned to do the same by watching Nicki. So now Annie has both brothers picking on her when she only wants peace and quiet!

  12. Oh Keiko, I feel your pain, sister! Those black and white cow kitty brothers can be a menace! I usually growl and hiss and run away and Harley just smiles and acts like we are all having fun.

    ps: We would like to enter your cool book giveaway!

  13. I think you found a pretty safe spot!

  14. I'm really glad I don't have brothers.

  15. We haven't got any brothers but sisters can be pesky at times too.
    We would like to enter your book giveaway please. (if we're not too far away)

  16. We're happy we only have one brother! And since it's three torties against him, he's always outnumbered!

  17. Milo can be a right pain too!

    Love Alfie xx

  18. Poor Keiko! Domino can sympathsize with you. Dylan does the same thing to her -- even though she's the boss.

    In Dylan's and Yuji's defence, I think they are hardwired that way, meaning its just instinct. Even after they are fixed, they still have the urge to mount the female and bite her neck.

    Hissing isn't generally enough. You have to get in some powerful whaps to dissuade him. And make sure you are on a higher plateau because that gives you an advantage.

    I'm glad at least you have a safe haven on the wrong side of the stairs.

  19. Keiko, I feel your pain!! I have 2 brothers and they are doubly annoying!!


  20. meows, hisses and stairs, that should work!


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