Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday with Tortitude: I like heights

keiko-blog Hi! It's Keiko! I want to show you what I love about my new house.

This is me peeking through the wall and the stair railing. I'm standing on the bit of stair on the 'cliff' side!


Stairs are really good exercise for everybody.


Sometimes I like to peek out – this is the 'cliff'!!!


There's a little ledge I like to sit on. Usually I go up there from the safe side, but not today.

I'm going up from the 'cliff' side. Mummy says this is not safe.


This is the ledge. It's my favourite spot because I can see downstairs!


Tomorrow is blogoversary on my Mummy's blog! But you probably would not know this, because she is very lazy on her own blog!

You should read this article she wrote about my brother Kenji. It's very silly!


Hope you have a great Tuesday!




  1. What a great lookout spot! We would be up there all the time. Do you have to defend your spot or do you share?

  2. Keiko, everyone knows cats can balance very well, but be careful. You certainly do have a good lookout from that spot.

  3. Yes , please watch out Keiko ! your kid can give me a heart attack : )

    Everyday Mr Puddy

  4. We like extreme climbing too ~ but mom worries and says "NO" and stuff like that ~ which we ignore.

  5. We LOVE your new house, those stairs look so cool and fun!!

  6. I like to lean out around the stairs, too! But my Mommeh gets too nervous when I do it.

  7. Wow! What a great lookout spot! Your new house looks like it has a lot of fun spots.

  8. What a terrific look out spot - you can spy on everyone and everycat from there.

  9. In case you are not around tomorrow, Happy Blogoversary! Thanks for the tour too, your place is very nice!

  10. Awesome sequence of pictures, you are such a fabulous climber!
    purrs and love
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  11. The stairs and ledge look like so much fun! Our house has one floor (it's really boring) so we are envious. Please be careful up there, though!

  12. What a cool place you have now!!!!!!! We used to have an upstairs and loved to play in and around the railings....made our mama so nervous!!!!!!!!

    Love to all of you.

  13. It may be a bit precarious but what a great place to hang!

  14. Keiko, we both like to peek down at our mom from the top of the stairs! But our mom is glad we don't have a cliff side to stand on - she would have a heart attack. I used to always stand up there, being very quiet, peeking through the bars. When my mom would see me, she would say "I see you peeking at me, Fuzzy Girl!", and I would run down the stairs to her!

    Your friend, Fuzzy

  15. We like to hang out at the ledge at the top of the stairs too! It always gives Mummy a mini heart attack when she spots us there.
    Cosmo & Ling

  16. You've got a great view there from the cliff, Keiko, but be careful!!

  17. What a biggie house....
    Can we come visit????

    Love, Lucky & Co.

  18. Thanks so much for visitng my blog and leaving comments. It's much appreciated.


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