Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Who's there? Wednesday

Guess who!!

Hints: a) This kitty has white ears; b) This kitty can jump (purrr!)

DSC00657n DSC00764n




Scroll down…





 DSC00659n  DSC00753n  DSC00758n 

It's me, Kenji!!!!

I like hanging out on the top of the kitchen cabinet. But I can't jump all the way down in one leap.

I jump down to the bench and then to the floor.

Have a great Wednesday, everykitty!




P.S. Mummy is thinking about switching us to a Raw Diet… There is one called PINK available here in Malaysia. We currenty eat Science Diet, but our skin is not as good as it was in Australia. After almost 2 months, our skin is Dry and Dandruffy and it is getting Worse. Could you help us with any comments or thoughts…?

P.P.S. Tomorrow is Pricilla's 13th birthday! We have a big party planned so please come along!


  1. I can't jump up that high.

    I think Daisy's mom feeds Harley and Daisy a raw diet. You may want to check with her.

  2. Wooo hooo - Well Done Kenji!!
    You look so cool.
    Lucky wish Lucky can jump as high ... (rather difficult minus a "tail", you know what I mean!)

    Mom feeds us with "Cat's Eye" from Korea. Mom says it looks and smells like coco crunch! We likes it, although we do prefer steamed chicken breast - not often we get it, that lazy woman.

    We don't like SD becos Ginger boy will puke big time and we er... tend to go to "toilet" often.

    We have never tasted PINK before but we heard it is delicious!!!

    Good luck and keep us posted.

    Meantime, we will think of a gift for Pricilla!!!!

    Love, Lucky & Co.

  3. We don't eat raw but we do not eat kibble makes us fat, farty and dandruffy, too.

    Kenji, we cannot imagine you leaping all the way up there!

  4. You are quite high up and very good! I think in general a raw food diet is good for cats.

  5. You have great skills. Baby can jump high, but has no place as high as that in the apartment. As far as food, we switched to gluten-free canned food a couple months ago and are doing much better in many ways. We especially love Weruva brand cause it looks like and is real food.

  6. PINK is very good. You should give it a try. :)

  7. Kenji ~ I fink yoo and me shud start our own "mile hi club"!

    Milo x

  8. We wish our cabinets didn't go all the way to the ceiling... that looks fun!

    PS. We had no idea you had a blog! Whitey also "liked" you on facebook!

  9. I don't have anywhere that high in my house!

  10. That looks like a great hideout!

    We are in the process of re-adding raw food to our diet. We used to eat it for dinner, but when Lishy moved in and he was poorly, mum got too scared that it would make him ill. We have not heard of PINK before.

    Dr. Billinghurst has a good book about BARF feeding. We are moving back towards using the patties made by Dr. B.

    We are given Science Diet to feed to our fosters. Whenever we get into it we get very bad poops. It might be worth switching to a food with more fish oils in it for your skin (omegas 3 and 6). We are just introducing Castor and Pollux Organix in with our Innova, and will then add Felidae as well, so we have a mix of dry food for breakfast.

    You could also try tins of sardines or mackeral from the human supermarket once or twice a week to help your skin. Fui is currently having Seaflex supplements as his skin got quite flaky over winter, and it is helping him.

  11. I knew it was Kenji!!!

    We have been eating Instinct Nature's Variety raw medallions for over a year now. I eat the chicken and rabbit flavors and Harley eats rabbit, venison, bison and beef. The great thing is our poopies are small and non-stinky since there is no "filler" in the food. We also eat a high-quality canned food 2 days a week instead of the raw. Our favorite is Weruva Mack and Jack and Steak Frites but we eat different flavors. We believe in rotation diets. We also get a small squirt of omega 3 oil on our food. A good brand is Ultra EFA for cats and dogs.

  12. Our mom says raw is the way to go, if kitties will eat it. We don't really even like cooked human food, though.

    Science Diet is filled with corn, it's cr*p in mom's opinion. Even if your mom doesn't go to raw, at least stay away from foods with corn, soy and wheat if possible.

    Good luck!

  13. Wow you are good getting up so high. It is a realy good place to watch the world below.. Hugs GJ x

  14. Kenji we hope you can see us from your high perch. We like to go on the top of the cupboards in our kitchen too. We especially love it when mum is shouting for us and hasn't looked up!!

  15. I eat special Renal and Dental food from the Vet.

  16. WOW Kenji - I am very impressed. You are so cute peeking down from the very top if dat cabinet.

  17. You sure are way up there, that's very impressive!

  18. WOW Kenji~!!! You're WAY up there! We get wet foods as a treat, but mom is really thinking about switching us over to a raw diet too.

  19. We don't like raw but eat Wellness for wet and Chicke Soup for the Cat Lover's Souls for dry - don't know if you can get those there!

  20. Kenjii, what a wonderful vantage point to survey your kingdom from!!!!!!!

    We've never had any problems with dry skin, so sadly we can't help you.

    We are looking forward to Pricilla's party tomorrow.......Wowie, her and Sammy are about the same age...he will be 13 in mid November.


  21. You look so happy up there, Kenji!

    Sorry we can't help you on teh raw diet. It is simply not available here in France...

  22. Kenji,
    You look so cute up there! I wish I had something to climb up like that.

    I don't eat raw. I eat canned and dry food. Would love to know how it works out if you decide to do it. Sometimes I get a squirt of EFA oil in my canned because I tend to get dry skin too.

  23. We knew it was Kenji!!! We'll be back tomorrow for Pricilla's birthday - hooray for her!!!

  24. Wow Kenji you go up high! WE can't get on top of our cabinets (they touch the ceiling) so we always envy cats who do!

    As far as the diet goes, we don't know that brand but we do know that a raw diet is good. We don't do it because well, we wouldn't eat it when mom tried it, but for our crunchy food mom always gets the grain free types or at least the kind that don't have corn or wheat. Lately it is Blue Buffalo. For canned we only eat the fancy feast - though mom wishes we would like the healthy food, we refuse to eat it. There are some blogs that have a link to a site about raw diets - mom is trying to find it in her links but can't (they may not have posted in the past couple days). If she finds it she will send it to you!

  25. Hi there Kenji! I thought it might be you even before I scrolled down. There are so many lovely high hiding places in your new home -- a virtual kitty haven!

    Sorry, I don't know anything about a raw diet -- I think Daisy and Harley eat raw stuff, though.

    We'll be back tomorrow for Pricilla's birthday. Did you see her on the LOLSpot?

  26. Greetings Kenji,

    Very nice to meet and it looks like you are having a great time being on top of the cabinets. I cannot get to the top of ours since it is very narrow there.

    Your mum asking for help about your skin, I am sorry we are unable to assist you with any suggestions.

    Wishing you all the best,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont

  27. Greetings,

    So sorry that I forgot I was not signed in under Miss Kitty's blog but one of my own.

    Best wishes,

  28. Kenji, that is a pawesome spot to keep an eye on everyone! We don't have any place that high here but we wish we did!

  29. Yoo know we dun jump up dat high, we get the squirty bottle if we do. Yoo is brave and such a gud jumper Kenji!


  30. Kenji is one cute kitty ~ and what a great place to hide and relax!

    Good luck with finding a food so kittie's skin feels better!

    xo Catherine

  31. Oh, well! I knew it couldn't be Yuji since he can't jump, heh heh! You look pretty contented up there.


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